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Empower your employees, visitors, and contractors to return safely while staying compliant
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We are pioneers in contactless, cloud-based workspace solutions, delivering smart, secure, and
modern workplace experiences to companies around the world.

Visitor Management

Welcome visitors with a touchless visitor system which allows for digital check-in while saving your team time. Visitor login software reduces the amount of paperwork.

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Attendance Management

Vizitor's active occupancy monitoring allows you to manage your employees' attendance in a contactless manner.

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Deliveries Management

Vizitor's touchless check-in solution will keep your workplace safe . Declutter the mailroom by prompting package pickup.

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How Visitor Management Works

Vizitor, let’s you manage both your visitors registration and employees attendance
in a contactless manner with active occupancy monitoring.


Effortless Check-in Solution!

  • dot Digital Document Signing
  • dot Badge printing
    easily track and identify visitors with customizable badges that contain important details and a photograph.
  • dot Touchless/QR
    Employees and visitors can easily sign in with the Touchless or a QR code so they can sign-in without touch anything.
  • dot Pre-registration
    Excellent way to welcome VIP guests and streamline visitor check-in by registering before arrival for great lasting impression.

Perfect Companion for Employees!

  • dot Approve/Disapprove visitors
  • dot Send & Check Invites
    Send invitations with venue and host details, and Visitors would receive a unique passcode with an invitation.
  • dot Add organization
    Hello to seamless transitions, Effortlessly switch locations and register yourself with convenience of a Vizitor Pass.
  • dot Touchless attendance
    Experience toucless attendance with Vizitor pass, making check-ins and check-outs a breeze and hello to convenience and safety.


Upgrade your checkin process now and switch to Vizitor!

  • touchless-Check-ins Touchless Check-ins

  • host-Notifications Host Notifications
    Vizitor sends instant alert notifications to the host when guests check in, saving time and effort in tracking them down. Sign up for free arrow-right

  • send-Invites Send Invites
    Vizitor allows you to send invitations to your guests with venue and host details, and guests can simply tap on the invitee option on the Vizitor app when they arrive. Sign up for free arrow-right

  • badge-Printing Badge Printing
    Vizitor's badge printing feature allows you to easily track and identify visitors with customizable badges that contain important details and a photograph. Sign up for free arrow-right

  • customized-Form Customized Form
    Create custom fields and customize information collected during check-in, including options like photo capture, NDA signature, and host notifications Sign up for free arrow-right



Key benefits of visitor management software

A powerful tool to allow your employees to manage their visitors by saving each other's time.


Use Vizitor to improve workplace security

Vizitor safeguards your people, property, and ideas, allowing you to confidently welcome visitors.


Multi-Platform Support

It's not just a single app, it's a complete suite of applications deployed on Web, iOS, and Android which helps you to manage your regular visitors.


Improve your first impression

Vizitor displays your logo by adding it to the iPad kiosk and visitor badges to reinforce your brand and create a polished, professional appearance.


Cost Effective Solution

Visitor management solutions are specifically developed to help out people in maintaining everything properly and effectively.





Enhancing Patient Experience: Retina Centre Optimizes Appointment Management with Vizitor

Vizitor has revolutionized our appointment management process, enabling us to provide a seamless and efficient experience for our patients.

“Farhad Ahmed, Retina Centre”

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Efficient and applicable for every sector

Vizitor powers productivity and efficiency by speeding up the guest check in process. It is the most ethical and impressive way to welcome your visitors. When no one is around at the front desk, people can still check in, which is a huge time saver. Vizitor can be used by offices, salons, schools, co-working, hotels, events, societies, hospitals. It is very helpful as the data can be retrieved for security and other purposes at any point of time.

Visitor Management System For Digital India

Capture visitor photos and information when they arrive at your doorstep. You can customize the documents you want to be signed by your guests according to their purpose of visit. As soon as the guest enters your workspace you get instant notifications which is itself an added layer of comfort as well as security. Welcome the latest technology and say goodbye to sign-in registers made of unreliable paperlogs. Vizitor is an innovative yet simple way to welcome your guests whether they are known or unexpected ones. It is also secure and professional way to manage and identify guests at your workspace. It is a type of access control system that can be deployed in various industrial sectors like Banking and Financial, Education institutions, Enterprise and Corporate organisations, Government offices, Healthcare industry etc. Vizitor is very helpful for your organisation as it assists access control, guest management, mobile authentication and secure visit for every type of guest. Investing in such a technology will surely boost the office security and help to improve your brand value in eyes of your customers and guests. Vizitor also ensures improvement in efficiency of your front desk whether it is an organisation or a multi national company.



Every industry requires a visitor management system.

Vizitor one-stop workplace platform. Most ethical & impressive way to welcome yours visitors.


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