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What is visitor management?

Visitor management is the process of monitoring and controlling access to a particular location or facility by visitors, contractors, and other non-employees. Automated visitor management system involves implementing systems and procedures that enable organizations to effectively manage visitor access, enhance security, and streamline visitor registration and visitor check-in process. Cloud Visitor management systems often include tools such as screening questions, digital sign-in forms, and visitor badges to facilitate a secure and efficient visitor experience.

Why do businesses use Vizitor
for visitor management?

Make a Lasting Impression

Upgrade the front desk with modern sign-in and custom branding to make a great first impression on visitors.

Streamline Sign-In Process

Eliminate the need for paper documents, handwritten badges, and messaging employees about visitor arrivals with a streamlined sign-in process.

Enhance Workplace Security

Ensure better security with real-time visitor tracking, watchlists,data security and instant notifications for unauthorized visitors.

Real-time Insights and Reporting

Understand visitor patterns, track peak hours, identify potential security risks and enhance workplace safety.

Improved Visitor Experience

Digital sign-in, automatic notifications, and self-service kiosks can help streamline the visitor experience.

Meet compliance Needs

Simplify compliance requirements related to visitors with Vizitor’s automated cloud visitor system management

What are visitor management systems?

Visitor management systems (VMS) are software applications that allow organizations to manage the flow of visitors entering their premises. These systems automate the process of registering, tracking, and managing visitors by collecting and storing visitor information such as their name, contact details, purpose of the visit, and time of entry and exit. Visitor management systems can be used in a variety of settings, including office buildings, hospitals, schools, government buildings, and event venues. Some common features of a VMS include:

  • Pre-registration of visitors
  • Identification and verification of visitors
  • Printing of visitor id badges
  • Integration with access control systems
  • Tracking of visitor movements within the premises
  • Notification of hosts upon visitor arrival
  • Record-keeping of visitor data for compliance and security purposes
  • Reporting and analysis of visitor data

Visitor Management System Workflow

Streamline your visitor sign-in process, both on the front end for your guests and on the back end for your front desk admins.


Touchless Sign-In Process

At the front desk, visitors can sign in by scanning a QR code with their phone or using the tablet


Enter the Details

Scan QR code, fill in necessary details on the customized form, and submit to check-in.


Host Notification

The VMS automatically notifies the designated host employee that their guest has arrived.



The host employee can identify their guest and greet them upon arrival, reducing awkwardness.



Tap the check-out button to quickly exit the building, with departure time automatically recorded.


How do you manage visitors and
employees' experience?

Importance of Reception Area Design

    • The design of the reception area makes a lasting impression on visitors and employees.
    • A streamlined sign-in experience can prioritize the employee experience and allow for more human interactions.
    • Going digital with visitor management offers benefits for both visitors and employees.

Streamlining Sign-In Experience for Visitors

  • Front desk employees can focus on genuine, unhurried greetings and improving the reception area environment.
  • Legibility issues can be addressed, and tracking colleagues for visitor hand-offs is easier.
  • Logistical obstacles can be removed, allowing for high-touch visitor management.

Empowering Employees with Workplace Tools

  • Registration workplace software can involve team members across the company in facilitating a successful visitor journey.
  • Pre-registration can be used for sending forms and documents ahead of arrival to manage expectations.
  • Getting feedback from staff and creating dynamic workplaces can improve employee pride and visitor experiences.

The Impact of a Better Employee Experience

  • Re-envisioning communication management workflow can improve both visitor and employee experiences.
  • Bad impressions are faster to form and imprint on memory, so it is important to arm employees with the right tools and resources.
  • Removing guesswork allows employees to perform their job better and benefit both visitors and employees.

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Types of Visitor Management Software

Visitor management systems have come a long way from the outdated pen-and-paper logbooks with visitor logging. With the advancements in internet technology, companies now have a range of options to choose from when it comes to visitor management.

Cloud-based visitor management solution

  • A cloud-based visitor management system is a solution that is connected to the cloud where visitors' information is gathered and presented on a dashboard for easy management.
  • Cloud-based systems integrate with other platforms, avoiding a complicated overhaul of existing architecture.
  • A cloud-based SaaS solution can provide companies with more control over what they're using and paying for.
  • Cloud-based systems offer many benefits such as convenience, scalability, and accessibility.
  • According to Forbes, a subscription to software as a service (SaaS) makes the most business sense

On-premise software

  • On-premise software is an electronic logbook that requires installation on company servers.
  • The acquisition visitor management tools cost for on-premise software are high, involving the installation of server-side hardware, storage, anti-virus, or patch application
  • Companies also need to make space for the software, which requires power and cooling.
  • Maintaining on-premise software involves buying hardware maintenance plans, software support, and future software version upgrades.

Top Features for Effective Visitor Management

24px-check Simple Sign-In Process

Self service visitor management system can customizable digital sign-in process for visitors with easy access to customize questions and fields.

24px-check Digital Visitor Log

Secure digital visitor records accessible anytime and anywhere.

24px-check Host Notifications

Automatic notifications save time and reduce visitor wait times.

24px-check Digital Legal Documents

Legal documents can be integrated into the sign-in process and signed every time.

24px-check Badge Printing

Automatic badge printing helps enforce badge policies.

24px-check Visitor Photos

Capturing photos helps identify visitors and enhances security.

24px-check Custom Branding

Showcase your company's branding for a professional look.

24px-check Registration

Visitors can be registered, and their arrivals and departures tracked.

24px-check Multi-lingual

Vizitor is a Multi-lingual software so the visitors can translate the visitor experience software into different languages based on their choices

Learn more about visitor management system features

Why Digital VMS better than traditional system?

Digital Check-ins

Check-in is made on paper and It allows the guests to do contactless check-in digitally eliminating the paperwork.

Safe and Secure

Visitor’s data can be accessed only by the concerned authority

OTP Authentication

OTP authentication based check-in


Easily notifies host via SMS/email

Manual Check-ins

Check-in is made on paper and pen-based logbooks.


It becomes a public document that any visitor can seek through

No identity verification

Visitor’s mobile number can not be authenticated in a manual process

Complex Process

Verbally informing the host on the visitor’s arrival.

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