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Visitor Management System
in India 2022

Visitors are very important for every business, be it an office space or a school/college. And if there are visitors, there is always a need for a visitor management system.

Give Your Visitor A Friendly Welcome

Visitors are important for every organization, either it’s an office space or a school/college. And if there are visitors, there is always a need for a visitor management system. Visitors are not just limited to office spaces. Every organization looks forward to a perfect and secured Visitor Management system/software whether it is Corporate, Industries, Modern Organization, and Research Centers or multiple tenants like Tech part, Business Centers, Commercial complex, Hospital campus, Schools, residential complexes, salons, etc. You name a place where businesses have visitors, Vizitor is there for streamlining your visitor management process.

Cost Effective Solution

Vizitor cuts down the cost and pain of data maintenance. People should use a visitor management Solution for different kinds of purposes because these softwares are specifically developed to help out people in maintaining everything properly and effectively. The visitor management system can be used by people for different kinds of services

Improve Your Efficiency

Vizitor does not only help in data tracking/management but also provides you better control over unwanted Visitors. The visitor management system also helps in improving the efficiency of the Check-in / Check out process. It helps you get a quick and detailed visitor verification instantly.

Safe And Secure

Visitor management systems are there to aid folks in maintaining all the non-public data concerning the people of the corporate furthermore as of the guests who enter the offices and firms. Companies with a large scale workforce use this management pack. People use various management systems for various kinds of functions.

What is a Visitor Management System?
Why do you need one?

You probably have these questions in your mind. And if you could answer them at all, you likely had to have a better understanding of the visitor management system.

The visitor management system is the process of tracking and managing visitors who enter your Workplace in a digital way.Visitor management system converts the manual paper-based system into digital check-ins System.It eliminates the hectic paper-work.

We need a visitor management system in every area. The traditional system is not safe enough. There is always a need for the visitor management system.

Download the Vizitor Pass mobile app for Android!

1. Scan the QR code.

2. When your device is finished reading and identifying the QR code.

3. Then select the open browser.

4. You'll be the forwarded to the Vizitor Pass App in the play store.

5. Now, just click on the install.


Scan QR code to download VizitorPass app

The Need of Touchless visitor management solution

Touchless technology provides protection and safety to the workplaces. It also provides the seamless modern experience to the workplace. The paper-based manual system is not safe enough and also slowed down the productivity of the business. With a Touchless visitor management system, visitors can pre-register on their smartphone before their arrival; visitor screening; check-in with a visitor management system QR code; can meet their host in no time; and record the last details of the visitor experience.


How digital visitor management systems work?

Step 1 :A visitor check-in on a tablet

When a visitor arrives, they enter their name and required details.

Step 2 :Capture a photo and digitally sign documents.

After fulfilling the details the visitor has to capture their photo and e-signature on legal documents for check-in purposes.

Step 3 :Digital Badges

Digital badges generated with the details provided by the visitor, the reason for their visit. Digital badge also contains a visitor image.

Step 4 :The employee gets notified about their visitor

The visitor management system automatically alerts the employee that their visitor has arrived.

Step 5 :Submit feedback & check-out

After all, when the visit is over for the visitor, they can simply check-out of the building with a single tap on the check-out button that will automatically note down their check-out time and will ask them for their feedback.

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An Eco-friendly Solution!

Vizitor is not only safe and secure but is also cost-effective for your business. Vizitor is very economical and easy to maintain the product. We have a dedicated team that will assist you whenever you get stuck.

Vizitor helps you to measure performance metrics with a live visitor log that is always up to date and displays every single detail of your guests on a single click.

With Vizitor, you don’t have to worry about the information leakage. Visitor information can only be accessed by you and the administrators who will have the login credentials to the dashboard.

You can keep user data saved for a lifetime if you want or you can also overwrite it according to your needs.

To help you find your best visitor management solution here are some things to lookout

Access data anywhere

Contactless check-in / check-out

Evicts use of paper & deliver best customer service


Secure and reliable


An Eco-friendly Blogs

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3 Eco-friendly Cost Saving Tips for your Office!

Benefits of visitor management system

Office Productivity

The visitor management system was developed in order to increase office productivity. As we all know, there are far too many interruptions in the reception area. Your receptionist's productivity suffers when she is confined to her desk all day. By welcoming and checking in visitors to your office, a visitor management system frees up your receptionist's time. As a result, both you and your receptionist will be happier. A digital visitor management system can help you increase office productivity by reducing waiting time and increasing productivity.



A Professional Image

Elevate your company’s brand image with the touchless and smart visitor management system. For the company’s growth, the brand image is very important because this can affect the bottom line. Your brand image is just stared from the front desk of your company. So choose the best visitor management system to impress the visitors and enhance the brand image. See how a digital and touchless sign-in app helps you present a professional image to your visitors. Vizitor will personalize your system to reflect your brand.

Office Security

As we all know, security is a major concern for the company. The visitor management system helps in addressing issues such as information security, visitor privacy, emergency evacuation plans, and regulatory compliance. Digital databases with visitor sign-in help in meeting these regulations quickly and efficiently. Having records of all visitor check-ins and check-outs allows security personnel to see if the building is empty before closing up for the night or at the end of each shift.


Visitor Management System

1. Manual Check-ins

Check-in is made on paper and pen-based logbooks.

2. Non-confidential

It becomes a public document that any visitor can seek through

3. No identity verification

Visitor’s mobile number can not be authenticated in a manual process

4. Complex Process

Verbally informing the host on the visitor’s arrival.

Visitor Management System

1. Digital Check-ins

It allows the guests to do contactless check-in digitally eliminating the paperwork.

2. Safe and Secure

Visitor’s data can be accessed only by the concerned authority

3. OTP Authentication

OTP authentication based check-in

4. Notifications

Easily notifies host via SMS/email

Visitor management system 2020 Survey Analysis

A visitor management system enables the facility to evolve its visitor management processes. A 2017 VMS research surveyed key stakeholders to identify trends and evaluate the impact of technology on visitor management. Below are some points of the survey which shows how new generation VMS replaces paper logbooks and helps the organization with.


Increase in
Operational Efficiency


Safer Working


More Valuable
Data Insights


Impressed with
VMS Greeting


Brand Image

Vizitor as a visitor management system installed helps you in having a modernized reception which further enhances company branding. Even if your company is short of space for the reception, it’s not a thing to worry about! Vizitor also ensures that your customers aren’t kept waiting for a long time so that there are very rare chances of the overcrowded reception area. It allows the authorities to personalize interface design with welcome messages and brand logos on upfront. This improves the overall customer experience and gives out the opportunity to enhance your brand image.


Boost your office efficiency

Vizitor is the best choice in the visitor management system because it not only enables automated contactless guest check-in but also increases operational efficiency. New visitors have to register with all the important details whereas returning visitors can utilize express registration, by providing only a telephone number or email address leaving the greater part of the registration procedure aside. It elevates the customer experience. Being accurate and secure, it also cuts down the paper cost. With the eviction of paperwork and leading to digital visitor management software serving at your reception, searching for old visitor data is like a cakewalk and always 100% accurate.


Meet up your compliance regulations

A system that's important to a business clearly cannot have options with bugs. All the information entered in the system is secure with Vizitor's reception management system. This methodology is way higher than having the secretary manually maintain a record book and should bear a large quantity of physical information to search out the desired info. Additionally, these logbooks don't offer any means to verify the information provided or prevent misuse of information. Vizitor authenticates each detail filled in by the visitor and keeps this information secure.

Key Points on which Vizitor Stands

There are several visitor management systems out in the market. And while they all perform the basic task of checking in visitors, they differ in the features and functions they provide.

Here are some of the most essential features:
Easy Sign-in with digital logbook:

Vizitor provides easy check-ins in a secure manner without any interaction with other people.


This is one of the most important blessings for the visitor management system, whereas in manual log books a visitor must add their details anytime they visit your premises. With Vizitor, you can pre-register guests thus saving the repeated trouble. Upon registering, you'll simply send automatic SMS/ Email invitations to your guests.

Badge printing:

This is one of the most-searched-for features. Get your personalized badges are printed instantly for more security and identification within office premises. High-quality badges are printed instantly. We promote E-badges to save paper.

Host Notification (via multiple channels):

Once the visitor checks-in, the host is notified of the arrival. It also notifies your employees on their visitor's arrival. Notifications can be sent via email and SMS (text message).

Digital Document Signing- NDA’s

Enhance the security of your office by making visitors sign NDAs digitally. If a legal document is required to enter premises, no visitor will be able to sign in without providing their signature.

Provides QR codes in advance:

The Touchless check-in experience by sending them QR codes in advance. Visitors will then receive a QR code to use directly from their email on their mobile devices when they arrive..

Advanced pre-invitation:

Sending pre-invites to the guest will allow them to avoid contact at the reception. The visitor can simply scan their invite code and check-in..


The Touchless check-in system sends notifications to the worker when any visitor comes up to satisfy them and alerts them by sending the small print of the guest to form them aware and take necessary precautionary steps.

Visitor Insights and Detailed Reports

Capturing visitors’ data with the help of visitor management software takes place without human intervention anymore This means that you can now get unaltered, clean, and insightful visitor data

Android and iOS Support

Vizitor is deployed on both Android and iOS. Our visitor management app can immensely improve the task of managing and assisting visitors in an organization.

Contact less check-in

Vizitor provides the facility of contactless check-in by providing your Visitors a QR code that can help them check-in without any hassle.


Vizitor is a Multi-lingual software so the visitors can translate the software into different languages based on their choices

The Future of Visitor Management System

What's up coming in the next decades?

For global organizations, the security of their workplace, data, and visitors is an issue that is increasing rapidly. As we live during a time of emerging security threats that force us to go beyond the basics logbooks to digital visitor management applications. There are indeed many reasons why an organization needs to integrate security into their everyday operations for more advanced protection.

A Visitor management system in every office

In the next few years, The paper sign-in sheets will disappear from offices completely. The digital Visitor management system will be used.

Balancing security and the visitor experience

A more efficient, convenient, and welcoming visitor experience actually leads to better security and client satisfaction.

For the enhancement of the productivity

When every manual work is converted into digital. Then lots of time will be saved which can be used on other work to enhance productivity at the workplace.

Upgrade your check-in process now and switch to Vizitor!

With a smart visitor management system, you can have an attractive welcome screen, add your brand logo, customized badges, with top security. The ultimate one-stop solution

For efficient management of visitors, try Vizitor!



“100% satisfied after using the application for the past 3 weeks. It does everything it says, Customer Service by email is great, and they are much more affordable than any other competitors. It's the best visitor management system in India. If you need visitor check in without hefty price tags and don't want to sacrifice quality this is the application for you. I operate a youth center and it has worked flawlessly”

Tony Losacco

Pasco Youth Haven


“Very good app for Visitor Management System & amazing customer service!”

Dr Shashank

AngelLife IVF


“Using this visitors management system from past 4 months. Amazing experience. Best part is they customised it for my requirements.”

Shubham Chugh

The Ideaz Factory


“Great App. Very usefull for my Institute. Giving a wonderfull user expeience to visitors. If any one looking for an automated Reception then this app will fullfill all your needs. Customer support is also wonderful”

Think Tek Media

Frequently Asked Questions

Visitor management software is an application that helps with managing visitors digitally for businesses, offices, schools, co-working, and just about any building which receives guests on-premises. A Visitor Management Software makes sure that all data entered into it is stored safely and securely and can be accessed anywhere at any-time.

Majority of feaures are available in free plan except Badge printing, SMS notifications, OTP, enterprise alerts and directory integrations. You can know more about it at our pricing page.

Visitors can check-in with the help of their mobile phone by simply scanning a QR code and then filling out the details on their mobile itself without touching any other device.

Vizitor provides the advance features like Touchless check-ins, Visitor Screening, Host notification, Alerts, Pre invitation to your visitors, Photo capture, also we provide badge printing. To know about more features click here.

Employee association is for Vizitor Pass application

With a Touchless visitor registration system, visitors can pre-register on their smartphone before their arrival; visitor screening; check-in with a visitor management system QR code; can meet their host in no time; and record the last details of the visitor experience.

The visitor management system prevents Coronavirus by going Touchless. This system also assists in contact tracing. Using this system you can ask questions to the visitors about their health, travel, and possible exposure to COVID-19.

Yes, visitors can be tracked by authorized personall when badge or QR code is scanned to determine if the visitor is still inside your premesis or not.

Visitors can check-in with the help of their mobile phone by simply scanning a QR code and then filling out the details on their mobile itself without touching any other device.

Yes, you can download Vizitor Pass for a complete access of your dashboard on your mobile phone.

You can get started with vizitor with almost any tablet you have handy with you. All you need to do is download the Vizitor App and get register.

Yes, Vizitor support Multi-Language and is available in every language your require.

Compared with the cost of hiring staff, no.

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