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Make the proper use of unused space for your team with the smart meeting room booking system, which eases the process of finding and booking rooms for specific tasks.

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What is Vizitor Meeting Room Booking Software?

Employees require assistance in organizing chaotic room management. The solution lies in a specialized digital system – Meeting Room Booking Software.This room scheduling system offers a centralized platform designed to streamline the reservation and management of meeting spaces within an organization. It enables employees to efficiently schedule, coordinate, and optimize meeting rooms, conference facilities, and other shared areas. Employees need help in streamlining chaotic room management.


Provides data and reports
on room utilization.


Tracks and allocates costs
related to room schedulings.


Provide 24/7 Access


Creates a cohesive
and efficient workspace.

How Meeting Room Booking Software Works
Easy and Efficient.

Find a new meeting room

The initial step is to find a meeting room suitable for your team. The specific meeting rooms help in successful meeting conduction. The set up of rooms reflects a serious discussion basis, with a big screen to the line of chairs. According to no of employees for the particular meeting, you can find a suitable room. All you need to do is fill in the room name and choose the number.

Book a meeting room check-in

After finding the room, select the date and time for the meeting. You can customise the information for any time in the future too. The secret advantage is that you can add required resources if available for a particular time.

Check meeting room availability

The meeting room software works on the availability of rooms. You can view availability on the app. You can check the app on any device and filter the data, time, and capacity according to schedule. Room booking can be revised due to some urgency only through the app.

Manage user credits

Admins who manage room booking software can audit user's credits. They can add or remove significant users from system usage. Employees can easily remove their user accounts when they leave an organization. Space management becomes efficient and leads to more thoughtful decisions.


Vizitor Room Scheduling System Features

Reserve meeting rooms from your phones, email plugins, desktops, and room panels.


Manage Custom Space Booking

With the help of a room scheduling system, employers can manage their office spaces. The software will update you on unused, vacant, and required spaces. You can just find and book the places which suit you the best. Just check the availability before making any space booking.

Resources Booking

Worried about the resources usage that doesn't just justice with their potential. The organization's resources include laptops, projector screens, and meeting rooms that aren’t used sufficiently. You can see the best results if the employees check their usage and availability. They can book resources according to their needs with rightful space management software.


Limitless creative categories

Room scheduling systems can apply to limitless creative categories. The space utilization is teh primary reason to use the system for desk booking, parking spaces, and Dormitories. You can use the space management software for other categories that suit you.

Smart Booking and availability check

Simplify your booking experience with our smart scheduling system. The responsive access to space availability ensures a seamless reservation process. Enjoy the convenience of booking directly through the user-friendly app or dashboard. The streamlined process for efficient and hassle-free scheduling


Digitalized user check-in logs

Digitalized systems are the future, and our technology represents it. The software helps in tracking user check-ins and check-outs for all spaces. It can generate reports on space usage by employees.

Benefits of Room Booking System

Maximise use of unused office space and easy access to rooms for employees

Resource Management

Some software solutions also allocate resources such as projectors, teleconferencing equipment, and catering services, ensuring that everything needed for the meeting is in place.

Booking and Scheduling

Employees can easily reserve meeting rooms through a user-friendly interface, specifying the date, time, duration, and additional equipment or services required.

Calendar Integration

Integration with popular calendar apps like Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, or Apple Calendar allows for seamless scheduling and synchronization of meeting bookings.

Real-time Availability

Users can check the real-time availability of meeting rooms, ensuring they choose a space that suits their needs and is available at the desired time.

Customizable Booking Rules

Organizations can set rules and policies for room bookings, including booking lead times, maximum reservation durations, and cancellation policies.

Room Layout and Information

Users can view details about each meeting room, such as capacity, layout, and available amenities, helping them choose the most suitable space for their meeting.


Great Organizations Work differently!

Organizations of any size and industry trust Vizitor for an advanced makeover of workplaces .“After Implementing booking software, the workplace has been less chaotic, and conflicts over room booking have drastically narrowed, providing a happy place for staff and employees.”

-Sam Chawla, Digicel

What sets us apart?

Every organization wants an advanced, reliable, efficient room booking system for smooth workflow. The Visitor software fulfills all employee's purposes. Our team has led the industry since 2000 and successfully served around 2000 global clients.

We Work on Diverse Devices

Our space management software works on all your diverse devices, whether iOS or Android; the software works for all.

24/7 Customer Support

Any query? Vizitor experts will reply to you within minutes and provide you extensive support any time of day.

We Value Our Surroundings

Vizitor firmly believes in giving back to nature, and with our software, we encourage saving paper drives.

Frequently Asked Questions

A meeting room management system is a digital solution designed to streamline and optimize the scheduling and utilization of meeting spaces within an organization. It typically includes real-time room booking, automated check-ins, and viewing room availability.
The meeting room management software help you manage your meeting spaces. This enhances efficiency by preventing double bookings, minimizing conflicts, and providing valuable insights into room usage patterns through analytics and reporting functionalities.
There are three primary types of meeting setups, each tailored to serve specific purposes. The traditional setup is characterized by attendees facing a speaker or presenter, making it suitable for lectures and presentations. In contrast, the boardroom setup, with a central table and chairs, is designed for smaller groups to foster discussion and collaboration.
Managing a meeting room booking system involves several key steps. First, assess your organization's needs and identify the essential features required. Then, select a suitable platform that considers scalability and integration with existing systems. Test the system thoroughly to ensure functionality and address any issues. Regularly update the room booking system based on feedback and evolving requirements to maintain an efficient and user-friendly meeting room booking solution.