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Welcoming visitors and attending them is the most important aspect for any organisation. More you interact with your guests, more they will be interested in you. It becomes very difficult to manage manual logbooks and enter guest details on the front desk for a receptionist. It is time consuming and boring process and sometimes can irritate your guests. With the changing world we need to welcome our visitors smoothly without any time wastage.

Start impressing your guests right from their entry into your premises with Vizitor guest management software. Provide your office and guests, a smart and technical virtual visitor management app that handles every aspect of your reception.

How it helps
Unlimited guest check-in

Vizitor is capable of handling multiple guests without any hassle or confusion. Streamline your guest check-in with vizitor and make your front desk the most efficient area of your workplace.

Badge printing

Vizitor provides a unique badge on entry of any guest that displays his basic details and a photograph which reduces any chances of confusion and helps in identifying your guest.

Track visitor log anytime

Vizitor tracks every guest securely and stores all the details provided on arrival. Whenever required the user can verify any information by going through the visitor logs in dashboard.

Interact with your expected guests
Send Invites to Visitors

You can send messages/invites directly to your visitors and discuss the place and time of a meet. Accordingly you can make the arrangements in advance on the time of meeting.

Pre-registrations of visitor

Guest check-in is lot simpler if an invitation is send by an officials, guest just has to accept invite and sign in from their device that later saves time.

Automatic check-in

Invited visitors just have to type their contact number, then their details will pop up on Vizitor app and they will be checked in automatically.

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