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Management System

Streamline Your Delivery Operations and Ensure Prompt Package Pickups !

Simplifies the entire parcel management process, saving valuable time and money for your organization and building.

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Revolutionize the way manage
Delivery with Vizitor

Simply scan received packages to notify recipients, and easily
collect proof-of-handoff upon collection.


Effortlessly Manage Packages

  • Delivery software matches packages with recipients seamlessly, saving time.
  • Recipient names are automatically selected from a dropdown list.
  • Notifications are sent to designated employees instantly upon package arrival.

Get deliveries to employees on-site

  • Employees can easily find their packages and arrange for pickup or delivery.
  • Streamlines the package retrieval process.
  • Delivery software provides a smarter, more efficient way to manage deliveries.

Notify Employees About their Mail and Parcels

  • Parcels are captured and sorted by the recipient.
  • Notifications with custom messages and sent through Email and SMS .
  • Triggers can be set for parcels that arrive or are dispatched.

Secure Parcel Collections and Drop-offs

  • Secure parcel pickups are ensured
  • No parcels will go missing.
  • Proof that parcels were collected or delivered is provided.

Delivery pick-up

  • Recipients type their name in the kiosk to see available deliveries for pickup.
  • Recipient selects deliveries and marks them as picked up.
  • Two ways to mark a delivery as 'picked up':-

    • Via the delivery or reminder notification's "Mark as picked up" button.
    • Through a delivery pick-up kiosk.


“You’ll never have to log parcels manually; our users save an average of 1250 hours a year. What would you do with this extra time?”


Vizitor's Delivery Management Software offers a range of features to make the parcel management process easier and more efficient. Our innovative solution uses advanced technology to streamline the entire process, saving valuable time and effort for your organization. Here are some of the key features of Vizitor's Delivery Management Software.

Effortless Recipient

Easily match the name on the label to the right recipient using the employees list, with no need for extra hardware.

Efficient Web-Based
Delivery Scanning

With Vizitor's web-based scan delivery feature, deliveries can be easily added and photos can be captured using the web, providing a streamlined and convenient process for administrators.

Delivery Analytics and

Analytics and reporting tools help you identify trends to improve operations and scale your mail process.

Digital Delivery Log

Establishes a record of when packages arrive, when they're retrieved, and packages awaiting pickup.

Package Notifications

Automatically notifies employees when they have a delivery ready for pickup, ensuring prompt package pickups.

Automatic Reminders

Prompts your team to pick up lingering packages with reminder notifications, ensuring that packages don't go unclaimed.

How Delivery management Works?


Parcel arrives and Vizitor uses employee list to match recipient name with employee in your directory


Recipient is automatically notified via SMS and email of package arrival


Recipient marks package as "picked up" either on an iPad kiosk or directly from their notification


Vizitor Deliveries sends automatic reminders if package isn't picked up in a timely manner


Delivery package status is updated to "received" or "picked up"


Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery software simplifies the process of accepting, recording, organizing, and delivering incoming office mail and packages. It helps workplaces manage mail more efficiently by automating tasks and reducing manual labor, ultimately resulting in faster mail processing and delivery.
Delivery management software comes equipped with a range of functionalities that enable efficient tracking and management of packages. These include effortless recipient identification, a digital delivery log, package notifications, automatic reminders, Delivery analytics and reports, and efficient web-based delivery scanning.
The objectives of a delivery management system are to streamline the delivery process, increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance overall delivery performance.
Delivery software is needed by any workplace that wants to optimize its mail delivery and management process, minimize unclaimed mail, and relieve staff of the time-consuming task of sorting and notifying employees of incoming mail.