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When anyone enters your workspace, it’s your responsibility to make them feel safe and secure. Customers develop a trust if they feel comfortable and secure while interacting with you. To make your premises secure, you must keenly observe visitors trespassing your front door or appoint a person for tracking and reporting all information. Managing visitor data and registrations with pen,papers and manual logbooks is time consuming and frustrating as well.
This is when Vizitor comes into action and handles every single person entering the front door and keeps their information safe and sound. Nowadays, security is the most important factor for any business place. Vizitor app provides you the most easiest way to capture your visitors photos. Know your visitors not only by their name but also with face identification, as you can access visitor's photos anytime on your dashboard. It provides an added security level to your place.
When visitors signs in into vizitor, it records all the information followed by capturing a photograph that is displayed on visitor badge and on your dashboard as well.

Print Visitor Badge

Vizitor understands, what it feels like to manage large number of guests. It is difficult to identify each and every guest by their name. It may lead to breach in the security of your premises.
Vizitor allows you to print visitors badges easily. As the guest enter their details, printer attached to Vizitor will print a unique badge that displays basic details and photograph of the person. This will help hosts to identify the particular visitors easily and also helps to manage safety of your building.

Dynamic Photo Setting
Visitor Photos

Capture guest photos while checking-in, through your mobile/tablet easily. It will automatically be updated on dashboard, making it easy to secure and manage your organization.

Recuring Visitor’s Photos

Vizitor automatically identifies the recurring visitors through their mobile number and displays their previously uploaded photos and other details. At the time of checking-in, visitor can skip pre-filled registration steps which makes the process even faster.

Accessing Visitors Photos

Vizitor allows the admin to export the photos of visitors in their desired format. Accessing visitors photos at anytime ,anywhere could be effective in case of any emergency or security case.

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