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Getting Started with Vizitor

Download the app from play store or app store

Sign up and enter your credentials

Pair your device to the dashboard

Get started with the App

How To Signup With Vizitor ?

Getting Started

To get started with Vizitor, simply sign up for a 10 days trial

Just complete the account setup by following the guided steps and confirm your account from your email.

Download the Vizitor Mobile App For iOS or Playstore

Pair your mobile device with your account.

Depending on which plan you choose, you’re all ready to start with signing your visitors and employees into your workplace.

*Note: Easy Sign up with Visitor Mobile App also.


Set up account

1. Location details

To add a new location. Log in to your Vizitor Dashboard.

Click on the setting from the left panel on your dashboard.

Click on Add Location.

Enter Location Name and Address of your new location.

*Note: Once app is downloaded, dashboard is connected to your phone.


2. Pair Device

Log in to your vizitor dashboard and select the Device tab from the left panel.

Download and open the Vizitor application from Android / iOS device.

Click on pair device from your mobile device.

Scan the QR code displayed on your web dashboard.

*Note: With long press, on the Vizitor logo, leads to reload configuration and change language.

3. General Settings

Here you can enter your company name in the first field and Upload your business logo in the 2nd field. (Suggested Size for Logo 512 X 512) that you want to display on the application.

*Note: Left corner there is an option for Logo customization as well


4. Add Custom Fields

You can enter custom fields like Full Name, Host Name, Mobile Number which are required and will be filled by the visitor at the time of check-in.

You can add any number of fields > Add new field that you want to display on the app.

5. App Settings

In Photo, there is an option to activate or deactivate the camera for taking the visitors pictures for security reasons.

In Badge field badge is printed for more verification. This is an optional and can either be activated or deactivated as per requirement.

NDA is optional for you. You can either switch to required and non-required as you required

Customize host Notification and Visitor Notifications as well.

You can change the status of “Enable Covid health questionnaire form?” to required by clicking the button in front.

*Note: You can make customization for the text that appears for your host notification.



Web check-In

Step 1 Login to your Vizitor dashboard.

Step 2 Click on the Visitor Log tab from the left panel.

Step 3 Click on the web check-in tab and provide the mobile number of visitor.

Step 4 Once you confirm the mobile number, Input the additional details like Name, Mobile Number (It will be prefilled), Email, Purpose of check-in and Host they are here for.

Step 5 After clicking Next, the camera option will open ( Optional: This feature will only open if you have made the capture visitor image as required)

Step 6 If you have enabled the badge option the badge will show up on the screen which can be printed.

Step 7 Once you skip or print the badge the dashboard will appear with the visitor checked-in to the system.


Check Out

You can check out visitors from the dashboard, by clicking the checkout option.

*Note: On top left there is option for web check-In

Total Visitors: of visitors who have visited your premise for the selected date.

Checked-In Visitors: No. of visitors who are inside your premises.

Invitees: Shows data of total Pre-register visitors before they arrive.

Visitor history: Graphical representation of visitor log for the selected month. It's only a visual representation that you can see how many people come into your premises as a visitor for an every day in a month.

Visitor Log

You can monitor the visitor log in real-time for any selected date using the visitor log table, edit or modify the details entered by the visitor while checking in or checking out the visitor.



This section gives an employee directory which enables you to add new employees and export the bulk data.


Add Employee

Click the ADD button from the top left, then enter your employee details in respective fields like name, email, Mobile no. and Department. The name, email and Mobile mandatory and all other fields are optional.


Bulk Import

Import the employees as bulk from a CSV file directly to your employee directory. The CSV file which has all the employees must comply with our guidelines. Click the BULK IMPORT icon from the employee's actions to get started with importing.


Send Invite

Create an invite with the admin dashboard, a notification about the meeting will be sent to the visitor and the host.

Click on the Send Invite option, now enter the details about the visitor whom you want to invite. Fill up the contact number and click Save to create an invite.

In the Vizitor, follow these steps:

Click on the Invites tab from the left panel.

Click on the send invite button. After clicking a pop up form will open asking to input the mobile number of visitor you want to invite.

After clicking on continue an additional dialog box will open asking for details of visitors you want to invite. In this form you’ll also need to select the host (Whom the invitee will meet), purpose of invitation, invite date and time as well.

Once you fill out all the details just click on send and the invitation will be on its way to your visitor and the entry will start appearing in the dashboard.

You can also view details by creating a View button under the action tab.



You are accessible to pair the multiple devices. To utilize Visitors, you should have an iPad/tablet, which will be the stand your visitors use when they sign in. In the event that you'd like to print a guest badge, you'll need a supported badge printer as well.

Pair your device

Download vizitor App from Google Play Store or App store

Once you open the mobile app, you’ll see a button saying Pair your device, once you click on it you’ll be provided with a QR code scanner. In which you’ll need to scan the QR code displayed on your dashboard.

Once you scan and pair the device you’ll be able to start check in with the help of Vizitor mobile app.

Once you pair the device you’ll also be able to see the paired device on your dashboard.


Get the Vizitor app

A key piece of any visitor management system is the ability to catch visitors data and visitors must sign in, to get the data.At the point when a visitor check in, Vizitor makes their visitor section. Consider this entry as the record of their visit: It contains the majority of the visitor's data, including sign-in and out occasions, their photograph, marked NDA,ID copy and many more. The moment any visitor check in, the details will be reflected immediately up on the dashboard.


Getting Started

Step 1 Download Vizitor on your phone, tablet or ipad from play store or app store.

Step 2 In the Welcome screen, click on pair your device button and enter the code in the dashboard to connect the app with the dashboard.

Step 3 Tap on the Check-in button, which will enable the visitor to check-in to your premises after filling the required details.

*Note: The screen contains three options Tap To Check in, Check Out, Been here before and Invitee.

Step 4 Tapping on this enables to fill check-in fields, Name, Mobile Number, Email, the purpose of your visit, etc.

Step 5 Camera will open to capture the visitors picture if you have enabled it from your panel.

Step 6 The next screen that opens contains the ID of the visitors which contains all the necessary details like- visitor’s name, host name, date and time and the photo, just like an ID card.

Step 7 Once done, a final greetings screen will appear with a welcome message.


Been Here Before

Been here before option is for the visitors who have already once in their lives have come to your office and entered their details on the vizitor to check-in easily into the premises by just entering their contact number, avoiding them to write their complete details again.

Vizitor Pass App

Maximise your team efficiency! Power-up with our visitor management system & mobile app that allows your employees and visitors to be in sync at all times.The employees acting as the host can approve and disapprove of the visitors coming to the organization and can even send a custom message to their visitors.


Select country and enter
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Get your unique Visitor
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