How To check-in With Vizitorapp ?

How To check-in With Vizitorapp ?

Ankur Rana

Sat, Oct 1, 2022

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Itโ€™s very easy to check-in with Vizitor App, especially if you have an Android Tablet or iPad available with you along with an Email address and a phone number to authorise your account.

When a visitor signs in, Vizitor generates a visitor entry that serves as a comprehensive record of their visit. This entry includes the visitor’s information, such as sign-in and out times, their photo, signed legal documents, and more. The dashboard displays these entries in real time as visitors sign in, and you can access all the details by simply clicking on the visitor’s name.

โ€œWalk-inโ€ first-time visitors

For unexpected visitors or those who prefer not to register, our iPad sign-in option is available. It’s user-friendly as the iPad guides visitors through each step of the sign-in process, making it easy to use.

Steps to get started with Vizitor

Step 1: Test to get started signing up with vizitor.

Step 2: Just complete the account setup by following the guided steps and confirm your account from your email.

Step 3: Download the Vizitor Mobile App For iOS or Playstore.

Step 4: In the dashboard, click on Settings on the top panel and then open Device from the left panel.

Discover how to effectively manage and monitor your paired mobile.

Step 5: Pair your mobile device with your account.


Note: Pairing your mobile device with your Vizitor dashboard account is a straightforward process. By linking the two, you gain seamless access to visitor management tools and features, ensuring efficient and effective management on the go.


Step 6: Depending on which plan you choose, youโ€™re all ready to start with signing your visitors and employees into your workplace.

Visitors can easily sign in by tapping the “Tap to sign in” button and following the guided process. Once they have completed all the necessary steps, their entry will be displayed on your dashboard.


If a visitor has previously signed in with Vizitor Visitors at your location, our kiosk will recognize them by their full name. Their information will be auto-filled, and Vizitor will verify if they have signed legal documents and/or have a photo on record. This streamlined process ensures a faster and improved visitor experience.


After filling the check-in form, you can also do photo capture and nda (Non-Disclosure Agreement) signature. Vizitor has very important features like photo capture and non-disclosure agreement signing.


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