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Digital Attendance Management System Smart way to Track and Manage Attendence

Vizitor is a unique attendance management system that keeps tabs on employee attendance. It covers all aspects of time management, including recording work hours, handling holidays, setting shifts,approving leaves, and tracking employees with GPS.

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Transform Attendance Management
for Enhanced Efficiency

Vizitor makes it easy to keep track of employees' presence at work and
provides a user-friendly interface for employees to manage their time.



Touchless Attendance With Vizitor's QR System

Vizitor's employee management system stands as India's sole touchless platform offering QR-based attendance. By utilizing the GPS system, it assesses both your current location and the designated office location. Only when your location aligns with that of your office can you mark your attendance.


Improve Your Employees'
Time Habits

Tracking policies are crucial for shaping employee time habits. Admins can check total working hours, clock-in/out times, and view individual employee calendars. Employees can also check and track their own working hours.



Efficient and Personalized Leave Approval Workflows

Give authority to specific individuals for approving time off requests and arranging replacements. Junior employees can ask their senior counterparts for time off. They can approve, reject, or leave the request pending. Customize the system to handle delays, receive notifications, and accommodate many approval stages.

What is an Attendance Management System?

An attendance management system is a software that monitors and records the working hours of employees accurately. It keeps track of attendance, breaks, time off,clock in, and clock out data for each employee, ensuring error-free records. With such a system, employees can conveniently mark their time and attendance through a mobile app. The software automates the entire attendance management process, providing real-time data to the HR department for precise payroll calculations, ensuring that employees are compensated accurately for their time worked.


Simplify Your Schedule with Effortless Shift Planning

Vizitor's employee shift management simplifies the handling of various shift patterns in your company. It can manage both rotating and fixed shifts with customized options. The system efficiently handles round-the-clock 24/7 shifts and assigns them to employees as needed.



Powerful Analytics For Executive and Employees

Vizitor provides rich analytics and dashboards for employees and managers. It offers valuable information and insightful dashboards tailored to their specific needs. It's designed to serve the entire workforce. The admin can check employees' attendance performance. Employees can also check their own leave and working hours. It's designed to serve the entire workforce.


Manage Holidays in Efficient

Vizitor's employee management system efficiently handles holidays. Admins can add or delete holidays, while employees can view the holiday dashboard. Simplify your holiday management with the best attendance and holidays management system.


Efficient Workforce Management: Attendance,
Leaves, Admin Control

Attendance and Leaves Made Simple for Employees


Attendance Insight:

Dashboard displays check-in/out times, total working hours, monthly attendance logs, and shift tim.


Comprehensive Dashboard:

Attendance system shows total leaves, remote work days, holidays, leave requests and monthly overview graph.


Leave Management:

Employees can apply for leave, selecting seniors from a provided list, and view leave history with status.


Attendance and Leaves Made Simple for Employees


Comprehensive Dashboard:

Dashboard displays check-in/out times, total working hours, monthly attendance logs, and shift tim.


Attendance Management:

Admins can access the attendance log for presence and absence tracking, with available total working hours and a monthly calendar view.


Shift Scheduling:

Admin can schedule shifts according to preferences, and manage shifts by adding, deleting, updating, and sending alerts to employees.


Effortless Attendance Tracking with
Vizitor Pass App!

Simplified Attendance

Vizitor simplifies employee attendance with easy clock-in and clock-out through the QR code in Vizitor pass app, ensuring secure management.

Leave Made Easy

Employees can request leave, specify dates, add messages, and seek senior approval via a pop-up form, while also ,accessing their leave history.

GPS-Enabled Security

GPS tracking is enabled to ensure attendance accuracy. Employees can check in only at designated locations for dependable QR-based attendance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An attendance management system is a software tool designed to track and record the working hours, breaks, time off, clock-in, and clock-out details of employees. It ensures accurate and efficient management of attendance data.
The system allows employees to log their attendance through various methods such as QR based,, mobile app, or web-based portals. It automates the entire attendance recording process, eliminating the need for manual data entry, and provides real-time data to HR for payroll processing.

Accuracy: Eliminates manual errors and ensures precise recording of attendance data.

Time-saving: Automates the attendance tracking process, saving HR personnel valuable time.

Efficiency: Enables easy access to real-time attendance data for streamlined HR operations.

Compliance: Helps businesses adhere to labor laws and regulatory requirements

Improved Payroll: Facilitates accurate payroll calculation, preventing payment discrepancies.

Yes, in a good attendance management system, employees can mark their attendance conveniently using a Vizitor Pass app, making it easy to record their working hours on-the-go.
The attendance management system relies on automated data entry, reducing the chances of human errors in recording attendance, breaks, and other related details.
Yes, reputable attendance management systems prioritize data security and privacy. They implement measures such as encryption and access controls to safeguard sensitive employee information.
Yes, some attendance management systems come with built-in leave management modules, making it easier for employees to request time off, and for HR to manage and approve leave requests.
Yes, a good attendance management system provides real-time access to attendance data for both employees and the HR department, enabling transparency and efficient decision-making.