visitor badge management system

We at Vizitor know and understand what it means to manage large number of guests. It is difficult to identify each and every Guest present inside your office which may lead to breach in the security of your premises. Someone who is completely unknown can also enter without any authentication at the front desk.
Vizitor allows you to print visitors badges instantly. As the visitor enter their details, Vizitor App will input all the information and print visitor badges which include customised fields such as photos, name, signature etc. This will help hosts to identify the particular visitors easily and also helps to manage them without any confusion.

Security and visitor Badge
Visitors photo on badge

Badge will include visitor’s photo which helps to identify and manage the visitor in systematic way. Only recognised visitors can trespass your front desk after providing all the details on the device.

Guests signed on NDA

Badge will also specify and display every detail filled by the guest on arrival. It will also ensure that NDA document is properly acknowledged by the customer. This will help you in deciding credibility of visitors and maintaining the privacy of your premises.

Check in time and host name mentioned

Badge will consist of visitor check in time and host appointed for meet. This in future ensures safety and security of your workplace by systematic check-in process.

Secure Your Business with Visitor Badge
Instant Badge Print

Vizitor prints instant badges for each individual entering your front door that makes the appointment of your guest smooth.

Badge Print for Invitees

Vizitor can print badges even for the people invited by the employees of your organisation. This helps to make the sign in process even faster.

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