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Touchless Clock-In

Employees can check in and out of the workplace using their mobile device, eliminating the need for manual sign-in sheets.

Real-Time Monitoring

Managers can see who's on-site in real-time, allowing them to make informed decisions about scheduling and workplace safety.

Secure Access Control

Only approved employees can check in and access the workplace, ensuring compliance with safety and security regulations.

Capacity Management

The Vizitor helps manage workplace capacity by setting limits on the number of employees who can be on-site at any given time.

Reporting and Analytics

The Vizitor provides real-time data and analytics on employee attendance, enabling managers to make informed decisions about workplace productivity and efficiency.

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Increased Productivity

An attendance management system streamlines the process of tracking employee attendance, reducing the amount of manual work and freeing up time for more important tasks.

Improved Accuracy
Improved Accuracy

The attendance management system accurately tracks employee attendance and provides accurate data for payroll and other HR processes.

Better Scheduling
Better Scheduling

An attendance management system provides real-time information on employee availability and helps managers make informed decisions about scheduling. This can help to improve scheduling and reduce conflicts.

Increased Compliance
Increased Compliance

An attendance management system helps organizations comply with legal requirements and labor laws by accurately tracking employee attendance and providing the necessary documentation.


Frequently Asked Questions

An attendance management system is a software tool designed to track and record the working hours, breaks, time off, clock-in, and clock-out details of employees. It ensures accurate and efficient management of attendance data.
The system allows employees to log their attendance through various methods such as QR based,, mobile app, or web-based portals. It automates the entire attendance recording process, eliminating the need for manual data entry, and provides real-time data to HR for payroll processing.

Accuracy: Eliminates manual errors and ensures precise recording of attendance data.

Time-saving: Automates the attendance tracking process, saving HR personnel valuable time.

Efficiency: Enables easy access to real-time attendance data for streamlined HR operations.

Compliance: Helps businesses adhere to labor laws and regulatory requirements

Improved Payroll: Facilitates accurate payroll calculation, preventing payment discrepancies.

Yes, in a good attendance management system, employees can mark their attendance conveniently using a Vizitor Pass app, making it easy to record their working hours on-the-go.
The attendance management system relies on automated data entry, reducing the chances of human errors in recording attendance, breaks, and other related details.
Yes, reputable attendance management systems prioritize data security and privacy. They implement measures such as encryption and access controls to safeguard sensitive employee information.
Yes, some attendance management systems come with built-in leave management modules, making it easier for employees to request time off, and for HR to manage and approve leave requests.
Yes, a good attendance management system provides real-time access to attendance data for both employees and the HR department, enabling transparency and efficient decision-making.


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