Attendance management software is very essential to a company. Just like in the Real Estate company where I currently work, we moderate and monitor our employees to produce a great impact on our business. Attendance management is somehow the same as a time clock, they both keep track of your employee’s working hours. Vizitor can be use as our time clock and attendance management software, which I find innovative for our typical punching time card for clocking-in. Another advantage of this software is, it enhances the productivity of your employees by having a time tracking/task management feature that can be an organizer for all of their tasks.

In this article, we will go over the following topics:

  • What is attendance management?
  • The Advantages of Attendance Management
  • Solutions for contactless attendance management

#What is attendance management?

The attendance management procedure in an organisation is a method of calculating an employee's working hours and time away from work. An employer can obtain information on the number of hours worked by an employee as well as the number of days off that they took as a result of attendance management. There are systems that automate the attendance management process to help with the complexities of employee attendance tracking. The advancement of technology has resulted in the complete automation of workforce management in general, and attendance management in particular, including work time and time off calculation.

#Benefits of attendance management

The paperless attendance management system helps to reduce labour costs. The following are some of the advantages of an attendance management system. Take a look at these advantages:

1. Cost-effective:- The paperless attendance management system reduces costs. When we used a paper-based attendance system, an organisation was always vulnerable to expense. A successful business is built on maximum productivity with minimal error. By implementing an automated attendance management system, many organisations have saved a significant amount of money.

2. Saving time: Adapt the smart attendance management system to manage time and employees. With this system, you can reduce paperwork, which saves time when collecting accurate attendance records for employees. Time-consuming tasks such as manually allocating assignments, tracking shift changes, and so on can be monitored and assigned with a few clicks.

3. Accuracy in work:- Accuracy is essential in the workplace. As a result, an attendance management system ensures that employees are managed accurately. As we all know, manually entering data can lead to errors and be a time-consuming process. This system keeps accurate time records and provides reliable data on the actual performance of payroll software.

4. Secure and Reliable:- The attendance system provides high security and dependability. This system secures your organisation by using individual login IDs and passwords. This means that no employee can tamper with the attendance device's saved data.

6. Managing the emloyees:- The clock-in and clock-out features are provided by the attendance management system. As a result, HR will have better control over attendance monitoring. It will not only help them keep track of employee log-ins and log-outs, but it will also help them avoid buddy punching and, in practise, minimise human-induced errors.

#Learn how Vizitor can be used as a contactless attendance solution for your business.

Zero-touch Attendance

When employees mark their attendance i.e clock-in and clock-out their time manually, there can be some errors leading to irregularities in the aggregated data. But, with Vizitor touchless attendance feature, employees can simply clock-in with Vizitor’s employee app leading to an accurate arrival and leaving time.

Real-Time Track Records

Vizitor lets you track down from where your employees have clocked-in with the help of geolocation coordinates so chances of proxy attendance are zero with us.

Employee Attendance Portal

In addition to the employee identification app, Vizitor provides you with a real-time attendance portal for your employees. Having a real-time portal helps in understanding the productivity and clocked-in hours of employees thus leading to the increased overall productivity of the organization. Because when data is delivered in real-time you'll always be fully up to date.

Work From Home Solution

Vizitor is not only useful for your office use but it also works when your employees are working from home. With our latest Geo-Tagging feature, your employees can mark their attendance even from their homes. Once an employee marks their attendance their geo-coordinates are sent with their attendance.

Our touchless attendance solution lets your employees clock-in easily with their mobile device. This in turn enhances the security of your workplace.