Learn how Vizitor can be used as a contactless attendance solution for your business.

Be, ready to navigate through the crisis

The last few months have been tiring for most of us, and we hope your business has adapted with the new social distancing and isolation policies to curb the COVID-19 outbreak.

A healthy workplace is a safe workplace

Zero-touch Attendance

When employees mark their attendance i.e clock-in and clock-out their time manually, there can be some errors leading to irregularities in the aggregated data. But, with Vizitor touchless attendance feature, employees can simply clock-in with Vizitor’s employee app leading to an accurate arrival and leaving time.

Real-Time Track Records

Vizitor lets you track down from where your employees have clocked-in with the help of geolocation coordinates so chances of proxy attendance are zero with us.

Employee Attendance Portal

In addition to the employee identification app, Vizitor provides you with a real-time attendance portal for your employees. Having a real-time portal helps in understanding the productivity and clocked-in hours of employees thus leading to the increased overall productivity of the organization. Because when data is delivered in real-time you'll always be fully up to date.

Work From Home Solution

Vizitor is not only useful for your office use but it also works when your employees are working from home. With our latest Geo-Tagging feature, your employees can mark their attendance even from their homes. Once an employee marks their attendance their geo-coordinates are sent with their attendance.

Touchless Attendance Solution Add-ons

Our touchless attendance solution lets your employees clock-in easily with their mobile device. This in turn enhances the security of your workplace.

QR Based Clock-In

100% Robust, Accurate and Secure.

No Extra Hardware cost.

No extra hardware cost Vizitor runs on any Android or iOS device.

Real time admin access

Web & Mobile App based real-time dashboard for employee insights.

Employees Attendance using own mobile

Geo-fenced & QR based attendance