Frequently Asked Questions
What is Vizitor and how does it work?

Visitor is a visitor management software/platform for modern offices and organisations where you can easily manage visitor registration and document signing – all from an iPad.

What is the average time that Vizitor takes for a check in ?

It usually takes a minute to check on our website and same is the time required for application. With normal internet connection you can login in blink of an eye.

How much is the cost for paid subscription?

We offer free trial for the new users for a limited period of time after which you will be charged according to our pricing system. For more details you can refer pricing section on our website.

How long is the user data stored?

Data storage totally depends upon your requirement. You can keep the data saved for lifetime if you want or can also overwrite it according to your need.

Who can access my account details?

Your information can only be accessed by you (via the link in any email you receive from the system) and the system administrators for your site.

Where can I find out more about Vizitor?

For more questions or queries not enlisted above you can email us or reach us via phone call.