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Frequently Asked Questions

Visitor management software is an application that helps with managing visitors digitally for businesses, offices, schools, co-working, and just about any building which receives guests on-premises. A Visitor Management Software makes sure that all data entered into it is stored safely and securely and can be accessed anywhere at any-time.

Yes, Vizitor support Multi-Language and is available in every language your require.

In order to get started with vizitor you will first need to download our app to your device. Once you download the app then you will need to follow steps in your dashboard. Our repersentative will be there to help you with getting started.

Yes, you can completely customize vizitor as per your requirement. You can customize the welcome screen with your logo, key message etc.

Yes, Vizitor can easily print customized label/badge with your logo on them with the help of a printer. This feature can also be turned off based on our requirement.

Yes, you can download Vizitor Pass for a complete access of your dashboard on your mobile phone.

Yes, multiple devices can be paired at a location to provide you access at multiple checkpoints in your building.

With Vizitor, you will get a notifcation via SMS/Email/In-app Notification every time a guest or employee check-in or check-out from your premesis. You can also send customized notification in bulk in case of any emergency.

If a visitor overstay the alocated time host will get a notifcation. Then the host can either increase their meeting time or can check the visitor out manually.

Visitors can check-in with the help of their mobile phone by simply scanning a QR code and then filling out the details on their mobile itself without touching any other device.

With Vizitor, you can check-in/check-out unlimited number of visitors in a single day.(depends on plan)

Majority of feaures are available in free plan except Badge printing, SMS notifications, OTP, enterprise alerts and directory integrations. You can know more about it at our pricing page.

Yes, with vizitor you can send a pre-registeration form to your guests to streamline and fasten their check-in process.

Yes, Vizitor provides you with detailed realtime reports about your visitors including their visitor log, stay duration, whom they met etc.

Yes, visitors can be tracked by authorized personall when badge or QR code is scanned to determine if the visitor is still inside your premesis or not.

Yes, with Vizitor you can capture visitor photos along with their ID as well.

No, if a visitor has registered once they can simply check-in by providing their mobile number and email id.

Vizitor is a cloud based application and all the data is stored securely into our cloud database. Which you can access any time from your dashboard.

Yes, third party application integration is possible with Vizitor.

The basic package is free for life time and provide you with 100 check-ins per month.(we have free, starter start fromm20$)

Once your trial period is over, you can talk to one of our repersetative to move forward with your subscription else you will be downgraded to free plan.

If you need 1000 check-ins per month you can opt in for our premium package. It will cost you 40$/month. You can check about features included in our plans on our pricing page.

We have different type of payment options available. You can either go for monthly payments or you can optin the annual package(with discounts). You can pay for subscription via your debit or credit card.

Our premium plan offers all these notifications and starts just at 40$/month. You can checkout the features of every plan at pricing page.

Each plan has different set of locaitons included in our starter pack 1 location is included and in our premium pack 2 locations are included. If you require more locations you can go for our enterprise plan which will be completely customized for you.

You can get your plan upgraded at any time.

Yes, upgrading from plan to another is very easy and can be done in just 10 minutes.

Yes, we do support multi location. You can just go with 1 plan for all your office locations with a single account and we will sync everything for you. start 1 pre 2 enter )

If you are in India then we have got the SMS part covered for you. But, if you are outside India their is an additional chage for SMS as per your country rates.

No, their is not additional cost of installation or any thing. All you need to pay for is your subscription nothing else.

Yes, currently we are supporting all the major brand Android tablets and iPad to get you started with

You can get started with vizitor with almost any tablet you have handy with you. All you need to do is download the Vizitor App and get register.

Currently, Vizitor supports "Brothers Label Printer QL 720 NW"

Yes, you can customize your badges with your logo and branding.

Vizitor is available on both the Android(version 6+) and iOS(version 11+) platforms. You can use any tablet or iPad for starting out with our Visitor Management System at your reception.