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What is a Visitor Management System?

A Visitor Management System enhances security by tracking everyone entering your office. It ensures accurate records and enhanced security for a wide range of visitors. Anyone who is not a regular full-time employee falls under the category of visitors. A visitor management system utilizes technology to track and check these visitors. If you're curious about the pricing of visitor management software. Please take a look at our available pricing options.

Touchless visitor check-in

  • Visitors use their smartphones for themselves check-ins without the help of any third person.
  • Instead of using a tablet to allow visitors to check-in on their own.
  • This will limit the potential spread of the virus when visitors use their hands to tap the screen.

Send agreements in advance

  • Before your guest arrives, be safe. The company can send invitations to visitors with attached NDAs to sign in advance, or other agreements that might include health and safety precautions.
  • Visitors will receive and sign agreements in advance to avoid signing any agreements by hand once they arrive at your workplace.

Digital Visitor Badges

  • Go Touchless with assigning digital visitor badges to your visitors.
  • Visitor badges give visitors an identity in your workplace, which creates a pleasant experience for your visitors.
  • When visitors check in, their badge can print instantly, which they will then grab without having assistance from your front desk team.
  • They assist to spot who the visitors are within a workplace and supply vital information about the visitor.

Advanced pre-invitation

  • Touchless sign-in process assigns hierarchical pre-invitation rights to employees.
  • Sending pre-invitations can assist you let in just those visitors whom you've got invited.
  • Sending invites to the guest will allow them to avoid contact at the reception. The visitor can simply scan their invite code and check-in.

Alert Employees

  • The Touchless check-in system sends notifications to the worker when any visitor comes up to satisfy them and alerts them by sending the small print of the guest to make them aware and take necessary precautionary steps.
  • The Touchless visitor management system allows the worker to approve or disapprove the entry of any visitor on the premises.

How do digital visitor management systems work?


A visitor check-in on a tablet

When a visitor arrives, they enter their name and
required details.


Capture a photo and digitally sign documents.

After fulfilling the details the visitor has to capture their photo and e-signature on legal documents for check-in purposes.


Digital Badges

Digital badges generated with the details provided by the visitor, the reason for their visit. Digital badge also contains a visitor image.


The employee gets notified about their visitor

The visitor management system automatically alerts the employee that their visitor has arrived.


Submit feedback & check-out

After all, when the visit is over for the visitor, they can simply check-out of the building with a single tap on the check-out button that will automatically note down their check-out time and will ask them for their feedback.


Say Hello To Vizitor PASS

With Vizitor PASS mobile app for Android and iOS, you have a companion for employees and
Visitors to sync in at all times. A powerful visitor management app to allow your employees to manage their
visitors by saving each other's time.

Quick Check-In

Vizitor's active occupancy monitoring allows you to manage your employees' attendance in a contactless manner.

Optimize Space Utilization through VMS Analytics

QR code-based unique digital ID in the visitor PASS app enables you to check-in faster.

Instant Push Notifications

Visitor pass software notifies the hosts through Email, SMS and Mobile App notification on the arrival of their visitors.

Invite Guests & Manage Visitor Access

Effectively monitor workplace traffic across locations, send invites, authorize visit requests, customize and schedule visitor reports.

Download the Vizitor Pass mobile
app for Android!



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Visitor management system
2023 Survey Analysis

A 2017 VMS research surveyed key stakeholders to identify trends and evaluate
the impact of technology on visitor management.


Increase in Operational Efficiency


Safer Working Environment


More Valuable Data Insights


Impressed with VMS Greeting

Why Digital VMS better than traditional system?

Digital Check-ins

Check-in is made on paper and It allows the guests to do contactless check-in digitally eliminating the paperwork.

Safe and Secure

Visitor’s data can be accessed only by the concerned authority

OTP Authentication

OTP authentication based check-in


Easily notifies host via SMS/email

Manual Check-ins

Check-in is made on paper and pen-based logbooks.


Visitor entry system becomes a public document that any visitor can seek through

No identity verification

Visitor’s mobile number can not be authenticated in a manual process

Complex Process

Verbally informing the host on the visitor’s arrival.

Most Valuable Features of a Visitor
Management System!

Make your check-in process easier with smart and automated features.

Contact less check-in

Vizitor provides the facility of contactless check-in by providing your Visitors a QR code that can help them check-in without any hassle.

Digital Document Signing- NDA’s

If a legal document is required to enter premises, no visitor will be able to sign in without providing their signature.


Sending pre-invites to the guest will allow them to avoid contact at the reception. The visitor can simply scan their invite code and check-in Send automatic SMS/ Email invitations to your guests.


The Touchless check-in system sends notifications to the worker when any visitor comes up to satisfy them and alerts them by sending the small print of the guest to form them aware and take necessary precautionary steps.

Badge printing

Get your personalized badges are printed instantly for more security and identification within office premises.

Visitor Insights and Detailed Reports

Capturing visitors’ data with the help of best visitor management software takes place without human intervention anymore

Host Notification

Once the visitor checks-in, the host is notified of the arrival. It also notifies your employees on their visitor's arrival.


Best visitor management app is a Multi-lingual software so the visitors can translate the software into different languages based on their choices

Approve/Disapprove visitors

The employees acting as the host can approve and disapprove of the visitors coming to the organization.

Customized Form

Create your own custom fields and questions for your visitors checking-in. The information that you wish to take from your visitors can be customized entirely.

Amazing Stats

Key Statistics and insights of vizitor


Number of companies using Vizitor globally


Total visitors who have checked in with Vizitor


Number of countries where Vizitor is currently active



Efficient and Secure: Vizitor's Digital Solution Enhances Visitor Management for Snapdeal

Vizitor has enabled Snapdeal to create a safer and more efficient workplace, while improving the overall visitor experience


IT Manager, Snapdeal

Why Choose Vizitor?


Zero Hardware

Zero Hardware setup helps in quick adoption


Low Cost

Competitive pricing that fits in your budget


Super APP

Multi-Platform support iOS, Android & Web


Easy to Use

Easy to use and takes 5-min to setup (zero staff-training required)


Occupancy Tracking

Visitor Analytics like real-time occupancy tracking etc, will improve visitor experience and enhance security



multi-language support that makes your visitor check-in experience flexible.


Every industry requires a visitor management system.

Vizitor one-stop workplace platform. Most ethical & impressive way to welcome yours visitors.


Do you still have inquiries regarding
visitor management systems?

What is visitor management software?

Best Visitor management software is an application designed to assist in the digital management of visitors for various types of establishments, including businesses, offices, schools, and co-working spaces. It ensures that all visitor data entered into the system is securely stored and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Does Workplace include visitor management?

Vizitor Workplace does not include built-in visitor management features. However, you can opt for the Vizitor Visitors Basic plan, which provides basic visitor check-in functionality at no cost. Alternatively, Vizitor offers other Visitors plans that cater to different workplace visitor requirements, allowing you to select the package that best suits your needs.

Can I create unique sign-in flows for different visitor types?

A top-tier visitor management solutions allows for customization. As each visitor type, such as candidates, business partners, or vendors, may require a different welcome approach, you can create tailored sign-in flows for each type using your best visitors management system. This can be standardized globally or customized for individual locations to ensure a smooth end-to-end experience for every visitor entering your workplace.

How do top visitor management systems enhance the visitor experience?

Implementing a visitor management system software conveys a modern and technologically advanced image to guests, demonstrating that your company values their time, health, and safety. It creates a positive first impression and a warm welcome for every visitor. With a digital visitor management system, guests no longer have to wait, and their hosts can confidently greet them upon arrival.

Which companies utilize visitor management systems?

Visitor management systems are used by companies of various sizes and across different industries. Whether it's a small office with occasional visitors or a global enterprise with a high volume of visitors, companies from manufacturing facilities with strict regulations to tech companies prioritizing guest experience can benefit from a visitor management system for office. These systems are adaptable and scalable to meet the specific needs of each business.

How can a visitor management system modernize our operations?

By implementing a digital visitor management system, your operations will transition from traditional and manual methods to a sleek, modern, and automated process. It automates tedious tasks typically performed by the front desk or security team during the visitor management process. Additionally, it streamlines paperwork by digitizing it into a single, easy sign-in flow. With a visitor management system, you eliminate the need for document scrambling and ensure visitors sign in upon arrival, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined visitor experience.

Will a visitor management system enhance our physical security?

Implementing a visitor management system can improve the overall physical security of your building. By requiring visitors to sign in, scan their ID, undergo screening against blocklists, and notifying relevant personnel of entry and exit, you enhance your security measures. Additionally, guest management software like Vizitor integrate with third-party watch lists, emergency alert software, and access control systems, giving you control over who is allowed onsite.

Is a visitor management system customizable?

Vizitor's visitor management system offers flexibility and customization options. You can incorporate your company branding into the sign-in flow, tailor registration questions to gather specific information, and create distinct sign-in flows for different visitor types or locations. You can also leverage pre-built or customized integrations to seamlessly integrate Vizitor into your existing digital visitor management system workflows.

Can a visitor management system replace a sign-in app or pen and paper logbooks?

Unlike sign-in apps or manual logbooks, a visitor management system software offers a comprehensive digital solution. It covers all aspects of welcoming visitors, including inviting and screening them, granting building access, checking them in, notifying hosts, logging visit details, and more.

Why should my company utilize a visitor management system?

The best visitor management system enhances safety and security, streamlines front desk operations, and automates tasks related to greeting guests. It improves the visitor sign-in process, resulting in an enhanced overall visitor experience.