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A digital sign-in system replaces paper sheets, automating guest tracking and management at the office. It saves time for both staff and guests, enhancing security, efficiency, and the overall experience, while also aiding in compliance.

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Why You Need a Visitor Sign-in System

A cloud-based digital sign-in system, designed to efficiently track and manage various types of visitors entering your office, replaces traditional paper sheets. This automated process not only saves time for both staff and guests but also significantly enhances security, efficiency, and the overall guest experience. Additionally, the system contributes to improved compliance with regulations, ensuring a streamlined and effective approach to managing visitors entering your premises.

Challenges of Using Traditional Visitor Sign-In Sheets

These challenges can make it difficult to manage guests effectively and securely.


Illegible handwriting

Can you read the handwriting of every person on the sheet?

Difficulty keeping records

Ease of Record Keeping with
Sheets?


Inaccuracy of information

Can you verify the accuracy of entered information?

Inaccurate sign-in

Can you trust that the sign-in and sign-out times recorded
are accurate?


Our Solution

A vms visitor management system is a smart choice for any workspace, enhancing security, efficiency, and guest experience.


Zero Hardware

No hardware needed, quick adoption. Easy to set up, your team will be up and running in no time.


Low Cost

Competitive pricing, fits your budget. Save money on expensive hardware and software costs.


Super App

Access your vms visitor management system on any device, anywhere, with iOS, Android, and web support.


Easy to Use

Setup takes 5 minutes. Intuitive interface makes it easy for everyone to use, from visitors to staff.


Occupancy Tracking

Real-time occupancy tracking and guests analytics. Gain valuable insights into your guests' traffic.



Flexible visitor check-in with multi-language support. Welcome guests in their own language.

What is a Visitor Management System?

A visitor management system is software for tracking who enters a building and what they do there. It gathers details about visitors, creates ID badges, and lets staff know when someone arrives. It studies visitor information to spot any security issues. It's like an electronic front desk helper that makes entering easier, safer, and better for guests.

A guest management system is a digital way to sign in visitors. It's like a virtual receptionist that helps you keep track of who is coming and going from your building. VMSs can also help you improve security and customer service.

Why Digital VMS Better Than Traditional System?

red Digital Check-Ins

It allows the guests to do contactless check-in eliminating the paperwork.

redSafe and Secure

Only the concerned authority can access visitor data.

red OTP Authentication

OTP authentication based check-in

red Notifications

Notifies host via SMS/email

red Offline Synchronization

Data sync even without internet connectivity.

red Manual Check-Ins

Check-in is on paper and pen-based logbooks.

red Non-confidential

Visitor entry system becomes a public document that any guest can seek through

red No Identity Verification

A manual process cannot authenticate the visitor's mobile number.

red Complex Process

Informing the host on the visitor’s arrival.

red No Offline Synchronization

They rely entirely on physical logbooks.

Touchless Check-in

  • Guests can use a QR code on their mobile phones for check-in, avoiding physical contact.
  • This streamlines the check-in process, making it quicker and more efficient.
  • Guests can check in swiftly and easily, without waiting in line or needing to interact with reception staff.

Send Agreements in Advance

  • Visitors can sign an NDA form electronically, before they are granted access to your facility.
  • This feature helps to protect your confidential information and intellectual property.
  • You can customize the NDA form to meet your specific needs, and you can track who has signed it and when.

Digital Visitor Badges

  • Digital badges are more secure and tamper-proof than traditional paper badges.
  • Visitors can receive a digital badge on their mobile phones, which they can display to verify their identity.
  • You can customize the digital badges to include your company branding and any other relevant information.

Advanced Pre-Invitation

  • You can pre-invite guests and send them a QR code or link to check in online.
  • This feature helps to streamline the guest check-in process and save everyone time.
  • You can also use this feature to collect information from guests in advance, such as their name, contact information, and reason for visit.

Alert Employees

  • Employees can receive notifications when their visitors show up, enabling them to greet them at the reception area.
  • This function makes the visit more inviting and professional for guests.
  • This feature can also be used to monitor the whereabouts of employees and make sure visitors are always accompanied.

Visitor Management Systems Benefits

Sheets: Office Productivity Challenges

Think of a busy office where many visitors are constantly coming in and out. The sign-in sheet they use can really slow things down. Imagine a visitor walking in, grabbing a pen, and beginning to write their details on this sheet.

Meanwhile, the noise and bustle around them are distracting the workers nearby, making it difficult for them to focus on their jobs. The person at the front desk is also struggling, trying to handle this and their other important tasks.

The top productivity challenges with sign-in sheets include:

  • Interruptions and distractions for employees due to the sign-in process.
  • Overburdened receptionist, leading to limited availability for other responsibilities.
  • Time-consuming manual process for guests, causing delays.
  • Security risks associated with visible guest information.

Digital Visitor Management Systems: Boosting Office Productivity

Your receptionist can contribute a lot to the success of your business productivity. But not if they’re stuck at their desk all day. By welcoming and checking in your office visitors, a guest management system frees your receptionist to work on other things. Guaranteed both you and your receptionist will be happier for it.

  • Streamline check-in process, eliminating manual sign-in sheets and reducing delays.
  • Automate check-in, saving time for visitors and staff with instant badge.
  • Minimize disruptions, enabling workers to concentrate fully on their assignments without interruptions.
  • Empower receptionists by freeing them from constant monitoring. And, enabling them to handle important tasks.
  • Enhance security, visitor tracking, and reduced risk of unauthorized access or breaches.

Visitor Privacy: Information Security Concerns

Protecting customer privacy is essential, and open visitor logs can be a security risk. In sectors such as legal and financial services, maintaining confidentiality is paramount. Adopting a visitor management system software can address these privacy and security concerns, safeguarding sensitive information. In a scenario where a rival might try to enter an office under the guise of a client using a conventional sign-in method, the vulnerability becomes apparent. To counter this, the office introduced a visitor management system. This system involves digital registrations, photo identification, and controlled access, ensuring that only legitimate personnel can enter the facility. This enhanced security measure ensured that only authorized individuals enter the premises.


Emergency Evacuation Planning

Emergency situations can arise, posing risks to everyone in the office. To ensure safety, it is crucial to have an effective emergency evacuation plan. While regulatory requirements focus on employee safety. Many insurance providers also expect emergency plans to encompass visitors. By implementing a visitor management system, you can track who is present in office. Consult relevant guidelines and resources to plan for workplace emergencies and evacuations .

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance is a top security challenge in visitor management solutions. It means following the rules to keep sensitive information safe and avoid penalties. In healthcare, patient privacy is crucial, so vizitor systems must meet rules and regulations. A study revealed that 68% of companies are concerned about compliance. This assists businesses in safeguarding data and ensuring legal adherence. Tailor the Non-Disclosure Agreement according to your specific instructions. Customize the NDA as per your guidance.


Company’s First Impression

Imagine you're at a big event, going from booth to booth. As you approach one booth, you're greeted by a cool, high-tech check-in system. It's like something out of a sci-fi movie!

You can enter your details, and within seconds, a personalized badge for you. The system even gives you clear directions to find the right person to talk to.

But then, you come across another booth where things are a bit chaotic. They're still using sign-in sheets. And you find yourself fumbling for a pen and waiting for someone to help you.Frictionless entry makes a lasting impact.

That's where a digital visitor software comes in. Modern check-in showcases your tech-savvy approach.

It's all about creating a positive image, showing professionalism, and for lasting impressions. So, if you want to make a great first impression and stand out from the crowd, a guest registeraton software is the way to go!


Building the right brand image

Brand reputation is crucial as it influences how successful your business is. Using a digital system for managing visitors can boost your brand's reputation. Studies indicate that customers tend to purchase more from brands they recognize and trust.

While it's not possible to directly control your brand's perception, your choices can significantly influence it.

This is especially true when it comes to the technology employed in your office. Many customers view the presence of a visitor management system as an enhancement to a company's brand image. Hence, numerous organizations choose to implement such systems.

Consider walking into a office and being requested to write your details on a physical log. This might lead you to question their technological advancement. Businesses like HardRock, Snapdeal, and Retina Centre, for instance, use Vizitor on iPads for visitor registration to portray themselves as frontrunners in embracing new technologies.

One of our clients, Dhiren from Hard Rock Cafe, mentions that Vizitor assigns unique IDs to each visitor. This simplifies tracking their information and monitoring their arrival and departure times.

Want to customize your brand image? Implementing a visitor management system is the way to go.

Customize your brand image with a visitor management system. It leaves a lasting impression, saves time and improves security.

The Need Of Touchless Visitor Management Solution!

Visitor management solutions enhance security by monitoring building entry and exits. They simplify the check-in process, easing reception staff's workload and allowing them to focus on additional tasks. Moreover, these solutions foster a positive, professional experience by efficiently welcoming visitors, enhancing their sense of security through tracked entry and prioritized safety.

How Do Digital Visitor Management Systems Work?


Digital Check-in

Guest enters name and details on tablet.


Capture photo and sign documents.

Visitor has photo taken and e-signs documents.


Receive digital badge

Visitor receives digital badge with details.


Host is notified

System alerts host that visitor has arrived.


Check out and provide feedback

Visitor checks out and provides feedback.


Say Hello To Vizitor PASS

A powerful visitor management mobile app or visitors app for employees and visitors to sync in at all times.

Quick Check-In

A unique digital ID in the Vizitor PASS app enables you to check-in faster.

Real-time Access Control

Vizitor PASS makes it easy to look at your visitor's past visits and keep track of all their records.

Send and Receive Invitees

Send and receive invites right from your phone, reducing the need for admin assistance.

Instant Push Notifications

Vizitor notifies hosts of visitor arrivals through email, SMS, and mobile visitor app notifications.

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Scan the QR code



Select the open browser.



Tap on the Vizitor Pass App in the Play Store.



Tap on the Install button.



Now, just click on the install.


Wait for the app to download and install.

Visitor Management System
2023 Survey Analysis

A 2017 VMS research surveyed key stakeholders to identify trends and evaluate
the impact of technology on visitor management.


Increase in Operational Efficiency


Safer Working Environment


More Valuable Data Insights


Impressed with VMS Greeting

Most Valuable Features of a Visitor
Management System!

Make your check-in process easier with smart and automated features.

Contact less check-in

Vizitor provides the facility of contactless check-in by providing your Visitors a QR code that can help them check-in without any hassle.

Digital Document Signing- NDA’s

If a legal document is required to enter premises, no visitor will be able to sign in without providing their signature.


VMS allows organizations to send digital invitations to visitors in advance of their arrival, so visitors can pre-register and be screened.

Analytics and reporting

It provides insights into visitor volume, visit times, and purposes. It allows users to export data easily.

Badge printing

Get your personalized badges are printed instantly for more security and identification within office premises.

Host Notification

VMS automatically sends notification to host employee when visitor checks in. Improves visitor experience and streamlines check-in process.

Visitor photos

Have guests take a photo so their host can recognize them and greet them warmly and confidently.

Approve/Disapprove visitors

The employees acting as the host can approve and disapprove of the guests coming to the organization.

Customized Form

Create your own custom fields.It allows users to customize the information they collect from guests during check-in.

Visitor Gatepass

A visitor gatepass is created for the user, along with emails.

What's up Coming in the Next Decades?

For global organizations, the security of their workplace, data, and guests is an issue that is increasing rapidly. As we live during a time of emerging security threats that force us to go beyond the basics logbooks to digital visitor management applications. There are indeed many reasons why an organization needs to integrate security into their everyday operations for more advanced protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

The free version of a management solution for guests usually comes with essential features like registration, check-in/out, and badge printing. Additionally, some of these solutions in their free plan may include extra capabilities like screening and reporting.
Contactless check-in allows visitors to register and check in without having to touch any physical surfaces. This can be done using a variety of methods, such as QR codes, Pre-invitation, or mobile apps.
Yes, most visitor management solutions are compatible with Android devices. You can check the app's description on the Google Play Store to confirm compatibility.
Visitor management software usually comes with several features, including registration , digital check-in/out, badge printing, screening, reporting, and tracking. To know more visit the feature page.
The employee association feature on the dashboard allows you to associate visitors with specific employees. This can be helpful for tracking who is visiting your organization and for sending notifications to employees when their guests arrive.
A touchless visitor management system is a system that allows visitors to register and check in without having to touch any physical surfaces. This is typically done using a combination of QR codes, touchless sign-in and mobile apps.
The cost of visitor management software varies depending on the features and functionality that you need. However, there are many affordable visitor management solutions available, even for small businesses.
Most vms visitor management systems are very easy to use. However, it is always a good idea to provide some basic training to your employees on how to use the system.