Empower Your Business with the Top Employee Time Tracking Apps

Empower Your Business with the Top Employee Time Tracking Apps

By Ritika Bhagat

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Empower Your Business with the Top Employee Time Tracking Apps

Fri, Mar 1, 2024

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficient time management is crucial for productivity and success. Employee time-tracking apps play a pivotal role in ensuring streamlined operations, precise project schedules, and accurate client billing. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the top five apps that stand out in the realm of employee time tracking. From small businesses to legal firms, we’ve got you covered.


Vizitor: Your Premier Attendance Management System

Meet Vizitor, your all-in-one solution for tracking employee attendance. With easy-to-use features and top-notch security, Vizitor makes managing your workforce a breeze. Say goodbye to attendance headaches and hello to streamlined efficiency with Vizitor.

Standout Features:

QR-Based Attendance

Efficient Leave Approval Workflows

Comprehensive Shift Management

Pricing Plans:

Basic, Pro, and Enterprise options tailored to your business needs.


Homebase: Elevating Small Business Efficiency

Homebase takes the lead as the best overall solution for small businesses, particularly in the restaurant and retail sectors. With a feature-rich free tier, Homebase goes beyond basic time tracking, offering comprehensive scheduling, job posting, applicant tracking, and onboarding tools. While it lacks client invoicing, its free plan covers a broad spectrum of needs, making it a cost-effective choice.

Standout Features of Homebase:

Mobile App:

Enables staff to clock in/out using PIN codes with GPS functionality.

Per-Location Pricing:

Tailored for businesses with plans to grow in one location, eliminating the need for extra user seats.

Clockify: Unleashing Flexibility for Freelancers

Perfect for businesses with freelance workers, Clockify stands out with a simple and intuitive interface. The free tier supports unlimited users and projects, making it an attractive option for freelancers. The app allows for project and task monitoring and offers flexible time tracking across devices.

Standout Features of Clockify:

Mobile App:

Responsive app for Android and iOS with time tracking, expense recording, and location tracking.

Flexible Time Tracking:

Tracks work hours on mobile devices, computers, and web browsers.

When I Work: Navigating Hourly Employees Across Locations

When I Work caters to startups managing hourly employees across multiple locations. With robust time tracking options on the mobile app and affordable pricing plans, it simplifies scheduling, team messaging, and time and attendance tracking. Despite occasional glitches, it provides a user-friendly interface for small businesses.

Standout Features of When I Work:

Mobile App:

Features a time clock app and employee scheduling tool, enhancing team communication.

Reports and Integrations:

Export data to payroll software and use API tools for syncing with other business software.

Fingercheck: A Comprehensive HR Solution for Small Businesses

Fingercheck stands out as an all-in-one HR solution, offering features for hiring, onboarding, time tracking, benefits management, and payroll. Despite its higher pricing, it provides unlimited and affordable payroll options. The mobile app enhances employee access and engagement, allowing them to control and monitor their payroll information.

Standout Features of Fingercheck:

Mobile App Time Tracking:

Tracks time with GPS features, allowing employees to view schedules, request time off, and run payroll on the go.

Employee Benefits:

Manages insurance policies and offers diverse employee benefits.

ClickTime: Tailored for Nonprofit Organizations

ClickTime emerges as the best fit for nonprofit organizations with its discounted pricing. The app boasts a simple interface, quick expense tracking, and mobile accessibility. While the mobile app lacks some features present in the full software, ClickTime provides clarity on responsibilities and precise project assignments.

Standout Features of ClickTime:

Mobile App:

Enables tracking of hours spent on projects and quick expense tracking.

Discounted Pricing for Nonprofits:

Offers special pricing plans for nonprofit organizations.

Tailored for legal firms and agencies, LawBillity integrates time tracking and legal billing seamlessly. The app’s mobile features allow tracking time, expenses, and generating legal invoices. Despite limited customization in reporting, LawBillity provides essential tools for legal professionals.

Standout Features of LawBillity:

Mobile App:

Tracks time, expenses, and generates invoices with offline functionality.

Legal Billing and Invoicing:

Converts billable hours and expenses into LEDES and LSS invoice formats.

How to Choose the Right Employee Time Tracking App:

Choosing the right time-tracking app involves careful consideration of your business needs. Consider factors such as:

User-Friendly Interface


Integration with Other Tools

Reporting and Analytics

Billing and Invoicing

Flexibility in Tracking Methods

Customer Support


After evaluating various employee time tracking apps, Homebase emerges as the top choice for small businesses, offering flexibility, multiple pricing plans, and a feature-rich free tier. Each app in this guide caters to specific business needs, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your organization. Embrace the power of efficient time tracking to elevate your business to new heights.