How to check visitor log ?

How to check visitor log ?

Ankur Rana

Mon, Oct 3, 2022

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For businesses who receive 100s of guests daily, keeping a track of all the visitor logs can be very difficult if you are still using a paper base visitor log. However, if you are using a digital visitor management system keeping a track of your visitor can become very simple and you can even track the back dated visitor logs as well.

Step 1: Login to your Vizitor dashboard.

Step 2: Click on the Visitor Log tab from the left panel.


Step 3: Once in the Visitor Log you can do the following things.

Note: Once you access the Visitor Log in Vizitor, you have a range of actions and options at your disposal to effectively manage visitor data. Here are some key features and actions available within the Visitor Log:

Search and Filter: Utilise the search and filter functionalities to quickly locate specific visitor records based on criteria such as date, name, or purpose of visit. This streamlines the process of finding relevant information within the log.

View Visitor Details: Click on any visitor’s entry in the log to access comprehensive details, including their check-in and check-out times, contact information, host details, and any additional notes.

Export Reports: Generate and export detailed reports based on visitor log data. This allows you to analyze visitor trends, track visitation patterns, and share comprehensive insights with relevant stakeholders.

Print Visitor Badges: If badge printing is enabled, you can conveniently print visitor badges directly from the Visitor Log. This facilitates a seamless check-in experience and enhances security within your premises.


Note: In Vizitor, you have the flexibility to manually check out a visitor by clicking on the arrow icon associated with their entry in the Visitor Log. This feature allows you to efficiently manage visitor departures and ensure accurate record-keeping. By manually checking out a visitor, you can update their check-out time and finalise their visit in the system. This feature is particularly useful in cases where visitors may forget to check out or in situations where automatic check-out may not be possible. Take control of visitor departures with Vizitor’s manual check-out option, ensuring a streamlined and organised visitor management process.

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