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Vizitor PASS


Effortless Check-in Solution

Vizitor PASS is a mobile app for employees of the organizations using Vizitor, a visitor management system. With this Android/iOS application in their pocket, employees can easily manage their visitors in just a few clicks!

A perfect Companion for Your Employees

If you have a visitor at the front desk, the Vizitor PASS app will help your employees make visitor’s check-in easy.

Quick Check-In

QR code-based unique digital ID in Vizitor PASS app enables you to check-in faster.

Real-time Access Control

Vizitor PASS makes it simple to check your visitor’s history. And it also helps you track all your visitor records.

Send and Receive Invitees

When you can send and receive invites right from your phone, you’ll need less admin assistance and can manage more on your own.


Instant Push Notifications

Vizitor notifies the hosts through Email, SMS, and Mobile App notification on the arrival of their visitors.

Approve/ Disapprove Visitors

The host can approve/ disapprove their visitor with a customized message.

A better way to Check-in

The employees/host can create and send invites from the application to the visitors whom they want to invite to their office. The list of recent invitations sent and the previous invitations sent to the visitors can be viewed with accurate date and time, whether visitors would attend/decline the request or they have arrived.

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