Visitor management system for Salons

How often do you visit salons for your favourite haircut or facial treatment? Most of you would reply, frequently. But have you realized how much time it consumes making appointment, registering and waiting for your turn? Imagine, you’ve booked an appointment with your favourite salon in order to get a haircut. The first thing that comes to mind is to wait until your turn comes. After several hours of long wait, your turn comes and you finally get a haircut. Then, at the time of payment many of the salons ask you to submit your feedback so that they can carry on with or improve their service.

Let’s see how it works

Introducing Vizitor in salons not only helps in saving time but also reduces the hassle of maintaining every customer’s records and details. Vizitor is an unconventional visitor management software and check-in platform that does much more than just signing-in your customers. It adds an extraordinary charm to your salon’s reception and serves as an impressive way to welcome your guest. In salons, we often find that sometimes we are asked for our contact numbers by the hosts so that they can stay in touch and interact whenever there is any offer or deal available at their salon. But with Vizitor, you just need to welcome your guests smartly, so that you can be in touch with your potential customers and interact by sending promotional emails or personal messages on their cell phones. With a visitor management system such as Vizitor, you can retrieve any customers data at any point of time for any particular reason. Vizitor also captures the customer’s photograph while they check-in thus making sure that any unwanted intruder doesn’t enters the salon. You just have to use the phone number that you entered while checking in for the first time and you are all set to pamper yourself with the services offered by the salon staff. Thus, when you check in for the second time, the only time consumed will be in the form of services offered to you by the salon, thereby eliminating the consumption of extra time.

Upgrade your check-in process now and switch to Vizitor!

As a fully-digitized system, Vizitor streamlines the check-in process by capturing images, sending instant visitor notifications and collecting feedbacks – all in a few taps on the screen. You can be in touch with your customers by sending them promotional messages or interesting deals available at your salon through vizitor application. Help in making your salon stand out. Switch to Vizitor!

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