Visitor management system for co-working space

Co-working space involves people working individually or collaboratively in a shared office space. Every co-working space should have a smooth workflow structure. However, co-working space face lots of challenges that are yet to be solved.

Here are some of the key challenges faced by Co-working space

Workplace security

Unlike normal and everyday office space, co-working spaces consists of people who don’t know each other or have no connections with others. Due to co-working spaces being equipped with all types of employees such as part-time employees and freelancers, it is evident to see new faces in your office, everyday. Because of new faces in office all time, co-working spaces are often at the risk of being accessed by strangers with wrong intentions.

Workplace safety

Whenever a new employee is hired in an office, it comes down to the employer to describe all the safety information related to the workspace. However, in the case of co- working space, the frequency of seeing new faces is higher compared to regular offices. Hence, it becomes difficult to have a one-on-one safety related discussion with everyone.

Workplace productivity

Diverse group of people working in a co-working space brings a lot of distraction. For instance, uninformed events and parties in the workplace can hamper the productivity of workers. Similarly, other forms of distraction can come from arrival of deliveries and visitors at the reception.

Hence, what is the importance of installing a visitor management system in your co-working space?

In an environment which is quite busy and full of distractions, it becomes very important to install a visitor management system that helps in managing the incoming visitors and workers. One such management system is Vizitor.

So, why install Vizitor?

Efficient and easy visitor check-in and tracking

Vizitor is capable of a user-friendly iPad and Android based interface for registering visitors details such as their name, phone, address along with the host’s name or purpose of meeting.

Due to a secure registration process and proper screening, it becomes easy to restrict unwanted people entering the premises.

Customizable visitor badges

Besides employers and co-workers, there are a whole lot of people who visit your premise such as event participants, clients, delivery guys or new members who are just checking out the place. Hence, to make your premise more secure Vizitor allows to customize and print the visitor badges that would help to distinguish visitors from co-workers and employers.

Policy documents along with digital signature

Vizitor helps you in securing your premise by making your guest go through the rules, regulations and other policy related documents before he/she signs digitally on the Vizitor equipped device.


If you have an event or party organised at your workplace, Vizitor is there to help you. You can use Vizitor to send invites to all the participants and hence when they visit your place, they can just scan the QR code to sign-in without waiting in the line.

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