Visitor Management System For Societies

In modern times where security becomes more challenging in buildings and commercial complexes, residential societies find it mandatory to track visitors. In this case, a guest management software such as Vizitor is a perfect and smart solution to manage and track guests, daily workers, contract labours, servants of residential complexes, apartments, housing colonies or in other words society as a whole. The society visitor management system will maintain the record of the visitor’s whereabouts after their entry and their exit time. These records are very useful in case of some emergency and if the identification of the visitor is required at a later date.

How it helps?

Effortless Operation - Regular Security Person / Guard working for the society can operate this software with minimal training as it is quite easy to operate.

Easy Identification- With enabled features like capturing photo and providing visitor badges with details like visitor name, mobile number along with flat number and name of the person whom he/she wants to visit, identification becomes comparatively easy.

Pre-registration for frequent visitors- Vizitor allows you to pre-register your visit by providing previous registered information like mobile number or email.

Notification tool- Vizitor also alerts the hosts via live notifications whenever their expected guests enter the premises.

Security management- Vizitor helps in case of emergency or thefts/robberies due to its feature of easily identifying visitors with the help of photo captured and other details. Residential societies can use visitor reports and insights to improve security measures and verify the incoming people in future.

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