Visitor management system for Offices

Ever imagined an office without a reception desk? It seems incomplete? Well with the Vizitor app you won’t need a receptionist anymore! Just install the Vizitor app on the device placed at your reception desk and let it take care of other things. Vizitor is a secure & reliable visitor management software that does much more than just signing-in your guests. It adds an extraordinary charm to your office by providing excellent features and security, making your front desk smooth and clutter free! The design of the application is such that it leaves a professional first impression on your visitors. In any office, the reception desk serves as the primary protector against unwanted trespassers so it’s important to know who has come to visit, at what time and for what purpose. Visiting someone in their office is a hectic process and takes a lot of time. This is one of the reasons why many people avoid meeting in the offices. Therefore, every office’s visitor management system should be strong enough like Vizitor, to deal with everyone that comes through their front door.

Let’s see how it works

Guests are required to enter specific details on the iPad/Tablet with Vizitor app installed on it. The details to be filled are information such as Name, Host name, Phone number, Email id and so on. As the details are filled in, the visitor has to sign the legal documents right on the device. There’s no employee’s assistance required for checking-in. After fulfilling the required details, the visitor will get a printed badge which adds to the authentication process and confirms that the visitor has completed the sign in procedure. That’s it. Vizitor sends automatic visitor notification to the host via SMS, Email or notifications alerting them of their guest. As a result, the visitor knows who to greet and when, making awkward encounters a thing of the past.

Upgrade your check-in process now and switch to Vizitor!

Vizitor amplifies front desk’s efficiency of your office by allowing the receptionists and other employees to work on other important tasks while your guests sign themselves in. Vizitor saves time and money by making the front desk one of the most efficient and secure areas of your office.

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