Visitor management system for Hotels

Technology nowadays is evolving continuously at a rapid pace, from guest check-in to check-out there is a need of visitor management system that is fully automated. Guest registration services allow the businesses to save costs and manage multiple entries through a single dashboard. Hotels need to capitalize on reception desk trends and upgrade their systems regularly to provide a comfortable and enriching experience to their guests. By using appropriate guest management software like Vizitor, you can streamline guest check-in, boost operational business efficiency and generate more revenue. Virtual guest management software like Vizitor offer hoteliers a centralized system to monitor their operations and speed up the registration process reducing the waiting time. Vizitor is so far the best visitor management system for hotels that can be customized according to the needs. With modern guest management system you can impress your customers and exclude the use of paper completely at you premises. The latest technology of guest registration also allows you to capture visitor photographs and digital signatures if required.

Let’s see how it works

As the guest arrives at your hotel’s reception and interacts with the Vizitor, it gathers mandatory information digitally and captures a photograph of the guest along with it. In the next step you can collect required legal documents for further verification followed by a digital signature acknowledgement of the guest. After verifying legal documents every guest gets a unique printed badge with his photograph and basic details on it. The authorities can also interact with the guest on their device through notifications for future use. A guest that plans to visit nearby can pre-register for his/her accomodation from his device. In all, vizitor is an essential asset for a hotelier that will improve efficiency of attending guests, secure visitor registration process, automate sign-in, print badges and interact through notifications.

Upgrade your check-in process now and switch to Vizitor!

Vizitor amplifies front desk efficiency of your hotel by allowing the receptionists and other employees to work on other important tasks while your visitors sign themselves in. Vizitor allows the hotel owner to send promotional messages and discounted deal prices to valuable customers by email or sms interaction. It saves time and money by making the front desk one of the most efficient areas of your hotel.

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