Visitor management for Hospitals

Healthcare Vizitor management system is designed to cater all type of complex security concerns in hospitals and provide access control to every trespassing person. It streamlines visitor check-in and keeps the guest and patient’s information confidential. Printed badge is provided after registration, that will enhance security by helping in identifying the visitors visually. Vizitor provides personalized fields in the registeration process, according to the requirement of the hospital and displays a welcome message along with the name of the organisation on the upfront.

Let’s see how it Works?

Hospitals face major security challenges due to large number of people in form of employees, vendors, patients and others people passing through entrance and sometimes queued up in corridors. By installing vizitor at a hospital key processes like visitor registration, patient enrollment, security compliance become very simple and smooth tasks. When a patient registers on the tablet integrated with Vizitor application, it checks-in fastly by capturing important information and photograph. Then a printed badge from an attached compact printer is provided that displays the patient information and photograph on it. Legal document signing can also be automated if required by the hospital and acknowledged by digital signatures. Patients in emergency are pre-registered and notified via host notification alerts to the hospital authorities. If the visitor feels there is need for the hospital to improve in some aspects, then there is also an option where feedback is captured in Vizitor. On the other hand, hospitals can also use vizitor to drive insights, track meaningfull patient & guest trends by accessing centralised admin dashboard. Vizitor has a dashboard that is smartly configured and the admin can change appearance & other fields of the registration process with ease of touch.

Upgrade your check-in process now and switch to Vizitor!

Vizitor helps you get rid of manual paperwork, secures guest and patient information, saves time, enhances security and manages visitor traffic should definitely be installed.

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