Visitor management system for Schools

When it comes to education, security is most important factor that parents look for while admitting their child in a particular school. And to make it more secure, one should definitely switch to a visitor management system.

This is because, a visitor management system such as Vizitor can help your school screen out unwanted guests, coordinate volunteers, provides instant notifications and a lot more.

Benefits of installing Vizitor for schools :

Quick and easy check-in

Vizitor quickly check-in visitors by taking all the details of their visit, including date and time, photograph of the visitor and name of the host that the guest has come to visit. It also allows easy log-out of your guest once he/she leaves the school.

Customizable unwanted guest registries

Vizitor allows you to create customizable list of visitors that are not allowed in your facilities such as limited visitation rights, protection from abuse orders, parents with restraining orders or known threats in the community such as expelled students or drug dealers..

Hence, whenever an unwanted guest enters the school premise, a discreet pop-up warning appears to save children from the unknown threats.

Badge Printing

As soon as a visitor checks-in, his/her details get stored in the Vizitor equipped device and along with the details, the photograph of the the visitor is captured and a badge is print consisting of the following items which makes the process of identification easy and makes the school premise, secure.

Early student dismissal tracking

Visitor helps you to quickly track early dismissal of students who need to leave school early.

Privacy Policy with electronic signature capture

Vizitor is equipped with the feature of capturing an electronic signature of their guests as well as their volunteer staff after they have read and agreed to your terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Instant Notifications

Having an event coming up with large number of visitors or have a meeting with the Principal scheduled for the next week? Well, if yes, then you don’t need to worry. With instant notifications being a prominent feature of Vizitor, you can notify the concerned people about the upcoming notice that eventually saves a lot of time.

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