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Is your child safe within school premises? How are managing your school visitors in and outs? Are you still using manual process?

All these queries comes in the minds of the parents. Nowadays, security serves as one of the most important aspects when it comes safety with school premises. Vizitor gives you that security.

Vizitor is a unique visitor management software and check-in application that not only speeds up the check-in process but also provides a modern look to your admin block’s front desk.

Vizitor has the ability to track different types of people such as parents, students, volunteers and others who enter the school premises or admin office. It also provides a safer environment to the schools as it stores all the visitors data in a secure admin portal.

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Logging and Tracking Notification

Vizitor allows you to quickly submit their name, phone number, address, photograph and details about whom they are meeting.

OTP Verification

Verify phone number through OTP verification and support international numbers.

Host Notification

Vizitor will send SMS* or email notifications to one or more concern people where an immediate alert to specific information is required.

Real Time Dashboard

It gives sophisticated administration dashboard where you can manage all school visitor activity including name, visitor type, sign in and sign out time, reason, and more.

How Vizitor can help you at your workplace?

AOnline Booking

Vizitor provides a consistent, branded experience for customers by making hassle free appointment online, via the vizitor.


BOffline Registration

Visitors are required to enter specific details about their name, phone number, address, photograph and details about whom they are meeting.


Image Capturing01

For security reasons, Vizitor automatically captures an image of every visitor to your facility and stores it within your customer portal for easy retrieval.

Know your visitor02

As a result, the visitor knows who to greet and when, making awkward encounters a thing of the past.


Host Notification03

Vizitor sends automatic visitor notification to the host via SMS, Email or notifications alerting them of their guest.

Badge Printing04

After fulfilling the required details, the visitor will get a printed badge which adds to the authentication process and confirms that the visitor has completed the sign in procedure. That’s it.

More Features
ID Badge

Get your personalised badge printed instantly for more security and identification within school premises.


Data Security is our main concern. The student database, financial information and appointment history is protected by our rock-solid infrastructure.


In addition to tracking visitors, visitor management systems should be able to track student’s check-in and check-out time.

Visitor Reports

Keep your management happy and provide them with detailed visitor flow reports.

Help centre

Have a trouble free experience with our round the clock help centre, chat, phone, email, and onsite support.

Upgrade your check-in process now and switch to Vizitor!

Equipped with smart features, Vizitor has a customizable dashboard which can be used through touch screens and keypad. Features such as instant notifications, feedback submission, future interaction by sending promotional sms's makes it a highly preferred choice for restaurants to be adopted as a visitor management system.

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