Vizitor management system for events

Vizitor is a visitor management system that helps you to keep in touch with your visitors. As guests check-in directly through Vizitor, it's easy to collect their contact information, company name and the purpose of their visit. So, in this way, you can follow up with the right message.

Benefits of Vizitor

Vizitor doesn’t leaves any lead behind and it does this by capturing accurate and legible contact details making it very easy to follow up with visitors and event attendees.

When you divide or separate visitors based on the purpose they are visiting, it becomes easy to create targeted campaigns for your contacts.

In order to attract more and more audience towards your organization, you need to customize your iPad screen and visitor badges to match your branding. For instance, customizing a simple logo into a visitor-friendly message. This will not only help in elevating the brand but will also leave a great impression on your visitors.


Streamlined check-in and safe registration

It is evident that events without volunteers seem impossible but if you have Vizitor there is no need to worry. With Vizitor, attendees can enter their details such as their name, phone number, purpose of visit etc on the iPad and their personal information will be registered.

Quick badge printing

Ditch the process of entering the details of your visitors manually, in order to keep a track of them. Vizitor helps you provide visitor badges for the guests to make the process of identification easy and secure.

Instant notifications

Vizitor helps you send and receive instant notifications in case

An unwanted trespasser enters your premise

Someone comes to visit you at your organization

Purpose of the guest’s visit

This way Vizitor helps in measuring the engagement by tracking people who have registered for events through Vizitor and later become members at your campus. This will help you understand which events are successful for encouraging new member registration.

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