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Touchless Visitor Management System

Protection of your employees and workplace is most important. Touchless check-ins will be the future of modern offices. With Vizitor both employees & guests can check-in safely, reducing the risk of infections.

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Digital Check-in

Vizitor allows the guests to check-in digitally eliminating the hectic paperwork. Visitor tracking Software helps track health-related information to safely minimize the spread of COVID-19. Visitor tracking Software also leaves a professional first impression on your guests.

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Host Notifications

Vizitor notifies the host whenever guests are around so you never waste time tracking them down. An instant alert notification is sent to the host as the guest checks in, thereby saving lot of time.

send-invites send-invites

Send Invites

Send invites to your guests prior to their visit to your premises. Invitation consist of the venue and the host details. As the guest checks in, all he has to do is tap on invitee option on the Vizitor application.

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How it works

Manual Log books Vizitor

Manual Check-ins

Check-in are made on paper and pen based logbooks.

Digital Check-ins

Vizitor allows the guests to check-in digitally eliminating the paperwork.


It becomes a public document that any visitor can seek through

Safe and Secure

Visitor’s data can be accessed by only the concerned authority

No identity verification

The visitor’s mobile number cannot be authenticated in a manual process

OTP Authentication

OTP authentication based check-in

Complex Process

Verbally informing the host on visitor’s arrival


Easily notifies host via SMS/email

Digital Register For Digital India

Ditch your messy and hard-to-use paper logs


Check-In Screen

As a touchless visitor management system, Vizitor streamlines the touchless check-in process by capturing images, sending instant visitor notifications, printing custom badges and collecting signatures all in a few taps on the screen. Digital check-in from employees to visitors, eliminating the hectic paperwork. Send invites to your visitors prior to their visit to your premises.


Customized Form

You can create your own custom fields and questions for your visitors checking-in. It's an easy platform, and you can enable and disable options like photo capture, NDA signature, host notifications, etc according to your requirements. The information that you wish to take from your visitors can be customized entirely.


Badge Printing

The badge design is customizable and contains all the important details including the photograph of the visitor which adds to the authentication process and makes the process of identification effortless. With the help of badge printing facility every visitor can be tracked uniquely without any confusion.

Centralize your guest registrations at one place


“Visitor logs can be tracked by a dashboard panel provided to the subscribed authorities for better analysis”


“User can always access the visitor dashboard panel and look for the complete details of every guest who visits”


“The dashboard is smartly configured and admin can personalize the appearance and customize fields of the registration process"

Say Hello To Vizitor PASS!


With Vizitor PASS mobile app for Android and iOS, you have a companion for employees and Visitors to sync in at all times. A powerful tool to allow your employees to manage their visitors by saving each other's time.

Quick Check-In

QR code-based unique digital ID in the visitor PASS app enables you to check-in faster.

Real-time Access Control

Get the real-time status of your visitors who is entering your office premises for a secure workplace

Send and Receive Invitees

Visitors would receive a unique passcode with an invitation through SMS and Email.

Instant Push Notifications

Vizitor notifies the hosts through Email, SMS and Mobile App notification on the arrival of their visitors.

Approve/ Disapprove Visitors

Host can approve/ disapprove their visitor with a custom message.

Multi-Platform Support


“It's not just a single app, it's a complete suite of applications deployed on Web, iOS, and Android which helps you to manage your regular visitors.”

Vizitor is the best solution to optimize your visitor management system. The vizitor suite consists of a tablet, that sits at your reception area for visitors to do self check-in, the Vizitor PASS user app for your employees to manage their visitors & superfast check-ins, and the Vizitor dashboard for web check-ins.

Efficient and applicable for every sector

Vizitor powers productivity and efficiency by speeding up the guest check in process. It is the most ethical and impressive way to welcome your visitors. When no one is around at the front desk, people can still check in, which is a huge time saver. Vizitor can be used by offices, salons, schools, co-working, hotels, events, societies, hospitals. It is very helpful as the data can be retrieved for security and other purposes at any point of time.

Visitor Management System For Digital India

Capture visitor photos and information when they arrive at your doorstep. You can customize the documents you want to be signed by your guests according to their purpose of visit. As soon as the guest enters your workspace you get instant notifications which is itself an added layer of comfort as well as security. Welcome the latest technology and say goodbye to sign-in registers made of unreliable paperlogs. Vizitor is an innovative yet simple way to welcome your guests whether they are known or unexpected ones. It is also secure and professional way to manage and identify guests at your workspace. It is a type of access control system that can be deployed in various industrial sectors like Banking and Financial, Education institutions, Enterprise and Corporate organisations, Government offices, Healthcare industry etc. Vizitor is very helpful for your organisation as it assists access control, guest management, mobile authentication and secure visit for every type of guest. Investing in such a technology will surely boost the office security and help to improve your brand value in eyes of your customers and guests. Vizitor also ensures improvement in efficiency of your front desk whether it is an organisation or a multi national company.




“100% satisfied after using the application for the past 3 weeks. It does everything it says, Customer Service by email is great, and they are much more affordable than any other competitors. It's the best visitor management system in India. If you need visitor check in without hefty price tags and don't want to sacrifice quality this is the application for you. I operate a youth center and it has worked flawlessly”

Tony Losacco

Pasco Youth Haven


“Very good app for Visitor Management System & amazing customer service!”

Dr Shashank

AngelLife IVF


“Using this visitors management system from past 4 months. Amazing experience. Best part is they customised it for my requirements.”

Shubham Chugh

The Ideaz Factory


“Great App. Very usefull for my Institute. Giving a wonderfull user expeience to visitors. If any one looking for an automated Reception then this app will fullfill all your needs. Customer support is also wonderful”

Think Tek Media

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