The Benefits of Automation in Coworking Space Management

The Benefits of Automation in Coworking Space Management

By R.Saini

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The Benefits of Automation in Coworking Space Management

Mon, Mar 20, 2023

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To achieve productivity groove,coworking spaces are one of the best choices to provide a reliable shared workplace to enterpreneurs. Coworking spaces are hitting the industry in today’s time. Coworking business workers are now focussing on making their workspace more automated and modernised.

Businesses today are following the global technological trends to achieve more business opportunities.

However, if we think about the ‘Automation’, the following facts that come in our mind are- increased productivity level, reduced infrastructure costs while optimising resource utilization and obviously the last one- modernization.

The automation of processes in coworking spaces is no longer just a luxury for larger businesses but also becoming an essential aspecct for coworking business spaces to ensure continued success.

Automation in coworking spaces ensures high quality results as each task is performed automatically without any human intervention thus help them in offering more office amenities to startups, small businessmen and freelancers.

As we all are aware of the fact that coworking spaces bring you a world of professional working space providing access to various professional amenities.

In this article, we w’ll explore how automation in coworking spaces save costs while optimising the productivity and help them to see their work more meaningfully.

Coworking Spaces are need of today’s modern work scenerios…

Coworking spaces are designed to foster a sense of community and collaboration among its members. People from different backgrounds and industries work alongside each other, creating opportunities for networking, learning, and innovation.

Nobody can deny the fact that coworking spaces have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more people are opting for remote work or starting their own businesses. They provide an alternative to traditional offices, which can be expensive and inflexible. Coworking spaces also offer a unique work experience that blends the benefits of working from home with the social and professional benefits of working in an office.

Automation in Coworking Spaces

Why should be the coworking spaces automated?

Automation in coworking spaces refers to the use of technology to streamline and simplify various aspects of running a coworking space. This can include automating tasks such as access control, billing, room booking, and registration process.

One example of automation in coworking spaces is the use of smart access control systems which allow members to enter the space and specific rooms using their smartphone. This not only eliminates the need for traditional keys or access cards but also provides enhanced security and control over who enters the space.

Another example is the use of coworking management software like Vizitor which automates various administrative tasks such as billing and invoicing, room bookings and digital check-ins. This allows coworking space managers to focus on providing a better experience for their members and building a thriving community, rather than spending time on tedious administrative tasks.

Vizitor is one of the most reliable coworkikg solutions which not only streamline operations but also enhance retention and manage your space efficiently and seamlessly. The system fully automates the day-to-day tasks thus eliminating need for manual tracking.

What are the reasons to automate your Coworking Processes?

The most efficient way to automate your coworking space is to incorporate it with current technologies to identify different aspects which can be automated at your coworking space.

There are several reasons why automation is important in coworking spaces to improve efficiency:

1. Saves time and reduces errors:

Automation helps to streamline repetitive tasks, such as billing and room booking, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors when done manually. By automating these processes, coworking space operators can reduce errors and free up time to focus on more important tasks.

2. Enhances member experience:

Automation can improve the member experience by providing self-service tools that allow members to book meeting rooms in advance and simplifying the registration tasks. This not only saves time for members but also provides greater flexibility and convenience.

3. Enables better data management:

Automation enables better data management by automating the collection and analysis of data on members, bookings, and other important metrics. This allows coworking space operators to make more informed decisions and optimize their operations for greater efficiency.

4. Simplify the front desk operations:

Automation provides contactless check-ins and create appointments into the workspace without need to register and log in manually every time. Members can check in into the coworking space by just scanning the QR codes and there is no need to wait in waiting rooms.

Hrnce, the need of digitize your coworking spaces is apparent and cnnot be understated. By automating operations at your coworking space, you can deliver services at a reduced cost. So,there is no need to hire a lot of personnel and you can also save on their salary. Just, you need to look for an optimal Coworking Space Management Software.

Benefits of Automation in Coworking Spaces

What are various benefits offered by Automation in Coworking Spaces?

The benefits of automating your coworking workspace are numerous and the main focus of it is on streamlining the needs of core businesses while ensuring their employees are always working in a modern office environment.

There are several benefits of automation in coworking spaces, including:

1. Time-saving:

Automation helps to save time and reduce the workload of coworking space operators. Tasks such as billing, invoicing, and membership management can be automated, freeing up time for operators to focus on more important tasks such as building relationships with members and creating a vibrant community.

2. Improved member experience:

Automation can enhance the member experience by providing self-service tools that allow members to manage their accounts, book meeting rooms, and pay bills online. This improves convenience and flexibility for members and helps to build loyalty.

3. Automating billing and payments:

Earlier,it seems to be a tedious and arduous task of creating and chasing invoices manually for both the admin and the members too. Now,there is no need to generate invoices every time on items consumed by member. With the help of Coworking Softwares, the invoices cn be generated automtically and members can also make their payments and schedule meetings by just logging into the coworking software app. This makes the process more smooth and convenient.

4. Creating an eco- friendly and paperless Coworking Space:

It also helps to create an eco- friendly working environment within your space by allowing them to go paperless eliminating the mounds of paperlogs and registration forms. It also convert all the manual entries into digital records.

5. More seamless check in experience:

Automation in coworking spaces can help to improve efficiency, reduce costs, enhance the member experience by offering them touchless check-ins, digitally storing member detail logs, triggering security alerts, and much more. it maximize the resources utilization by automating the business operations with a set of solutions, integrations and apps provided by Coworking Software Vizitor.

6. Analytics and reporting:

Automatic Coworking software can provide co-working space operators with data and analytics on space utilization, member engagement, and other metrics, helping them to optimize their space and improve member satisfaction.

7. Enhances security:

Automation in coworking spaces implementing coworking systems can help ensure that only authorized members and visitors are able to enter the co-working space. This can include identification tools such as fingerprint scanners or facial recognition, QR codes, badge printing etc.

How to automate your Coworking Workspace?

Automating a coworking workspace can be slightly different than automating your personal workspace. It is not as simple as it seems to be. After all, automating your coworking workspace can help you work more efficiently and productively, saving you time and effort.

Here are some steps you can take to automate your coworking workspace:

1. Use coworking management software:

Many coworking spaces have management software that can help automate certain tasks such as booking meeting rooms or managing your membership. Make use of these tools to simplify your coworking experience.

One such best coworking solution is Vizitor which is a touchless visitor management software is the best fit for your coworking spaces and business centres. It allows the members to pre-register in advance and enter all the relevant details. So that you can quickly process their details. Vizitor offers numerous key features to automate and digitize your workspace such as–

• Touchless Check-ins and Check-outs

• Host notifications

• Instant alerts

• Paperless environment

• Seamless visiting experience

• Badge printing and much more…

Hence, implementing a reliable and convenient Visitor Management Software for Coworking is an ideal choice to automate your workspace while optimising productivity.

2. Talk to your coworking space manager:

Speak to your coworking space manager to see if they have any tools or processes already in place for automating certain tasks. This can save you time and effort in setting up your own automation tools.

3. Use cloud-based tools:

Since you may be using shared resources in a coworking space, it’s best to use cloud-based tools for automation. This allows you to access your tools and automate your workflow from any location.

Automating coworking space indirectly saves costs……

1. Improved productivity:

Automating your coworking space can help you save time and increase your productivity, but it may not necessarily lead to direct financial earnings. However, it can indirectly lead to cost savings and increased revenue opportunities.

2. Simplified repetitive tasks:

Automating repetitive tasks and using productivity tools can help you work more efficiently. This can help you take on more projects or work more efficiently, potentially leading to increased earnings. It also reduces manual labor and human error, which can result in cost savings for your business.

3. Reduced lead time:

Automation helps you serve customers quicker, which leads to faster and healthier productivity level.

4. Reduced number of errors:

Automation guarantees that your data is error-free and accurate. With accurate up-to-date data, your chances to satisfy customers are much higher which seems to be impossible using manual paper based logs.


Overall, the concluding fact is that automating your shared workspace saves a huge amount of time and resource utilization. Nobody can deny that it need time and energy to nurture and maintain human touch and collaborative atmosphere for members to come and stay for long. Shifting your focus towards an easy-to- use Visitor Management Solution as Vizitor can make this job more comfy and seamless. So, go for Vizitor for an automated working space.