Collaborate with Confidence: Secure Your Ideal Meeting Space

From shared workplaces to conference rooms, make the most out of all and schedule all spaces using the conference scheduling software that works effectively for solving all space problems of employees.

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What is Conference Room Scheduling Software?

The employee's problem-solving software facilitates the organization's management of conference room bookings. The software
streamlines the process of scheduling, booking, and coordinating the use of conference rooms, ensuring efficient utilization of available
spaces and avoiding conflicts. Making it an integral part of a smooth workflow.


How Conference Room Solution Works

Book with Confidence:

Conference solutions prevent conflicts and double bookings. Book the perfect room for your meeting needs.

Find the Right Room:

Easily search available conference rooms on the app. Filter by date, time, capacity, and resources.

Simplified Scheduling:

Streamline room booking for employees and admins. Name your conference rooms and set capacity limits.

Make Smart Choices:

Use scheduling software to optimize room usage. Ensure all team members' schedules align for meetings.

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Find Space, Book Fast:
Revolutionize Your Meeting Room


Find a Room Without Waiting For a Long

Waited too long to conduct a meeting? Not anymore; find and book empty conference rooms with revolutionary employee scheduling software.


More space, More convenient

Need help managing space? The perfect solution is to use unused spaces smartly with Vizitor meeting room booking. Check-in reminders help you choose the rooms according to the meeting size and encourage work efficiency.


Believe data, Not Institution

Still, using traditional ways to confirm conference room status? Doing it all wrong, use the digitally driven data that monitors everything about room usage and scheduling insights to help employees make better space management decisions.


Attendance and Leaves Made Simple for Employees


Comprehensive Dashboard:

Dashboard displays check-in/out times, total working hours, monthly attendance logs, and shift tim.


Attendance Management:

Admins can access the attendance log for presence and absence tracking, with available total working hours and a monthly calendar view.


Shift Scheduling:

Admin can schedule shifts according to preferences, and manage shifts by adding, deleting, updating, and sending alerts to employees.


Vizitor Features: Streamline Your Meeting Experience

Room Reservation

Users can check the availability of conference rooms and reserve them for specific dates and times.

Calendar Integration

Integration with calendars allows users to view room availability alongside their personal or team schedules.

Mobile Accessibility

Users can access the software through mobile apps, making booking rooms conveniently convenient.

Automated Reminders

Users may receive automated reminders about upcoming meetings or reservation expirations.

Resource Management

Vizitor Solutions also manage additional resources like projectors, audio-visual equipment, and catering services.

Reporting and Analytics

The software provides reporting tools to track room usage, popular meeting times, and other relevant metrics.

User Permissions

The meeting room booking software often includes role-based access control, allowing administrators to set different levels of access and permissions for users.

Integration with Other Tools

Integration with collaboration tools like email, messaging apps, or project management software can enhance overall workflow.

“Create a workspace where people want to work”
Not that they need to!

Try creating a streamlined workplace where people don’t have conflicts regarding space usage, and achieve excellence by spending on the right software.

Why Choose Vizitor?

Every organization wants an advanced, reliable, efficient room booking system for smooth workflow. The Visitor software fulfills all
employee's purposes. Our team has led the industry since 2000 and successfully served around 2000 global clients.

We Work on Diverse Devices

Our space management software works on all your diverse devices, whether iOS or Android; the software works for all.

24/7 Customer Support

Any query? Vizitor experts will reply to you within minutes and provide you extensive support any time of day.

We Value Our Surroundings

Vizitor firmly believes in giving back to nature, and with our software, we encourage saving paper drives.

Frequently Asked Questions

The primary purpose of a conference scheduling system is to streamline and optimize the intricate process of planning, organizing, and managing conferences. This digital platform is a central hub for efficiently scheduling sessions, coordinating events, and working speakers. It facilitates attendee registration, providing organizers with a centralized database for participant information.
Managing conference rooms requires a systematic approach to streamline scheduling, utilization, and user experience. Implementing a conference booking system enables users to check availability, reserve time slots, and reduce scheduling conflicts. Clear booking policies should be established, outlining rules for reservations and cancellations.
The 4Ps of conferences serve as a framework for successful planning and execution. First, the Purpose of the conference must be clearly defined, whether it's networking and knowledge. The second P, Participants, emphasizes identifying and understanding the target audience. The Program is the third P, focusing on developing a well-structured and engaging agenda. This involves careful planning of sessions, speaker selection, and including interactive elements. The final P, Place, consists in choosing a suitable location that aligns with the conference's size, theme, and logistical requirements.
Running a conference with a scheduling system involves a strategic and organized approach. You must access and navigate to the booking management section. Check the availability of conference rooms, ensuring they align with the event's size and requirements. Reserve the chosen rooms, specifying details such as session names, speakers, and any necessary equipment. Utilize the system to send invitations and track participant responses.