Ultimate guide to Visitor Management System 2023

Ultimate guide to Visitor Management System 2023

By R.Saini

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Ultimate guide to Visitor Management System 2023

Fri, Mar 17, 2023

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The 2020 global pandemic has had a wide ranging adverse impact on corporate businesses. Still the post pandemic situation has raised a bar for visitor management in corporate premises in 2023.

2022 has been a great year in providing the world with many technology advancements. And the same is to be continued in 2023 also. As businesses and offices are juggling themselves through different solutions of returning safely to work post COVID, solutions like remote visitor management systems are more critical than ever.

Why is it necessary to use Visitor Management Systems in modern enterprises in 2023?

Having a reliable and easy to use Visitor Management System is the need of the present modern age and is non-negotiable for companies that want to protect their assets and enhance visitor experience.Many organizations still rely upon traditional methods of Visitor Management to track and welcome their visitors.

This guide will give you a detailed overview of the importance of using Visitor Management Systems replacing the outdated Paper and Pen method.Digital visitor management solutions keep your office more organized, secure your building, and make a better first impression on guests.It also improves your workplace efficiency and productivity. Of Course, professionalism needs efficiency and productivity as two of its main components to accomplish a successful mission.

To help you better understand the importance of visitor management solutions, this article will cover the numerous key topics.

Let’s take a close look–

1. The fundamentals of Visitor Management System

1.1 What is Visitor Management?

Visitor management refers to the process of tracking and monitoring visitors who enter a particular space, such as an office building, museum, or event venue. It involves collecting information about visitors, such as their names, contact information, and the purpose of their visit, in order to ensure safety and security.

Knowing who is at your premises is the topmost concern of modern organisations.It is crucial for enterprises whether small or large to keep track and monitor the activities of who is coming and going at your building.


What are different types of visitors?

Visitors are considered the foundation of the Visitor Management Process. It is the first and the foremost step to understand which types of people visit your facility. It is necessary to analyze who is coming through your doors. Also the way the visitors will be identified and welcomed, will depend on the purpose of their visits. Organizations typically categorize visitors based on their purpose of visit, level of security clearance, and frequency of visits. Here are a few examples:


Organisations encounter a number of individuals hired for specific work or project. They may need to access restricted areas or have specific instructions to follow.


Individuals who work for the organization and need access to different areas of the facility based on their job responsibilities.

Visitors and Guests:

Individuals who are not full time employees of organisation and are invited by employees or authorized personnel. They may need to check in with the front desk and provide identification before being allowed entry.

Service providers:

Individuals who provide services like cleaning, maintenance, or repair work. They may need access to specific areas and follow safety protocols..

Why is it important to track Visitors ?

How much do you know about the visitors arriving at your premises? When you are running a business, you have to make sure that you are taking the necessary precautions to protect your assets and keep your workplace safe and secure.

Visitors seem to be a common part of any facility whether large or small.In today’s modern age, it is crucial to keep better control of the flow of visitors into the premises to keep your workplaces safe and secure from any unexpected incident and security breaches.By integrating their workplaces with modern Visitor Management Solutions,, organizations can create a comprehensive security plan that helps to keep everyone and everything safe.

1.2 What is a Visitor Management System?

A Visitor Management System is a software-based solution that automates the process of tracking and managing visitors who enter a particular space. Visitor management systems are one of the great ways to streamline your day-to-day operations, strengthen your building’s security, and increase the overall professionalism of your business by digitizing your workplace.

And speaking of Visitor Management Systems, let me tell you about Vizitor – the most efficient and user-friendly solution on the market! With Vizitor, you can say goodbye to traditional paper-based logbooks and the long wait times associated with manual check-ins.

Some surprising reasons for using a modern Visitor Management System

• With VMS, you can rest assured that your visitors are in good hands. The innovative visitor management solution not only streamlines the check-in and check-out process, but also enhances safety and security, making it a must-have for any modern business or event venue.

• As a visitor makes his way through the building, the system keeps track of visitors movements and alerts the host when a visitor arrives at their office or designated meeting area. If there are any safety or security concerns, it can immediately notify the appropriate personnel and take necessary actions.

• Security is one of the topmost priorities of modern enterprises, it is not possible to secure your workplace completely using the traditional Visitor Management Solutions,So it is necessary to implement a reliable and high-tech VMS for full proof security among offices.

• Improve emergency preparedness and response times during an evacuation

• Promote and enhance your company and brand through customized visitor sign-in processes and digital logs

1.3 Features and Capabilities of Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System is a powerful tool for streamlining visitor check-in and check-out processes, improving security and compliance, and enhancing the overall visitor experience. And when it comes to features and capabilities, Vizitor is the ultimate solution.

Let me walk you through some of Vizitor’s most innovative and creative features:

Self-Service Kiosk:

Visitor Management System allows visitors to check-in and check-out quickly and efficiently, without the need for human interaction. It can be customized with your brand logo and messaging, providing a seamless and personalized experience.Visitors can now check-in without touch by just scanning the QR codes using smartphones.

Customizable Badges:

Visitor Management System offers visitor badges that are fully customizable, allowing you to display visitor names, photos, and other pertinent information. They also feature a unique QR code that can be scanned by hosts to verify visitor identity and track their movements.

Real-Time Tracking:

The system tracks visitor movements in real-time, allowing hosts to receive notifications when their visitors arrive. This helps to improve security and ensure that visitors are directed to the correct locations.

Customizable Workflows:

Visitor’s workflows can be tailored to meet your specific needs, allowing you to capture information such as the purpose of the visit, the visitor’s company, and the host’s name. You can also conduct background checks and screen visitors against watchlists to ensure compliance.

Data Analytics and Reporting:

Visitor Management System is a cloud-based platform that provides real-time analytics and reporting, allowing you to track visitor traffic, identify trends, and make informed decisions about your visitor management process.

Nondisclosure agreements (NDA):

The system protects your operation and safeguard your IP with NDA signatures at the time of check-in. when a visitor arrives they can check in on a tablet; they will be presented with any relevant forms to sign, like NDAs , and notifies the person they are visiting about the guest’s arrival.

Ultimately,innovative and customizable features of the modern Visitor Management System make it the ultimate solution for improving your visitor management process.By using Vizitor, organizations can improve their operational efficiency and free up staff time and resources, allowing them to focus on other important tasks.

1.4 Different types of Visitor Management Systems

With the advancement of technology in modern times, there are various types of Visitor Management Systems available in the market, each designed to meet the specific needs of different organizations.And when it comes to offering a wide range of solutions, I think Vizitor is no exception!

Let’s take a look ahead.

Here are some of the different types of Visitor Management Systems–

. Pen and paper visitor management system–

Basic paper and pen based systems are designed to capture basic visitor information such as name, contact details, and reason for visit using paper based sheets or logs. These sheets seem to be error prone and can be easily misplaced.

. On-site visitor management system—

These systems offer full control over data and security.On-premises visitor management solutions can also be customized to meet the specific needs of a business by installing on the business’s own servers to customize considering their budget, security needs, and level of customization required.

. Cloud-based visitor management System–

Cloud-based systems allow for remote management and monitoring of visitor traffic, making it easier for organizations to manage multiple locations. The system has a cloud-based platform providing real-time analytics and reporting, making it an ideal solution for organizations with multiple locations.These advanced systems offer additional features such as facial recognition technology, background checks, and integration with other systems

After taking a glance, it can be concluded that Cloud-based solutions may be the best option for businesses that are looking for an easy-to-use and reliable solution, while on-premises solutions may be a better choice for businesses that need more control over their data and security. Let the choice be yours!

2. Benefits of using visitor management systems

Let’s consider the situation –

If you’re a receptionist at a busy office building, and you’re responsible for checking in and managing visitors every day. Without a Visitor Management System, your job could be like a burden. It seems to be a complex and tedious task to manage thousands of visitors on a daily basis.But implementing a visitor management system, you have a powerful tool at your fingertips that makes your job easier and more efficient. Here are some of the benefits of using Visitor Management System at workplaces–

2.1 Enhancing Workplace Security

Security is always one of the major concerns in organizations of almost all sectors.


• With the Visitor Management System, you can verify visitor identities and monitor their movements in real-time. This helps to prevent unauthorized access and ensures compliance with regulations, keeping your workplace safe and secure.

• The system adds an extra layer of security to your facility by requiring visitors to show identification and assigning them with visitor badges to prevent any mishappening within premises.

• Visitor management solutions are an important part of any security system within modern offices.By tracking who goes in and out of a building, visitor management systems help to keep everyone safe and secure.Also VMS can also be integrated with other security systems to create an even more robust security plan to safeguard employees and guests.

2.2 Meeting Compliance Regulations

Meeting compliance regulations is essential for organizations in various industries, and VMS can help simplify the compliance process. Here are some ways that Visitor Management System can assist organizations in meeting compliance regulations:

Recording Visitor Data:

It records all visitor data, including identity verification, check-in and check-out times, and purpose of visit. This information can be accessed at any time, making it easy to comply with regulations that require the tracking and reporting of visitor data.

C-TPAT compliance:

The visitor Management System simplifies the complexity related to several C-TPAT requirements.The uses practices like taking photos of all visitors, issuing ID badges and keeping records of visitors etc. to comply with C-TPAT. By using VMS, organizations can simplify the compliance process and ensure that they are meeting all regulatory requirements.

2.3 Streamlined Operations

Streamlining operations is a key goal for many organizations, and the Visitor Management System can help simplify and streamline the visitor management process. Here are some ways that Visitor Management System can help organizations streamline their operations:

Simplified Touchless Check-In Process:

The system provides a simple and intuitive touchless check-in process for visitors, allowing them to quickly and easily check-in without requiring assistance from staff. This frees up staff time and resources, allowing them to focus on other tasks.It also eliminates waiting times of visitors and frees up your congested lobby areas.


It allows visitors to pre-register before arriving at the workplace, streamlining the check-in process and reducing wait times. This is particularly useful for events or meetings where large numbers of visitors are expected.

Host notifications:

The system sends automated notifications to designated personnel when a visitor arrives or leaves the workplace. This streamlines the notification process, ensuring that staff can quickly respond to visitor arrivals and departures without requiring manual intervention.

2.4 Better and memorable visitor experience

Providing a better visitor experience is important for any organization, and VMS can help enhance the overall visitor experience. Here are some ways that Digital Visitor Management System can help organizations provide a better visitor experience:

Personalized Check-In:

The system allows organizations to customize the check-in process for different types of visitors, such as contractors, vendors, and guests. By personalizing the check-in process, visitors feel more welcome and appreciated, improving their overall experience.

Customizable Branding:

It allows organizations to customize the branding on their visitor sign-in kiosk, including logos and other branding elements. This provides a cohesive brand experience for visitors and demonstrates the organization’s commitment to branding and professionalism.


It offers a professional and memorable visiting experience to guests and visitors by greeting them in a smart and digital way.Visitor Management System presents a unique and fantastic first impression on guests enhancing your company’s brand image. It is customizable as per the needs of the organization to encounter frontal office operations in a digital way.

3. Sectors where Visitor Management Systems can serve?

Visitor Management Systems are for everyone who wants to enhance the security and efficiency of their visitor management process.Visitor Management Systems are a contactless solution serving all the facilities such as schools, hospitals, hotels etc.

In the modern age,most of the sectors have begun to increasingly prioritize touchless visitor management solutions to meet post COVID situations.To mitigate the risk related to COVID, facilities such as Schools, hotels are creating a touch-free and green environment within their premises to make themselves safe and secure.

Here are some examples of sectors VMS can benefit:

3.1 Visitor Management System for Schools and Universities

Security of students and staff is always one of the topmost concerns in schools.Schools and universities are also now shifting their focuses towards more technological aspects to streamline their visitor management strategies to enhance their security level.Implementing a visitor management system in schools is crucial for ensuring the safety and security of students, staff, and visitors.

Visitor Management System for Schools is one of the best and reliable solutions to streamline basic operational tasks at the front desk to help them smoothly make a transition into the future proofed learning environment.

Enhancing security in schools using the Visitor Management System

Enhanced Student Security:

Using digital Visitor Management System,schools can screen and monitor all visitors, ensuring that only authorized individuals are granted access to the school. The system also integrates with access control systems to restrict access to certain areas of the school, further enhancing security.

Automated Notifications:

It sends automated notifications to designated personnel when a visitor arrives or leaves the school, ensuring that visitors are quickly attended to and reducing wait times

QR scanning :

It also allows scanning QR codes by initiating the check-in process on the visitor’s smartphone.

3.2 Visitor Management System for Hotels

A visitor management system can greatly benefit hotels by improving the guest experience, streamlining check-in processes, and enhancing security. As already discussed, Visitor Management Solution is especially designed to cater the needs of modern enterprises to meet their visitor management requirements. Same as in hospitality industries, let’s imagine the situation-

As you enter the front door of hotels, what sight do you anticipate at the reception area?

Hopefully, you may not expect to be greeted with a congested lobby with long waiting queues for check-in,busy bookings counters etc. To avoid this, just switch to Visitor Management or Front Desk Software.

In the present ultramodern period, hotel officials and management face multitudinous challenges in offering a safe and memorable visit to their guests while streamlining their front office tasks.

But, Digital VMS can help them solve these issues.Here take a look ahead–

Efficient Check-In:

The system provides a fast and efficient check-in process for hotel guests, allowing them to sign-in and receive their room key quickly and easily. This reduces wait times and enhances the overall guest experience.

Real-Time Tracking:

It allows hotels to track guest movement in real-time, providing valuable information for emergency response situations. This enables hotels to quickly locate and evacuate guests in the event of an emergency.

Personalized Guest Experience:

It also allows hotels to collect and store guest information, such as preferences and contact details, providing a personalized experience for guests. This can enhance guest satisfaction and increase loyalty.

Online Bookings and Pre-registrations:

Guests can pre-register for his/her accommodation in advance. This cut off the registration time. Flexibility and Customization: With a powerful dashboard, admin can easily manage pre-arrival of guests and execute their task efficiently.

Streamlined Operations:

It also simplifies the check-in process, reducing the workload for hotel staff and allowing them to focus on other important tasks. This can improve efficiency and reduce costs.

3.3 Visitor Management System in Tourism Industry

One of the most important and emerging sectors is tourism. Tourism industry is boosting local economies and delivering memorable experiences.One of the main central focuses of the tourism industry is catering its visitors on a daily basis.visitor management systems are used to ensure better security and safety of tourists while managing them in a systematic way.

Visitor Management System facilitates the tourism industries as–

• It also offers visitors to gain access to your location again without having to register again by saving them as a recurring and pre-registered person

• VIsitor Management System also offers customized and digital visitor badges to each tourist so that guides can easily identify people at your property, park or attraction.

• Visitor Management System for tourism offers clear instructions to tourists providing them with seamless traveling experience

3.4 Visitor Management System in Hospitals

Visitor Management System is ideal for hospitals and clinics that need to manage a large number of patients, visitors, and contractors.As we all know, healthcare facilities are more prone to security and operational risks due to their complex needs.It is really important to screen each and every visitor that comes into the hospital.

• With VMS,hospitals can capture visitor information, conduct background checks, and monitor visitor movements, ensuring the safety and security of patients and staff.

• Visitor Management System will help in easily screening visitors by asking them basic health-related questions. The screening form can be completely customized.

• The cloud-based visitor management systems have a database of all the visitors, patients, staff present on the hospital premises.

3.5 Visitor Management System in Offices

Visitor Management System is one of the ideal solutions for busy office buildings with a high volume of visitors.

• Receptionists can use the system to streamline the check-in process, reduce wait times, and ensure the safety and security of everyone in the building.

• It provides a greener,cleaner and secured visiting environment to visitors lead to enhanced productivity and efficiency for staff.

• Digital safety measures such as thermal and visitor screenings, touchless check-ins, QR code based registration etc. add an additional edge to employees and visitors’ safety.

• Electronic Visitor Management System enables the businesses to simplify their operational tasks like maintaining attendance, record keeping,form filling, online bookings etc.

3.6 Visitor Management System in Manufacturing Industries

Visitor Management System can help manufacturing facilities manage visitors, including contractors, vendors, and guests.

• With VMS, manufacturing facilities can streamline the check-in process, reduce wait times, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

• It also minimize the risk of infection, and abide by industry regulations with pre-screening, touchless check-in flows and evacuation plans.

• Visitor management systems streamline the registration processes of manufacturing industries by screening contractors and visitors when they arrive at buildings.

• It also provides contractors, visitors and staff with automatically printed badges to easily differentiate between people at your manufacturing plants thus enhancing efficiency.

So, Visitor Management System like Vizitor is a versatile and innovative solution that can benefit a wide range of organizations, from busy office buildings to schools, hospitals, manufacturing facilities etc.

4. How to choose the best visitor management solution?


4.1 Consider your visitors

When it comes to managing visitors, it’s important to consider their needs and expectations. Implementing a suitable and consistent Visitor Management Solution actually depends on the type of guests and visitors you encounter.Vizitor is a visitor management system that takes this into account and offers a range of features to provide a positive and personalized experience for all visitors.

4.2 Research visitor management systems and their features

There is no better way to find out the best and optimal Visitor Management System for your enterprise. There are a lot of options available in the market today. It is not easy to find the best one. Just do some research to know which digital visitor management system is best for you. The Internet is full of information providing the detailed insight of features offered by various Visitor Management Solutions. Let me tell you about Vizitor. Vizitor offers a range of customizable features that can enhance security, streamline operations, and provide a positive visitor experience. These features include customizable check-in, pre-registration, digital signature, real-time notifications, photo capture etc.

4.3 Start a free trial

Are you interested in experiencing the benefits of the most reliable visitor management system for yourself?

Then, Why not start a free trial today and see how it can streamline your operations and enhance your workplace security?

just go for a free trial by simply visiting the website.During your free trial, you can test out the system’s capabilities, customize your settings, and see how it integrates with your existing systems.At the end of your free trial, you’ll have a good understanding of how the system can benefit your organization. And if you’re impressed with what you see, you can easily upgrade to a paid plan and continue to use the system to enhance your workplace security and streamline your operations.

To begin your free trial with Vizitor, simply visit the Vizitor website and sign up with your details. Once you’re signed up, you’ll have access to all of Vizitor’s features, including customizable check-in, real-time notifications, visitor badges, and more.

So,if you still not consider the right one, just go for Vizitor.