The Need of Electronic Visitor Management System

The Need of Electronic Visitor Management System

By R.Saini

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The Need of Electronic Visitor Management System

Fri, May 12, 2023

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Modern Technology has improved the way offices are managed and Digital technology is at the forefront of this. An electronic system for managing visitors is now being used instead of a physical logbook. This system is much better and offers many benefits to people visiting an office’s reception area. An electronic visitor management system replaces all of your sign-in sheets into contact less visitor digital logbooks. Solutions have gained widespread acceptance among businesses in recent years.

Electronic visitor management systems keep track of visitors, notify hosts, check watch-lists, schedule visits, and make visitor management as efficient and smooth as possible.This gives you the advantage of a quick, user-friendly, and secure visitor check-in registration process.

It digitizes every aspect of visitor management in your reception area, from initial invitation to checkout. Whether they are employees, clients, vendors, or temporary workers, an electronic visitor management system ensures that only authorized individuals are granted access to your office or facility.

Challenges With Manual Logbooks

Nowadays, the importance of office security has significantly increased for both organizations and businesses. As a result, there is a growing need for a reliable, efficient, and foolproof system that can eliminate the challenges posed by traditional paper-based visitor entry systems. And Electronic Visitor management systems like Vizitor are an ideal choice to make the difference.

• Paper-based log books are prone to human error, as visitors often write their details in a hurry, leading to illegible handwriting.

• Manual log books make it difficult to track visitor movements and monitor their activity within the premises.

• The process of filling out a paper logbook is time-consuming and can lead to long wait times for visitors especially during peak hours.

• Searching for specific visitor information can be time-consuming and difficult with manual log books.

• As the volume of visitors increases, manual logbooks become increasingly challenging to manage, leading to errors and delays in the visitor management process.

Instead, the electronic visitor management solution module, designed with the end user in mind, is specifically designed to meet your visitor management system needs by making new visitor registration in your electronic visitor sign in system as quick and smooth as possible.

“The only way to stay ahead of the curve is to continuously innovate and adapt.” - Jeff Bezos

The need of the Electronic visitor management system

1.Organization’s Security

The need to ensure the safety and security of your organization is one of the primary reasons why authentication and visitor monitoring must be implemented. The electronic sign in system can serve as the first line of defense against any potential intruder from the outside world.

It helps organizations maintain a secure environment by allowing them to screen and track visitors, issue temporary badges, and restrict access to certain areas of the facility.Unwanted visitors were barred from entering due to this system.

2.Establish a Professional Business Interaction

A well-managed visitor management system can create a positive first impression on visitors, making them feel welcome and valued. By having and using a visitor management system, you can greatly streamline and speed up your visitor check-in process by eliminating any unnecessary waiting time spent trying to find the host.

This can help establish a professional business interaction and enhance the reputation of the organization.

3. Ensure Visitor Security Compliance

Electronic sign in and out system solutions can assist your company in meeting the growing demand for proper reporting while also ensuring compliance with company security policies.

Beyond assisting in the creation of a more efficient visitors management experience, electronic staff sign in systems can be programmed to include a visitor policy page for obtaining visitor acknowledgment with specific terms, conditions, and security regulations of your organization during the initial check in process.

4. Ensure Post pandemic safety

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations are looking for ways to minimize contact between individuals.

An electronic VMS can provide a contactless check-in process, where visitors can register and check-in using their own devices without having to touch any shared surfaces or equipment. For example, the system can prompt visitors to complete health questionnaires before entering the premises.

5. Accelerate the Registration Process

Nobody wants to wait for long in queues. An electronic visitor management system makes the process of checking in visitors much faster and convenient.Instead of manually writing down all the details, visitors can simply enter an invite code or scan their ID to check in.

This can reduce waiting times and prevent long queues in the reception or lobby.

A study found that businesses using an electronic visitor management system reduced visitor check-in times by up to 63%. This means visitors can get to their destination faster, without having to spend too much time at the reception.

Key Benefits of Using an Electronic Visitor Management System

As the world is becoming more digitized, modern enterprises are moving away from traditional methods of managing visitors to enhance their security efficiency also. Some of the advantages of Electronic Visitor Management Solution have been already described.

An Electronic visitor management system can provide many benefits for a business or the organization itself. Some of them include:

Increase the Confidentiality of Visitor Information

Ensuing the Confidentiality of Visitor Information is typically essential for businesses to protect their data against unauthorized access and retrieval. An electronic visitor management system is a more secure solution for visitor identification and tracking. By digitally and seamlessly capturing the visitor’s information. It helps in keeping visitors’ information private and hidden from other guests. You can improve visitors’ privacy by using the QR code sign-in method.

Provide appropriate identification

To make sure only authorized people enter a building, visitors need to be identified. An electronic system can create temporary badges with visitor photos to help increase security. This is becoming more popular worldwide, with the visitor management system market expected to reach $2.74 billion by 2027 indicating the increasing demand for these systems across various industries.

" In order to deliver a safer and secure working environment, investing in our Visitor Management System is becoming increasingly critical for MNCs to adapt to evolving business needs and objectives”

Personalize the Visitor experience

Imparting a positive and memorable first impression on visitors and guests is one of the most important aspects of creating a positive workplace culture among modern enterprises. The Visitor management system collects information about your visitors during the registration process or pre- register the visitors before they arrive. This information can include their name, company, reason for their visit, and other details such as preferences.

With this information, you can personalize their visit to your facility, making them feel comfortable.This can lead to increased loyalty and repeat visits.

Reduces Cost Overheads

Did you know that by switching to an electronic visitor management system, you can save a great amount of money that would otherwise go towards hiring a receptionist? According to a survey, the median salary of receptionists is $27,300 per year or $13.12 per hour.

By investing in our electronic system Vizitor, you not only reduce your overhead costs but also automate your business productivity levels. Moreover, an electronic Visitor Management system can easily be scaled up with your business needs, making it a smart and cost-effective alternative to outdated paper-based visitor management methods.

Wrap Up!!

When it comes to managing visitors, your organization cannot afford to take it lightly as it can make a significant difference in the customers’ experience.The electronic visitor management system contributes to the smart and digital transformation of your organization.

Simply switch from a manual to an electronic visitor management system Vizitor.In terms of security, a visitor management system serves as the first line of defense, protecting the organization from any costly loss of productive man hours caused by a disease outbreak among your employees.

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