The security is the main concern in every sector, but the security of people has become extremely important in digital times. We hear a lot of cases about the robbery and other such malpractices, where there is no proper security system. Many Organizations and other sectors have started using visitor management software or say Visitor Gate pass Software. This Visitor Gate pass Software records the accurate details of the visitors. Vizitor is a visitor gate pass software that generates a gate pass for visitor security.

How Visitor Gate Pass Management System helps for Gate safety?

The Visitor gate pass Management system is tracking and managing the visitors to your workplace. The Visitor Management System offers multiple features like logging of visitor time of arrival, digital check-ins, pre-registration, NDA agreement, etc.

  • Visitor management system screens visitor's information and permits their access to only specific areas.
  • A visitor management system is a beneficial software for companies, warehouses, hospitals, schools, and many more sectors.
  • In Organization, every visitor is screened with health-related questions, personal details & purpose of visit registered, visit approved, gate pass issued, and circuit pass retrieved during inspect.
  • The visitor management system permits the manufacturer to supply the visitor access to specific zones supported their purpose of visit.

Apart from this, there are management reports for visitor analysis, emergency reports and security alert reports. A workplace environment which provides the employee's safety. It also increases the productivity of the organization.

How Visitor gate pass management System works for gate safety?

The gate pass system is often customized as per the necessity of the organization or residential complex. Providing the gate pass to the visitors ensures with their photograph and details of the Visitor. The gate pass is often customized as per the necessity of the organization or residential complex.

The gate pass is returned to the safety after the visit in order that the out time is recorded and saved within the database along side other details. Visitor Gate pass Software is an easy-to-use software. Visitor management system denied the entry of the unauthorized visitors. Only authorized person can enters the premises. Visitor management system provides the security features Pre-registration, NDA sign, Host notification and many more.

Visitor Management System has main 3 modules.

Admin Module: This module is usually installed on the Admin side. The admin can define, Companies, Host details, User Right Management, Set Gate pass formats, Generate Reports.

Host Module: The host employee can check the visitor details on the online pages. Host notifications notifies the host about the visitor. The host can send the response to the safety gate staff.

Security Gate Module: The Security Gate module is deployed at the entrance area of the premises. It facilitates the staff at the security gate to register the visitors details with photograph and also send the notification to the host employee on the premises.

Features of Visitor gate pass management system:

Smart Scheduling: Schedule people  in an orderly manner to enhance operational processes of the organization and also enhance the productivity.

Identify Visitors: Visitor management system record visitor check-in identities with their pictures & save them for further use

Monitor Visitor Traffic: Effective monitoring of user traffic and waiting duration

Digital Badges: Visitor management system assigns digital badge to the visitor.

Smart Notifications: Visitor management system notifies the host about their visitor arrival by email & SMS alert with visitor details and timings.

Accurate In & Out Time Recording: Visitor management system records accurate in & out visitor timings to optimize organizational processes

Real-time Reports:It Generate real-time web-based reports which will be accessed on the fly.


Visitor gate pass management system provides a way to effectively control, & track your organization's visitor traffic. It helps to prevent the entry of any unauthorized or unwanted person in the premises. The flexible architecture of Visitor gate pass management System allows various people in the organization to directly access the data they need. This system enhances the security and productivity of the premises.