Improve the Visitor Security with Gate Pass Management System

Improve the Visitor Security with Gate Pass Management System

By R.Saini

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Improve the Visitor Security with Gate Pass Management System

Wed, Jun 17, 2020

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In the past, almost all organizations relied upon the traditional methods of monitoring and tracking visitors and guests. To enhance the on-site security,it is really critical to keep a check on visitors at entry and exit points in workplaces.

• What type of gate safety measures are you relying upon?

• Are you troubling hosts again and again whenever a visitor arrives?

• How are you authenticating entries of visitors at your workplace?

If you are concerned about the above challenges in your facility, then you need to think beyond your outdated security policies in your facility.

Monitoring and tracking visitors at the gate helps businesses to secure their perimeters and prevent any unexpected situation from occurring.

Security as a major concern

Security is the main concern in every sector, but the security of people has become extremely important in digital times. We hear a lot of cases about robbery and other such malpractices, where there is no proper security system at workplaces.

To encounter all these issues, gate passes or visitor badges signed by authorized persons are issued to the visitors and guests to prevent the entry of unauthorized persons into the campuses.

In present times, security of visitors and employees always remain at the top of the priority list of every business facility.

Security of any corporate sector is inevitable to ensure a peaceful and safe environment within organizations.

Traditionally, the receptionist at the front desk seems to handle the flow of visitors as well as managing and keeping check on visitors’ activities. It is the responsibility of the front desk staff to manage operations and flow of visitors at the same time.

Manual paper and pen based visitor log books and paper visitor badges also make the process more worse and tedious.

It’s time to upgrade…

It’s the time to upgrade to a reliable and digital front desk and visitor management solution to make your establishment more productive and modernize.

Organizations and other sectors have started using visitor management software or say Visitor Gate pass Software. This Visitor Gate pass Software records the accurate details of the visitors.

In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of a fully digitized Gate Pass Management System to enhance security at workplaces.

What exactly are Visitor Passes?

Modern Companies often tend to focus their attention on securing their building from any unauthorized and malicious entry. The security manager has to think about the security of all the entry and exit touchpoints where the visitors and guests pass through.

Visitor Gate passes are used by companies for visitor management. Whenever a visitor or guest arrives, he/she is issued a gate pass or badge duly signed by the host to approve his/her entry into the premises.

Particularly,visitor passes are vital in sectors such as schools and hospitals which deal with students and vulnerable people. There must be proper and strong access control measures throughout the organization to keep everyone safe in your premises.

Visitor passes or badges also help facilities to identify people available onsite in case of an emergency.

Traditional Visitor Passse Vs Digital Visitor Passes

In the past, usually visitor passes in the form of a piece of paper signed manually by the host are issued to the visitors to authenticate their entry into the premises.

Doesn’t it look so outdated and untrustworthy?

The paper gate pass always remains prone to loss and misplacement. Also it delivers an unpleasant and unsatisfactory experience to visitors. But, The Digital Visitor Gate Pass Management System solves all the above problems and many more. Digital passes are electronically printed and signed by hosts to meet the safety and security considerations of the facilities.

Visitor gate pass Management system

The Visitor gate pass Management system is tracking and managing the visitors to your workplace. The Visitor Management System offers multiple features like logging of visitor time of arrival, digital check-ins, pre-registration, NDA agreement, etc.

How does the Visitor Gate Pass Management System help for Gate safety?

The Visitor Gate Pass system helps in keeping your organization safe and secure. It helps to maintain confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and confidentiality in an organization.

Some key features of Visitor Management or Visitor Gate Pass Management Systems–

• Visitor management system screens visitor’s information and permits their access to only specific areas.

• In Organization, every visitor is screened with health-related questions, personal details & purpose of visit registered, visit approved, gate pass issued, and circuit pass retrieved during inspect.

• The systems boosts the security level of facilities by effectively monitoring who is in premises and when they sign in .

• Another important benefit is that Visitor Pass Systems automatically keep record of everyone entering into the premises to help the administrator compile the visitor data in an easy way.

• Apart from this, there are management reports for visitor analysis, emergency reports and security alert reports to increase productivity of businesses.

• The system also enables visitor’s pre-registration for a rapid check-in process.

• Also enables an organization to grant access to visitors and guests and also permits staff to pre-enrol visitors using mobile app.

• One of the most value-adding features of the Visitor Gate Pass System is that it reduces waiting times by instantly notifying the hosts of arrivals of visitors.

• Effectively reduces the cost overheads of facilities by using digital printing techniques rather than relying upon the paper and pen based methods.

How does this System work for gate safety?

• The gate pass system is often customized as per the necessity of the organization or residential complex. Providing the gate pass to the visitors ensures their photograph and details of the Visitor.

• Gate pass is issued to the visitor when he/she arrives at the entry gate capturing the details of the visitor for identification purpose.

• After that, the host instantly gets notified about the visitor and upon approval by the host, the visitor is issued with a gate pass to authenticate entry into the premises.

• The gate pass is returned to the safety after the visit in order that the out time is recorded and saved within the database along side other details.

• Visitor Gate pass Software is an easy-to-use software. Visitor management system denied the entry of the unauthorized visitors. Only authorized persons can enter the premises.

• It also restricts access to specific areas within the premises to support the security system of the establishment.

Visitor Pass Management System has main 3 modules–

1. Admin Module:

This module is usually installed on the Admin side. The admin can define, Companies, Host details, User Right Management, Set Gate pass formats, Generate Reports.

2. Host Module:

The host employee can check the visitor details on the online pages. Host notifications notify the host about the visitor. The host can send the response to the safety gate staff.

3. Security Gate Module:

The Security Gate module is deployed at the entrance area of the premises. It facilitates the staff at the security gate to register the visitors’ details with photographs and also send the notification to the host employee on the premises.

The system also keeps track of the exact time the visitors sign in and out of the premises.This information is automatically stored in the cloud and can be accessed anytime in future by the administrator.

The system also increases site visibility in your workplace by providing the staff to keep eye on every entry and exit touchpoints.

Add-on features and benefits of Visitor Gate Pass Management System

Genuinely, the Visitor Pass System is vital for the security and safety of organizations in today’s time.

Especially, during the pandemic period, the need for digital gate passes has reached an unexpected height. Post- pandemic scenarios are enforcing organizations to switch towards digital methods for their visitor management and operational tasks.

Other features of Visitor Pass Management System–

• Smart Scheduling: Schedule people in an orderly manner to enhance operational processes of the organization and also enhance the productivity.

• Identify Visitors: Visitor management system record visitor check-in identities with their pictures & save them for further use

• Monitor Visitor Traffic: Effective monitoring of user traffic and waiting duration.

• Digital Badges: Visitor management system assigns digital badge to the visitor.

Smart Notifications: Visitor management system notifies the host about their visitor arrival by email & SMS alert with visitor details and timings.

Benefits of the Visitor Pass management system offered:

1. Better and enhanced security–

It track all the entries and exits also provides the date-time details of visitors.It is flexible and robust that grant access to specific areas on the premises preventing the entry of intruders and unscrupulous persons into the building.To ensure maximum security at the premises, visitor access is granted only after their identity has been verified by the host. It provides complete security to an enterprise in case of any unexpected emergency also.

2. Enhance branding–

Incorporation of digital and full-proofed security methods and strategies by the facility present a modernized and unique image of your organization. It enables your company brand to be recognized and present it uniquely and attractively. It also increases productivity and efficiency of your business.

3. Low cost solution–

The system provides the organization with a low cost solution to enhance their security overheads. There is no need to spend expenses on papers and other requirements of manual visitor badges.It makes the whole process digital and secure.

4. Going paperless–

Saving nature and the environment is our responsibility. Every organization must contribute to preserving nature. Visitor Pass management system enables an enterprise to go paperless providing an eco-friendly and green working environment. Going paperless using a Visitor Management System like Vizitor enables an enterprise to run smoothly.

5. Better visibility–

Having a high level of visibility is one of the major aspect in an organization. The system also provides control over the organization as a whole.Vizitor is an ideal solution to make your workplace more secure and safer.

6. Customized as per needs–

Visitor passes can be customized as per the requirements of the business.Organisations have full control over the configuration of visitor passes, including the visitor type, details and expiry date. It can be configured accordingly.


Visitor gate pass management system provides a way to effectively control, & track your organization’s visitor traffic. It helps to prevent the entry of any unauthorized or unwanted person in the premises. The flexible architecture of Visitor gate pass management System allows various people in the organization to directly access the data they need. This system enhances the security and productivity of the premises.If you want to know more about Vizitor, get in touch today.

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