Touchless Visitor Management System for Societies

In modern times, maintaining security has become more challenging in buildings and commercial complexes. Making it mandatory for residential societies to track visitors. Incorporating a visitor management system for society, such as VIzitor is ideal.

The advanced system is a perfect and intelligent solution to manage guests. It allows tracking of daily workers and servants of residential apartments or society.

After this pandemic, security has become the central aspect of society. The touchless visitor management system for apartments provides unique features to avoid infection. The records are instrumental in case of some emergency or if the visitor's identification is required later.


An instant alert notification is sent to the host as the visitor checks in, saving time.

Easy Badge

Get your personalized badge printed instantly for security and identification within society premises.

Pre- Registrations

Visitor entrance management allows you to pre-register your visit by providing previously registered information like mobile number or email.

Real Time

Vizitor Society Management System is a breeze to install and starts working for you from the minute you purchase it.

How can Visitor Management system for society benefit your workplace?

Enhanced Security

Residential visitor management helps remove unwanted or unauthorized visitors from the residential area, improving overall resident safety.

Improved Record-Keeping

The system maintains a digital record of all visitors, which can be helpful for future reference or in case of security incidents.

Streamlined Access

Residents can pre-register guests, making it easier to enter the premises quickly and without delays.

Increased Accountability

By knowing who is in the community at any given time, residents and security personnel can ensure greater accountability and response in emergencies.

Better Communication

Social management systems allow for real-time notifications to residents when their guests arrive, making coordination more efficient.


Secure your society with a Gate entry app

"ViZITOR" is a gate entry app that is a valuable tool for society authorities to record and manage visitor details efficiently. This innovative application is designed to streamline the visitor registration process, ensuring the security and convenience of residents and visitors. You can access visitor information with this visitor management software for gated communities. All the user information is kept secure and confidential. Housing societies must encourage residents, domestic helpers, maintenance staff, and everyone around you to use this app.

Why Society Security App is necessary for gate communities

Contact-tracing technology helps authorities track the infected person and warn staff with consistent alerts. Here are some ways to protect the societies with this tool.

User-Friendly Interface

ViZITOR offers a simple interface that allows security for front desk staff to input visitor information quickly. This reduces the chances of errors and speeds up the registration process.


Digital Records

The app stores visitor information digitally, providing easy access to historical data and simplifying record-keeping for security and administrative purposes.

Real-Time Notifications

The visitor management for gate communities can send instant notifications to residents when their guests arrive, making it easier for them to welcome their visitors.

Visitor Analytics

ViZITOR offers insights into visitor patterns, which can be valuable for security planning and enhancing the community's safety.

How can people in housing societies stay safe?

There are a few things you can do that will keep you safe.

Install the security gate app on your smartphone.

Register your details with the app, including your name and contact information.

Preregister your guests in the app to speed up their entry if available.

Enable notifications to receive alerts when your guests arrive.

When you or your guests arrive, present the app at the gate for quick and secure access.

Monitor the app to review visitor records and ensure security.

If you notice anything unusual, report it to the relevant authorities.

Stay informed about any updates or security features the app provides.


More Features


Define the time limit for your visitors and get notified in case they overstay in your society premises.

Visitors can get on with your digital signatures, allowing you to access the society premises.

Data Security is our main concern. Our rock-solid infrastructure protects the customer database, financial information, and appointment history.

Visitor Reports

Keep your residential visitor management happy and provide them with detailed visitor flow reports.

Have a trouble-free experience with our round-the-clock help center, chat, phone, email, and onsite support.

Upgrade your check-in process now and switch to Vizitor!

With a smart visitor management system, you can have an attractive welcome screen, add your brand logo, customized badges, with top security. The ultimate one-stop solution. For efficient management of visitors, try Vizitor!