Creating A Sustainable Workplace

Creating A Sustainable Workplace

By R.Saini

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Creating A Sustainable Workplace

Mon, May 22, 2023

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Over the past few years, the need for sustainability has become more urgent than ever before as global warming has become a global crisis. The main reason behind this is we’re focusing more on making our current lives easier rather than saving our planet by making it sustainable and greener.

Sustainability is not just about making our future better but it is also about ensuring that our environment is clean and safe for our healthy living. Individuals spend much of their time working at their workplaces, so it is important for modern offices to create an eco-friendly and green space to create a healthier and happier environment for employees.

No matter how big or small your organization is, it is important to focus more on sustainable practices which will help the environment by reducing their carbon footprints and opting for a greener work environment.

Besides keeping the environment clean, going green in offices can provide your company with a number of benefits which have been discussed ahead in the article.

It doesn’t need much, but just a few practices and changes to adopt as usual to make your existing office space more environmentally sustainable for everyone by offering them a peaceful and fresh atmosphere free from harmful pollutants.

In this article, we’ll explore some simple ideas and practices to create a more sustainable environment at your workplace.

What is sustainability in the workplace?

Sustainability is about managing our waste, conserving energy, making the most efficient use of our resources and trying to reduce the effects of our actions on the environment. It is about taking care of our planet and making sure we don’t use up all its resources without giving a chance to renew.

What Are The Benefits Of Creating a Sustainable Workplace?

Sustainability is something that business owners have not considered much for years but now more than ever, organizations are focusing on spending more on digital and green spaces. How can sustainability benefit your business? Why should your company promote green practices?

Here are some ways how going green can benefit your business productivity–

Enhance your Brand Image

There is no doubt that going green at your workplaces attracts a larger number of employers as it benefits your company to be seen as a brand that cares much about the environment. As everyone becomes aware of the impact of human activities on Earth, they look more for companies that are doing their part in trying to reduce this impact.

Cost Savings

By going green, companies can save money in simple ways while helping the environment.By using energy efficient LED lights and better insulation systems, companies can reduce their electricity bills. Investing in these processes may need high initial costs but they will benefit for a long time. Turning off unnecessary lights, using reusable energy goods can cut the overall cost overheads of the company.

Engage More Employees

If your office space is fresh and healthy, then your employees are often happier and more engaged in their work. Creating a Greener working atmosphere with natural lighting and good ventilation within the office can help reduce stress and anxiety among employees to make them more focused on their tasks.

Research found that about 61 percent of employees believe that sustainability is a must in offices and 46 per cent will only work for organizations that adopt sustainable business practices.

Some Simple Ideas and Tips to Create A More Sustainable Workplace

Let’s explore various ways to make your office green and eco-friendly:

1. Go as Paperless as possible

Did you know that every day, the average office worker generates about 1kg of paper waste? Going paperless is one of the solutions to this growing problem. This will greatly save your daily paper usage. Look for digital ways to reduce use of paper such as

• Encourage staff to make use of digital tools and softwares such as Emails.

• Make use of used notebooks and sticky pads to print on another side

• Reduce the need of printing by saving documents digitally.

• Use Visitor Management Solutions to keep track of visitors instead of manually registering them

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💡 Pro Tip: If printing is necessary, set printers to print on both sides of paper as a default to cut your paper costs upto 50%.

2. Use energy Efficient Lights

Be it home or office, replacing traditional bulbs with energy efficient LED lights can reduce your overall energy consumption. LED lights consume less electricity and as well as last 25 times longer as compared to traditional bulbs.

• Make use of tasks lights for home offices

• Consider investing in Solar Lights if possible to reduce much of your office electricity bills and make your planet more safe

3. Unplug your unnecessary devices

Electricity consumes almost half of the total energy consumption in the world. Sometimes you walk through the rooms at your office and notice them with lights but nobody is in them for a long time. Such a waste of energy!!

• Encourage your staff to switch off unnecessary lights when not in use

• Unplug your devices especially computers when you are away

• Increase the use of natural ventilation wherever possible instead of using electronic devices

💡 Pro Tip: Use smart power strips that automatically turn off all the connected devices when the main device is powered off.

4. Use Natural Light

Instead of using artificial lights during daylight hours, let natural light pass through the doors to create a pleasant working environment while reducing the harsh impact of artificial rays on employees. Taking advantage of natural sunlight, you can not only reduce your energy usage but also improve work concentration among employees.

5. Switch to Green and Eco-friendly products

Think about the chemicals and products with toxic materials that are used at your office daily.How much they are affecting your employees and environment? They may cause serious allergic problems. By switching to green and eco-friendly products, you can create a safer environment.

• Use Green cand non toxic cleaning products and regularly replace your air filters when necessary

• Avoid using synthetic air freshener

• Use non toxic and refillable pens, toners and markers

• Make use of natural Oil diffusers or plants

💡 Pro Tip: Look for products marked as biodegradable, non-toxic, and made from natural ingredients. Make use of ammonia free glass cleaners, markers free from chemicals and natural hand soaps.

6. Reuse/Recycle your office Waste

You may have noticed that a majority of used office supplies and devices are left as waste in drawers or being thrown in trash after some time. Think once about the resources and raw materials used to make them. This not only impacts our environment but also puts an extra load on the financial costs of our business.

Did you know that recycling one ton of paper saves about 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, and 462 gallons of oil? Instead of putting things into garbage, we can reuse/recycle various items that can be used to make new products.

• Recycle your old cartridges and permanent markers instead of throwing them

• Make use of your old furniture to make stools and other sitting items

• Use used notebooks and papers for double sided printing

• Develop a Recycling Program by using your waste management team

Check out the list of items that you can recycle at your offices

7. Encourage Green Practices among Employees

Creating a Sustainable Workplace is not the responsibility of a single person, it requires a joint effort. Employees play a major role in ensuring an eco-friendly environment within the office space. Encourage participation of your staff members in your sustainability efforts by promoting green practices among them.

• Encourage them to use public transportation or carpooling

• Make them to walk through if they live nearby

• Encourage them to use recyclable water bottles and cups

• Make them to reduce use of single use items

• Provide them necessary tools to adopt green practices

• Encourage water saving practices among them

💡 Expert Tip: Lower your monitor brightness slightly from 100% to about 80% to save monitor’s energy upto 20%. Also try and take the stairs instead of the elevator a few days of the week. This is not only good for you but also for the planet.

8. Add Plants to Office Space

Bring some indoor plants to your Office space to create a calm and fresh atmosphere as they absorb toxins from the air thereby improving the mood and productivity of your employees. This is one of the easiest ways to make your office space more green and clean.

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9. Create a Green Team

Form a dedicated Green Team to work solely to promote sustainable practices working together to look for fresh and new eco-friendly ideas to create a green environment. Improve participation of other office members and employees to the program by providing attractive rewards and incentives.

• Run Green Awareness Campaigns to make your employees aware about various green practices

• Provide a platform to employees to contribute their ideas and suggestions

• Organize workshops, seminars and training sessions on eco-friendly practices

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10. Set Up Eco-friendly Office challenges

Set up monthly challenges, such as a cycle to work, a no plastic bottles challenge, or a paper free month challenge, to encourage your employees to go green. Also reward them with eco-friendly gift vouchers to promote their active participation.

💡 Pro Tip: Appreciate them timely with Reusable mugs and cups as rewards for their efforts towards green practices.

11. Promote Remote Working Environment

After the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are focusing more on promoting a remote working environment or Coworking spaces to maintain the health of their employees.Companies are quickly adapting new practices to protect employees, customers, and the environment.

Maintaining a hybrid working environment not only improves the employee’s well-being but it is also useful for our environment.

As employees are made to work from their remote locations, there has been a decrease in transportation and energy consumption at office spaces. The overall resource consumption at offices reduces to a great extent which indirectly or directly affects business productivity.

💡 Pro Tip: Schedule alternate days for employees to work from their remote locations and offices.

12. Simply Promote the ‘3 Rs’

Promote the principle of 3 Rs ‘Recycle, Reduce and Reuse’ at your office to improve your sustainability efforts among others.This not only enhances your brand efficiency but also contributes to our future growth. Encourage your team members to make it a common goal.

💡 Pro Tip: Repurpose your old file folders or binders for new use.

13. Arrange Virtual Meetings

In person meetings require a number of resources such as electricity, fuel, water and much more. Arrange virtual meetings and conferences as much as possible as there is no traveling and physical presence is required.

Final Thoughts!!

Creating a Sustainable Workplace is not just a choice; it becomes a necessity to our planet and future generations. If we ignore sustainability, it puts both our future and your personal well-being at risk.Use above ideas to create a healthier environment at your workplace. Are you ready to take the steps to make your workplace more eco-friendly?

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