Workplace Trends for Upcoming Years!

Workplace Trends for Upcoming Years!

By Ritika Bhagat

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Workplace Trends for Upcoming Years!

Tue, Oct 11, 2022

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The way people work has changed as technology has advanced. Technologies have improved the work experience by allowing for a more flexible and dynamic way of working. To get to the workplace of the future, you must start investing in the right technology today. Keep the workplace up to date for future growth. Going with technologies is the best way to make your workplace more seamless.

The rise of flexible work models such as hybrid work has begun to move businesses in the right direction.

“The workplace of the future is being shaped by trends that are beginning to emerge today."

We must adapt our office environment to the upcoming trend. As we all know, going hybrid is a relatively new trend. As a result, we must prepare our workplace for upcoming trends.


This is an excellent time to consider future trends. The way we work has shifted dramatically in recent years, in ways that few could have predicted. This post will provide you with an excellent workplace trend that will be beneficial in 2023 and subsequent years.

Some workforce trends are simple to forecast. During the two years of social isolation, people became accustomed to new standards. They now want to keep the things that are beneficial to their work/life balance while also maintaining their mental health.

Trend #1:

Employ intelligent and automated technology in the workplace:-

We’re already seeing smart home technology creep into our daily lives in this digital age. Siri and Alexa have now become household names. This smart technology will then make its way into the workplace.

  1. These open ecosystems will activate the workplace. This will allow for an on-site experience that is tailored to individuals’ specific needs and preferences.

  2. Aside from ergonomics, this smart technology will assist you in finding the desk you reserved for the day. When you approach it, the light on your desk will begin to blink to help you find it.

  3. You can change the colour of the light with a simple tap of your phone to indicate that you’re doing heads-down work so others don’t bother you.

This type of future smart workplace, like smart homes, will improve efficiency in a variety of ways, from energy efficiency to working efficiency.


Trend #2:

The emergence of digital collaboration tools for remote work:

With the remote in operation. Many businesses use virtual reality devices to collaborate with their teams. This way, technology can provide remote employees with a true in-person experience.

  1. They’ll be able to communicate with their teammates as if they were in the same room. This technology may appear to be years in the future, but it is already available.

  2. Virtual meeting spaces have surpassed the traditional meeting room as the most desired location in the workplace.

  3. Almost every surface will be digital, including countertops, tables, and glass walls. All of this to increase productivity and collaboration between onsite and remote   employees.

  4. With our attendance management system, you can digitally record your employees’ attendance.

Trend #3:

The Focus on employees health and safety:

Everyone has a health screening and vaccine verification process in their back pocket after the covid. Focusing on employee health has become the most important aspect of any workplace.

  1. This workplace technology trend will progress to more advanced versions that are built into the physical structure. This will extend beyond green construction technologies.

  2. Desks and meeting rooms will provide real-time feedback on best practises in health and wellness. For example, they could advise when it’s time to take a break from staring at a screen.

  3. Wearable technology will advance to alert people when they are sick, allowing them to avoid going to work. If an employee becomes ill at work, their wearables will advise them to go home. They will also update the employees’ calendars to show that they are WFH or out sick.


Trend #4:

Workplaces that are adaptable and responsive:

Flexible workspace technology is one of the most popular workplace technology trends that you can already see in workplaces today. However, what appears to be hot-desking now will soon become a future work desk that can move in response to how many people registered to work on-site the day before.

  1. You can digitally record your employees’ attendance with our attendance management system.

  2. When we think about the workplace in ten years, we can expect it to be even more advanced. If you require more privacy, a robot will inflate a temporary balloon     wall in under a minute to provide you with a pop-up meeting space.

  3. Space management technology will assist administrators in selecting a future office layout based on specific spatial requirements. Once they’ve decided on a layout, tech-enabled furniture will display where they should move in the office on their displays.

Some may even be able to relocate themselves, allowing workplace teams to focus on more critical tasks.


Trend #5:

Workplaces will prioritise accessibility: -

Giving employees who are struggling to balance family and work more flexible schedules is one way to keep them.

  1. A variety of tasks can be completed at any time. Companies are capitalising on workforce trends like flex time, shifting schedules, and workshare programmes.

  2. Allowing employees to work from home has been handled in a disjointed and, at times, inconsistent manner by businesses.

  3. Many business owners are realising that the decision to allow remote work is focusing on the wrong thing.

There are numerous technological tools available to help with work. However, it is also true that some business operations require and benefit from in-person employees.

“In the coming years, the emphasis must be on connecting the right people to do the necessary work effectively."

Wrap Up!:

Finally, the way we work has evolved, as have workplace trends. Employees are rethinking where, when, and how much they work as a result of social and political upheaval, a shift to hybrid/remote work, and complex consumer trends. Simply be aware of upcoming trends to ensure a smooth workplace experience. With our best visitor management system, you can manage your entire workplace and visitors.