Vizitor services Free amid Coronavirus outbreak

Vizitor services Free amid Coronavirus outbreak

By Ritika Bhagat

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Vizitor services Free amid Coronavirus outbreak

Mon, Mar 9, 2020

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With the latest Coronavirus condition, we at Vizitor are offering our Visitor Management Services for free for businesses, schools and workplaces to help take preventive measures to screen visitors.

Screening of visitors arriving in your workplace has become critically important to keep the organization and your employees safe during epidemics, like COVID-19. We at Vizitor want to do our bit to support organizations providing them with a digital Visitor Management System, so as a precaution one can screen their daily visitors with different questions about their recent travel history and health-related history, and simultaneously send alerts and notifications to the employees about the visitor.

With growing cases in China, the US, Italy and now in India also, many large companies have started giving their employees work from home. Multiple events and conferences have been canceled as a precautionary measure. Recently SXSW 2020 is canceled due to coronavirus as multiple high profile speakers withdraw from the conference. Last week, Ycombinator also announced that they have moved their Demo Day to online due to growing concern over COVID-19.

With so much happening, not every organization can give employees work from home or close their offices. They can only take strict precautions while screening visitors and deny access to visitors in the office if suspected with any such symptom. Visitors should be given access to specific rooms for meeting with respective persons.

Following are some of the ways by which a Visitor Management System can help screening visitors:

Custom forms **with health questionnaires like:

  1. Have you traveled to any country recently?

  2. Which countries have you traveled in the past 2 months?

  3. History of any illness since Jan 15, 2020?

• Identify compliance issues before visitors arrive with Pre-registrationscreening

• Inculcate guidelines and “no handshake” policies during check-in for visitors to read them.  

• Print E-badgeswith completehealthinformation of visitors.

• Alerts and Host Notification to management with crucial information about visitor’s health, to take necessary precautions.

Most Important is to have a hand Sanitizer placed at your reception desk.

Startups around the globe are under stress and recently Sequoia suggested startups to ensure the health of their business while dealing with potential business consequences of the spreading effects of the virus, calling it ‘Black Swan’ of 2020. Even multiple States in India are asking tourists to fill Self-disclosure form as a preventive measure.


Whether it’s an office, co-working, school, hospital or any workplace - Vizitor services can be used for free for 3 months (Starter Plan) as a precaution in your office, so you can make sure your employees are safe inside your workplace as they are the most important asset for every organization. Please signup now to start using Vizitor.

Vizitor is a smart Visitor Management System that digitizes the entire check-in process at your workplace. Vizitor removes manual logbooks for check-ins which saves a lot of visitor’s time and gives them a great experience. The platform allows organizations to manage who enter the premises and quickly take preventive measures during such emergencies.