Top 25 Queue Management Solutions for Hospitals

Top 25 Queue Management Solutions for Hospitals

By Rebekah Pais

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Top 25 Queue Management Solutions for Hospitals

Mon, May 13, 2024

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For hospitals, patients are acutely aware of how long they must wait before getting help. Long waiting times in your healthcare facility cause lower patient satisfaction scores, and patients start searching for other healthcare providers.

There are many tools & software to create a better waiting experience for patients and reduce walkaways. If you have walk-in patients, patient queuing software should be one of those tools. Patient queuing software provides digital patient check-in and patient self-check-in options. It also provides analytics about your foot traffic, service times/ wait times, and many more. This software can be referred to as patient check-in software as well but, their essential difference is that patient queuing software helps you to enhance service quality for non-scheduled patient visits or during pre-appointment check-in.

Here, we explore leading queue management solutions that are making significant strides in 2024.

Understanding the Impact of Queue Management in Healthcare

Queue management systems play a crucial role in optimizing patient flow in hospitals. These systems provide numerous benefits, including reducing wait times, enhancing the quality of care, and increasing patient satisfaction. By implementing a hospital queue management system, healthcare facilities can significantly improve their service delivery.


Key Features to Look for in Queue Management Systems

When selecting a queue management system app for your healthcare facility, consider the following:

• HIPAA Compliance: Ensure the solution meets healthcare privacy standards.

• User Experience: Look for options like digital patient check-in and self-service features.

• Analytics: Systems should offer insights into foot traffic, service times, and wait times.

• Notifications: SMS or app-based alerts to keep patients informed about their queue status.

• Hardware and Software Requirements: Assess the need for any specific hardware and the ease of integrating with existing systems.

• Support: Choose a provider that offers robust customer support, crucial for healthcare operations that run around the clock.

Top Queue Management Solutions

#1. Vizitor:

Renowned for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive feature set, Vizitor is a favorite among many healthcare organizations. It’s known for its digital patient check-in, analytics, and customizable service options.




A pioneer in queue management, Qmatic offers sophisticated systems and custom hardware, ideal for complex healthcare environments.




Known for its intelligent queueing system, Advantech integrates seamlessly with other healthcare systems and offers insightful reports on visitor volumes and wait times.




A strong presence in the Asian market, Qwaiting offers a digital engagement system that enhances the patient journey with various check-in options and cloud-based access.




Known for its appointment scheduling features and multiple check-in options, Qless is a popular choice in the USA, especially for DMVs and healthcare organizations.



#6.QueueTix (QTix):

This app-based solution is an efficient alternative to traditional take-a-number systems, offering mobile and tablet integration for seamless queue management.



#7. Qtrac by Lavi Industries:

Ideal for hospitals with complex customer flows, Qtrac offers both hardware and software solutions for effective visitor management.




Specializing in Patient Journey Management, Wavetec provides a comprehensive system for appointment setting, queue management, and post-visit feedback.




A versatile solution, Qnomy is well-suited for various healthcare settings, offering efficient queue management and patient journey tracking.



#10. Nemo-Q:

This solution is renowned for its user-friendly interface and efficient management of patient flows in healthcare settings.



#11. QueuePad:

QueuePad stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness in managing patient queues, particularly in smaller clinics.



#12. Awebstar Queue Management System:

Awebstar is known for its comprehensive features and scalability, catering to healthcare facilities of all sizes.



#13. Q-flow:

Q-flow offers a unique blend of queue management and patient experience enhancement, making it a popular choice for modern healthcare providers.



#14. Leyline:

Leyline provides a robust and user-friendly queue management solution, focusing on improving patient wait times and service quality.



#15. Hate2wait:

As the name suggests, this solution aims to minimize waiting times, offering a streamlined and efficient queuing experience.



#16. Earlyone:

This system is designed to reduce patient wait times and improve service efficiency through advanced queue management features.



#17. SimpleQ:

A straightforward and effective solution, SimpleQ is ideal for healthcare providers looking for an easy-to-implement queuing system.



#18. Qmagic:

Known for its innovative approach, Qmagic offers a unique queuing experience with a focus on digital integration and patient satisfaction.



#19. Qtip:

Qtip stands out for its simplicity and efficiency, providing essential queuing functionalities for smaller healthcare facilities.



#20. Timeacle:

Timeacle is popular for its versatility and scalability, offering solutions that cater to both small clinics and large hospitals.



#21. Zoho:

Zoho Assist’s Service Queue minimizes your customers’ wait time by removing the need to wait for contact from a support technician.



#22. Qticket:

Qticket is a user-friendly queue management solution that focuses on simplicity and effectiveness. It is particularly well-suited for various industries, providing a seamless queuing experience for both customers and service providers.



#23. Engageware:

Engageware is a versatile queue management system designed to improve customer engagement and optimize service delivery. With its focus on digital solutions, Engageware offers a modern approach to queue management for various industries.



#24. Verint:

Verint provides an advanced queue management system designed to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Its digital solutions contribute to a seamless queuing experience, making it a valuable asset for diverse service-oriented organizations.



#25. Aurionpro:

Aurionpro is a comprehensive queue management solution that caters to the unique needs of different businesses. With a focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction, Aurionpro offers a range of features to streamline queuing processes.



Integrating Queue Management with Patient Care

Recent studies have shown that implementing an effective queue management system can reduce patient waiting times by up to 30%. This not only improves patient satisfaction but also enhances the overall efficiency of healthcare providers.

The Future of Queue Management in Healthcare

The trend towards digital transformation in healthcare is evident in the advancements of queue management systems. With the integration of AI and machine learning, these systems are not only managing queues but are also predicting patient flow, thereby enabling better resource management.


In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, adopting a robust queue management system is no longer a luxury but a necessity. By choosing the right solution, healthcare facilities can significantly enhance their operational efficiency and patient satisfaction levels.