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Queue Management for Enhanced Customer Experience

Shorten wait times and improve your customers' waiting experience with a smart queue management system.


Customer Satisfaction with Streamlined Queue Management

Streamlined queue management solutions can help businesses overcome the universal frustration of waiting in line. Vizitor's advanced queue management options provide a range of solutions, from simple ticketing to customized customer journey platforms that can seamlessly integrate with a business's operations. By improving the overall waiting experience, businesses can keep their customers happy and increase their profits.


Transform Your Waiting Room
Experience with Advanced Solutions

Enhance Customer Experience

Our solutions offer a seamless experience for your customers with self-check-in, automatic service assignment, real-time updates, and clear navigation. By bringing structure and certainty to your waiting room, you can enhance the overall customer experience.

Boost Staff Efficiency

With our automated notifications, customer segmentation, and real-time dashboard, your staff can be more productive and efficient in managing customer flow, leading to increased service capacity. By improving staff efficiency, you can boost your business's productivity and profits.

Optimize Services

Our solutions integrate and combine systems to cut administration costs, improve customer and employee experiences, and optimize service capacity. By optimizing your services and operations, you can provide a more efficient and effective experience for your customers while also reducing costs.

The Power of Data

Queue Management System Stats You Need to Know


Reduces wait


Increases customer


Improves staff


Mobile ticketing reduces
wait times

Queue Management Features

24px-check Department Creation

Efficiently manage visitors by creating multiple departments and assigning employees to manage visitors in those departments.

24px-check Employee Department Update

With QMS, updating the department of employees is hassle-free and easy, ensuring that your visitor management process is always up-to-date.

24px-check Token Generation

The QMS generates unique tokens department-wise with serial numbers for each department. The serial numbers increase for each token generated in each department, making visitor tracking a breeze.

24px-check Real-time Notifications

Stay up-to-date with visitor arrivals with real-time notifications that employees in a particular department receive when a visitor arrives at their department.

24px-check Visitor Request Acceptance

An employee in the department can easily accept the visitor request, and the notification is removed from other employees in the same department, reducing confusion and making the process more efficient.

24px-checkCounter Details Notification

Once an employee accepts the visitor request, the visitor receives a notification with the counter details, making their visit smooth and hassle-free.

24px-check Department Transfer

Efficiently transfer visitors to the correct department with ease, ensuring a seamless experience for both visitors and employees.

24px-check Automatic Department Serial Number Reset

The department serial number is automatically reset every night according to the local time of the country, making the QMS system ready for a new day of visitor management.

24px-check Customizable Reporting

Generate reports to track visitor data, employee performance, and department statistics with customizable reporting tools, giving you valuable insights to optimize your queue management system.

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Streamlined Workflow of QMS

QMS provides a hassle-free and streamlined workflow for handling customer flow in any business setting.


Visitor arrives at the company and proceeds to the QMS counter.


QMS employee generates a token for the desired department.


Department employees receive a notification of visitor arrival.


Employee in the department accepts the visitor request.


Visitor can be transferred to the correct department if necessary.


Visitor proceeds to the correct department and completes their visit.


Value Adding Visitor
Management System Benefits

Wallet Improved Customer Experience

  • Reduced waiting times
  • Automated notifications for real-time updates
  • Self-check-in kiosks for a faster check-in process

Wallet Increased Efficiency

  • Automatic service assignment for staff
  • Real-time dashboard for efficient management of customer flow
  • Multiple department creation and visitor tracking to enhance service capacity

WalletEnhanced Productivity

  • Hassle-free employee department updates
  • Efficient department transfer for seamless visitor experience
  • Automatic department serial number reset for a new day of visitor management

Wallet Data Insights and Analytics

  • Customer data utilization for personalized services
  • Analytics for tracking visitor trends and identifying areas for improvement
  • Improved customer satisfaction leading to increased revenue and profits.

Experience Queue Management Solutions with a Demo

Are you looking for a queue management solution that can enhance your customer's waiting experience and boost your business's productivity? Look no further than Vizitor's advanced queue management solutions. With our simple ticketing systems and customized customer journey platforms, we can seamlessly integrate with your business operations to deliver a seamless waiting experience for your customers. Book a demo with Vizitor today and experience the power of our queue management solutions for yourself.


Frequently Asked Questions

The three types of queuing systems are Single server, Multi-server, and Infinite population queuing system.
Queues can be managed by implementing a Queue Management System, which can help in reducing wait times, improving customer experience, and increasing staff efficiency.
A Queue Management System is needed to streamline the customer flow, reduce wait times, increase staff efficiency, and improve overall customer experience.
A Queue Management System works by allowing customers to take a ticket or join a virtual queue, which is managed by a system. The system then assigns customers to a service point when it becomes available, based on the type of service required.
A real-life example of a queue is waiting in line at a grocery store, a bank, or a theme park ride.
The most common type of queuing system is the single server queuing system, where one server serves customers in the order they arrive.
A virtual queuing system is a system where customers can join a queue through a mobile app or a website, without physically waiting in line.
Some queue apps may be free, while others may require a subscription or payment for certain features.
Yes, there are several queue management apps available in the market, which can help businesses manage customer queues more efficiently. Try Vizitor's queue management system.
The cost of a virtual queue system may vary depending on the features and functionalities required. It is best to consult with a queue management system provider for a specific quote.