Strengthen your Office Security with Visitor Management System

Strengthen your Office Security with Visitor Management System

By Ritika Bhagat

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Strengthen your Office Security with Visitor Management System

Thu, May 14, 2020

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In this era, everything is digital.  So security has become the major priority in the digital world. Let’s talk about office security. We are spending more of our time in the office. So Cameras and alarm systems are not enough to provide security to the offices. Just think about the unauthorized person entering the premises, and damaging the image of the company.

When  visitors enter the office. We have no idea why they have entered the premises and what purpose these persons have.

So, what steps are you talking about your office security? How are you ensuring that your office is safe from an unauthorized visitor?

The paper-based manual system cannot provide a solid answer when it comes to securing workplaces. Manual System isn’t secure enough. So what can you do for security? You can implement the Visitor management system for enhancing the security of the workplace.

The Visitor management system is the process that converts the manual system into a digital system, keeping records of the visitors in a digital way, preventing an unauthorized person from providing a high level of security to the premises.

How Vizitor Enhance your visitor Security:

Vizitor is a Visitor Management System solution that converts the manual registration system into an effective digital check-in system with the tablet/iPad interface.

• VMS provides the digital check-ins, records the authenticated information of the visitors,

• Issues E-badges,

• NDA signatures

And some other best quality visitor management systemfeatures to the organization to enhance employee and visitor security.

Here are some visitor management system features that show how a visitor management system can secure your workplace.

VMS provides Digital check-ins

Digital check-ins are effective on so many levels compared to paper-based visitor logbooks. Visitor allows the guests to check-in digitally eliminating the paperwork. Digital check-ins reduce the pain of collecting ID proofs. With Digital check-ins, you can scan information directly from the ID proofs and automatically enter from a database through the VMS.There is a low chance of someone entering false information. This system always provides accurate information.

Vizitor E-Badges

Think about a visitor, who enters your premises and hides their visitor badge, acts as your employees and gets access to your important information. So manual badges are not safe for the company. Vizitor issue the digital badge to the visitor by their mobile phone, they can hardly hide it. Additionally, a digital badge is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Using E-badge will save your money on printing plastic visitor id.

Digital Signature Capturing

A visitor management system is used to capture signatures digitally from visitors. The digital signatures are used for future entry verification. Anyone entering your office needs to sign digitally as part of the check-in process. You can automate any legal document signing process and NDAs by integrating them with your VMS.

Host Notifications

When you are visiting someone, then you are waiting for that person sitting in the lobby. If the person you want to meet is not aware that you are already there. This is a very terrible situation. So the Visitor management system helps you handle this situation. VMS provides the host notification to alert the host employee as soon as the intended visitor signs in. In case of unavailability, the system also sends a message and alerts other available employees.It leaves a good impression on your guests.

VMS for a Secure Workplace

Vizitor is becoming an integral element of a foolproof office security plan. You can keep records on who is entering your building, stop unauthorized entries and access complete visitor details in a few simple clicks.