Enhance the Workplace security with Touchless Visitor Management System

Enhance the Workplace security with Touchless Visitor Management System

By Ritika Bhagat

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Enhance the Workplace security with Touchless Visitor Management System

Tue, May 19, 2020

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Modern workplaces demand modern solutions. Businesses are constantly seeking ways to improve efficiency and security, and touchless technology is at the forefront of this evolution. By implementing touchless systems, organizations can create a seamless and secure environment for both employees and visitors. This extends to visitor management, where touchless check-in offers a convenient and hygienic experience. Upgrading to a touchless visitor management system demonstrates your commitment to a forward-thinking workplace and empowers you to adapt to changing security needs.

What do we mean by the “Touchless visitor management solution”?

Touchless technology doesn’t only provide protection and safety to the workplace. It also provides a seamless modern experience in the workplace. The paper-based manual system is not safe enough and also slows down the productivity of the business. That’s why we have thought through how to make the visitor check-in experience seamless and touch-free.

. With a Touchless visitor management system, visitors can pre-register on their smartphone before their arrival; do visitor screening; check in with a visitor management system QR code; can meet their host in no time; and record the last details of the visitor experience.

. Going Touchless is a way to help your visitors, and your workplace, stay healthy. By going Touchless, you’re able to reduce the spread of viruses.

. The Touchless visitor sign-in saves your visitors time once they arrive so they’re not bothered to check-in and can more quickly get to who they’re there to see.

. When Visitors arrive, you can collect essential information about your guest and take care of any additional actions before the visit .

. Touchless Visitor Management System isn’t only about hygiene and safety. It’s also a way to show that your business is forward-thinking and modern.

. Vizitor’s touchless check-in system protects the employees and visitors from the COVID-19.

With the Touchless attendance management system, organizations can manage both their visitor registration and employees’ attendance in a contactless manner with active occupancy monitoring.

How can a Touchless visitor management system help to restart your office?

Office Post Lockdown

Post lockdown, expect to get back to work with a delusion in mind as to how to manage the visitors in offices.? And how to protect the employees in the office? Any infected surface can cause the spread of the virus and employees will be more alarmed and demanding to replace the paper-based manual system with a Touchless visitor management system that can stop the spread in offices.

Start over

The visitor management system is the first point of contact for every visitor. Companies have to now restart the Touchless visitor management system after the lockdown is over. To help maintain the spread of COVID-19, several organizations are implementing health screening procedures for visitors and employees entering their buildings.

Health screening questions

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, several organizations are implementing health screening procedures for visitors and employees entering their buildings. Screening determines whether they are safe to enter your business or not. Employees can approve or disapprove of visitors. You can create custom fields to add relevant health and travel information to determine whether this visitor can enter the premises without putting others at risk.

Learn more about visitors before they arrive

With the Touchless visitor management system you can determine the visitors before they arrive. If you need guests to sign any documents allow them to do so in advance. This way, when they reach your workplace, all they have to do is scan their QR code visitor management system from their invite to make it known that they arrived. No signing on a tablet is necessary.

Make your visitor check-in experience Touchless

1. Touchless visitor check-in

Visitors use their smartphones for themselves check-in without the help of any third person. Instead of using a tablet to allow visitors to check in on their own. This will limit the potential spread of the virus when visitors use their hands to tap the screen. Contactless check-ins are the best practice to prevent the spread of infection in the workplace.

2. Send agreements in advance

Before your guest arrives, be safe. The company can send invitations to visitors with attached NDAs to sign in advance, or other agreements that might include health and safety precautions. Visitors will receive and sign agreements in advance to avoid signing any agreements by hand once they arrive at your workplace.

3. Provide QR codes in advance

This will allow your visitors access through specific turnstiles or doorways in your building. The Touchless check-in experience by sending them QR codes in advance. Visitors will then receive a QR code to use directly from their email on their mobile devices when they arrive.

4. Digital Visitor Badges

Go Touchless with assigning digital visitor badges to your visitors. Visitor badges give visitors an identity in your workplace, which creates a pleasant experience for your visitors. When visitors check-in, their badge can print instantly, which they will then grab without having assistance from your front desk team. They assist in spotting who the visitors are within a workplace and supply vital information about the visitor.

5. Advanced pre-invitation

Touchless sign-in process assigns hierarchical pre-invitation rights to employees. Sending pre-invitations can assist you let in just those visitors you’ve got invited. Sending invites to the guests will allow them to avoid contact at the reception. The visitor can simply scan their invite code and check in.

6. Alert Employees

The Touchless check-in system sends notifications to the workers when any visitor comes up to satisfy them and alerts them by sending athe small print of the guest to form them aware and take necessary precautionary steps. The Touchless visitor management system allows the worker to approve or disapprove any visitor’s entry on the of any visitor on the premises.

Wrap Up!

This is the time to go touchless with the Touchless visitor management system and reduce the spread of the virus. Vizitor is the best visitor management system in India. With the visitor management system, you’ll protect your workplace and provide a fashionable experience to the workplace. Our Touchless check-in system empowers your guests by allowing them to check in through the comfort of their device. This successively enables your security teams to ensure the adherence of a very Touchless and secure work environment.