Most Valuable Features of a Visitor Management System

Most Valuable Features of a Visitor Management System

By Ritika Bhagat

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Most Valuable Features of a Visitor Management System

Mon, Sep 7, 2020

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During this pandemic time,when you are looking for new technology for your business. It is important to choose that technology which prevents the spread of Virus, understanding the features and desired results. This guidance especially applies when selecting a visitor management system.Visitor management system manages the visitors and protects the office from the virus. Keep in mind your most important visitors will interact with this system. So let’s discuss the features of the visitor management system. These features will help you to choose the best VMS for your office.

  • Ease of Use

  • Host Notifications

  • Preregistration

  • Visitor Photo Capture

  • Visitor E-Badge

  • Legal Document

  • Pre- Invitation

  • Touchless check-in

  • Visitor screening

  • Cloud-Based Visitor Logbook

  • Secured Data

  • Touchless attendance system

  • Works with Common Hardware Options

  • Unlimited Usage Capacity

Importance of a visitor management system:-

The visitor management system is a way of quickly checking in visitors, capturing key information and notify host employees of visitor arrival.You can also do visitor screening on the basis of  their travel and health history. Here are some benefits of visitor management system app:-

Host Notifications

  • Visitor management system offers host notification options. You can use these notifications for the Different preferences.

  • Some visitors focus on their work for extended periods of time and do not check their emails often, they need a phone call.

  • Some visitors prefer email notifications instead.

  • Visitor management system sends the alert notifications to the office staff for guest arrival.


  • Visitor management system provides a fast check-in process.

  • visitor management software allows guests to be pre registered ahead of their arrival.

  • Most advanced visitor management apps allow you to preregister visitors directly from the digital calendar.

  • Visitors details are stored in your cloud-based visitor logbook.

Visitor photo capture

  • Capturing the image of the visitor allows people to know who is visiting them.

  • Visitor photos are stored, for extra layer of security.

Visitor badges

  • With the visitor badges, everyone will know that the guest is approved for visit in the office.

  • Visitor badges contain the information, photo and purpose of visiting. So this way we can recognize the authorized visitor.

  • The visitor badge will indicate when the visitor checked-in and who their host is so they can clarify the situation.

  • Visitor management system can capture electronic signatures on legal documents streamlines the process.

  • The security of an electronic signature is in the fact that there is traceable information associated with the signature.

  • The signature will hold information on who signed in, when they signed and where they signed.

Secure your Office with Touchless visitor management system

The Touchless visitor management system helps to secure the office from the COVID-19. The Contactless Visitor registration systems helps to stop this pandemic ‘s spread by tracing every visitor entering the office

Touchless visitor check-in

  • Visitors use their smartphones for self check-ins without the help of any third person.

  • Instead of using a tablet to allow visitors to check-in on their own.

  • This will limit the potential spread of the virus when visitors use their hands to tap the screen.

  • Contactless check-ins are the best practice to prevent the spread of infection in the workplace.

Send agreements in advance

  • Before your guest arrives, be safe, sending them Pre agreement so that they can take precautions before arriving.

  • The company can send invitations to visitors with attached NDAs to sign in advance, or other agreements that might include health and safety precautions.

  • Visitors will receive and sign agreements in advance to avoid signing any agreements by hand once they arrive at your workplace.

Provides QR codes in advance

  • This will allow your visitors access through specific turnstiles or doorways in your building.

  • The Touchless check-in experience by sending them QR codes in advance.

  • Visitors will then receive a QR code to use directly from their email on their mobile devices when they arrive.

Alert Employees

  • The Touchless check-in system sends notifications to the worker when any visitor comes up to satisfy them and alerts them by sending the small print of the guest to form them aware and take necessary precautionary steps.

  • The Touchless visitor management system allows the worker to approve or disapprove the entry of any visitor on the premises.


Today’s world security becomes the first security for every sector.Offices should implement a visitor management system for the security. Selecting the right one is important. The system should work well with low cost, easy to use, easy to find hardware, that can be quickly picked up at your local computer. Visitor management system provides a high level of security and enhances the productivity of the office.