Need of visitor management at your workplace

Need of visitor management at your workplace

By Ritika Bhagat

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Need of visitor management at your workplace

Thu, Nov 15, 2018

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Most of the office entrances are not secure therefore they are easily vulnerable for outsiders and not liable. Visitor management helps you to welcome your guests and provide documentation of their whereabouts by assembling the collected amounts of information. Visitor management systems provides maximum control over the visitors accessing your facilities, keeping their visit safe and secure.

What is a Visitor Management System? A visitor management system tracks visitors in a formal or official way at your workplace. In other words visitor management system keeps track of all the visitors and provides the ability to sort, analyse, and retrieve visitor data for any given time frame. Apart from tracking visitors it does many things a pen and paper can’t do like:

  • Preserve visitor log data digitally.

  • Capture pictures of your guests to identify them easily.

  • Print customised identification badges with your brand logo on it for your visitors.

  • Take signatures for NDA(Non Disclosure Agreement) and other legal formalities.

  • Send invites to inform your guests about their visit to your premises and even recieve notifications when they arrive at your doorstep..

How does a Visitor management system work? When visitors arrive to your office, they are signed in using a tablet device(iOS&Android)at the reception.

Visitor management system work

  • Firstly the visitor provides his basic details and the employee he wants to meet. Once the details are filled they are saved in the database meanwhile a notification is sent to the employee assigned to the visitor.

  • Visitor undergoes through the terms and policies where he acknowleges the Non Disclosure Agreement and provides digital signtaure on the tablet itself.

  • A temporary visitor badge is then printed that is unique for every visitor.

  • At some instances when repeated visitors arrive they can check-in more swiftly by just providing their contact number provided on their earlier visit.

  • Visitor management system then signs out the visitor where he can also provide feedback if needed.

Below are the factors that prove the need of visitor management systems in modern era startups :-

  • Increased operational efficiency: Modern era visitor management systems enable automated guest check-in and undertaking reception that results in expelling the weight of rounding out unlimited measures of printed material.

  • Elevate visitor experience: You can pre-enlist the visitors to your system before they arrive which influences your visitors to feel expected and more embraced. New visitors have to register with all the important details whereas returning visitors can utilize express registration, by providing only a telephone number or email address leaving the greater part of the registration procedure aside.

  • Accurate and secure: Workplace is peaceful only when office doors are secure and effective. Front desk is most important part of any business Organizations. With an up to date modern visitor management system, you gain visitor attention, capture important visitor information and visitor pictures that further helps to grow securely. Visitor management systems store all the visitor logs safely and makes them accessible from any place, whenever.

  • Eviction of paper logs: With the paper registers, searching for a month or few weeks back data is cumbersome task. Moreover, you will have no clue whether your search result (if you manage to find one) is accurate and that is what you actually were searching for. However, with digital visitor management software serving at your reception, searching for an old visitor data is like a cakewalk and always 100% accurate.

Therefore, a good visitor management software is able to ensure safety of the user’s premises and provide accurate information on the visitor’s visits whenever required. These elegant modern visitor management solutions help in smooth management of visitors and their visits,  ensures data security and user’s safety as well thereby gaining popularity with each passing day.