Make your candidate experience at your workplace outstanding!

Make your candidate experience at your workplace outstanding!

By Ritika Bhagat

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Make your candidate experience at your workplace outstanding!

Fri, Jul 22, 2022

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Visitors are an organization’s most valuable asset. Giving them the best experience possible should be your top priority. Visitors, employees, and vendors all require positive organisational experience. The same is true for potential new hires, where it is critical to create a positive candidate experience from the moment they enter your workplace.

You can attract the best talent by providing an amazing workplace environment. You know what, in this article you will learn how to attract the best talent while making minimal changes to your workplace. Also included are suggestions for how to create a memorable experience before interviewees even walk through your doors. The smallest change is simply improving the front desk experience with the best visitor management system available.

Why is the candidate experience important?

Candidates will not apply for a position at your company if they have had a negative experience with you. So the candidate experience is critical because you want your employer’s reputation to stand out, particularly for candidates who did not receive a job offer. Their overall experience with the selection process will determine whether or not they apply for another job at your company.

Here are some tips to create a smooth candidate experience!

When it comes to accepting an offer, a candidate’s interview experience can make or break the decision. If the interview experience is disorganised and chaotic, it may reflect negatively on how someone perceives your organisation. In fact, 58 percent of job seekers declined a job offer last year due to a bad hiring experience with a potential employer. So it’s critical to get it right. Let’s take a look at four ways to make a candidate’s on-site experience memorable for both them and you:

Improve the visitor experience with a touchless visitor management system.

Providing a seamless welcome experience to interviewing candidates. This way, they can feel invested in and enthusiastic about your organisation from the start. Using a vizitor will enable you to create a visitor experience that:

By making on-site registration easier, candidates can concentrate on the purpose of their visit. Furthermore, they will appreciate a streamlined process that is free of distractions, allowing you to better assess their suitability for the role.

You can have a direct impact on how candidates perceive your organisation and brand by providing a polished welcome to the workplace. This can affect how they feel about working with you as well as how they talk about your organisation and their experience with others.

Provide the safe and secure environment to the candidates

While making your candidates feel welcome is critical, it is also critical that they feel safe in your workplace. Visitor screening enables your company to establish specific criteria for candidates who come on-site. This includes providing proof of vaccination and/or health verification to ensure they are healthy and safe. To keep everyone safe, you can also screen out unwanted visitors. To protect your team and your property, look for features such as blocklists, ID scanning, and visitor badge printing.

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Inform employees of the arrival of candidates

The days of calling someone at their desk to inform them that their candidate is waiting in the lobby are long gone. The world is becoming smarter and faster. You should look for a visitor management solution that can automatically notify employees when a visitor arrives. Bonus points if they integrate with your team’s existing communication tools, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, or email. Candidates will have less time to wait before their interviewer arrives to collect them from the lobby. Furthermore, this allows interviewers to put a name and a face to the person they’re about to meet.

Wrap Up!!

When candidates have finished the interview, you can leave them with a favourable impression of your company. Providing an amazing experience can increase the value of the company’s brand. We can’t control the interview, as we all know, but you can help to create an experience that will make you stand out to every candidate who visits your workplace.