The 10 Best Hot Desking Software

The 10 Best Hot Desking Software

By Ritika

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The 10 Best Hot Desking Software

Wed, Feb 28, 2024

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Welcome to the definitive guide on hot desk booking software! In today’s dynamic work environment, flexibility and efficiency are crucial for success. Hot desking offers a powerful solution, enabling companies to optimize space usage and cater to a modern, fluid workforce. This guide empowers you to navigate the diverse hot desking software landscape, equipping you with the knowledge to choose the ideal solution for your specific needs.

Understanding Hot Desking:

Hot desking is an innovative office management concept where employees are not assigned permanent desks. Instead, they utilize any available workspace based on their daily requirements. This approach promotes space optimization and adapts to the evolving needs of modern teams, aligning perfectly with the rise of remote work, hybrid models, and cost-conscious businesses.

Benefits of Hot Desking

Reduced Overhead Costs:

By maximizing space utilization, hot desking minimizes the need for unused dedicated desks, leading to significant cost savings.

Enhanced Collaboration and Creativity:

Hot desking fosters interaction and connection, breaking down traditional office silos and encouraging collaboration across teams.

Increased Employee Satisfaction:

Studies reveal that 73% of employees find hot-desking and flexible work arrangements more satisfying, boosting morale and productivity.

Attracting Talent:

Offering flexible work options is increasingly valued by top talent, making hot desking an attractive benefit for businesses.


Top 10 Hot Desking Software Solutions

1. Vizitor

Your Ultimate Hot Desking Solution! Discover the ideal hot desking software with Vizitor’s comprehensive solution.

Key Features

. Effortless hot desk booking and management

. Instant display of real-time desk availability

. QR code check-in for quick occupancy confirmation

. Customizable desk recommendations to suit your preferences

. Seamless integration with workplace management platforms


. Simplifies the hot desk booking process, making it a breeze

. Boosts workplace flexibility and encourages collaboration

. Provides real-time updates on desk availability

. User-friendly interface ensures smooth adoption by all


. Specifically tailored for hot desking needs

. Streamlines desk booking without unnecessary complexities

. Offers customizable options to match diverse workplace environments


Get in touch with Vizitor for personalized pricing that fits your hot desking requirements perfectly!

2. Fliplet

Customizable no-code platform for branding and adaptation, ensuring a user-friendly experience for booking desks and managing office resources.

Key Features

. Real-time desk availability

. Personalized preferences

. Check-in/out features

. Interactive floor plans

. Integrations with popular platforms (Slack, Teams)


. Highly customizable

. User-friendly

. Offers a free plan

. Excellent customer service


. Difficulty publishing to the Apple App Store according to some reviews


. Free, Public ($9.90/month+), Private ($19.90/month+), Enterprise (custom pricing).

3. Deskbird

GDPR-compliant solution providing an intuitive platform for booking desks, rooms, and resources.

Key Features

. Two-click reservation system

. Health policy reviews

. QR code check-ins

. Incognito bookings

. Space utilization tracking

. Various integrations


. Intuitive and flexible booking system


. Limited customization compared to some competitors


Starter ($1.80/user/month), Business ($3.80/user/month), Enterprise (custom pricing).

4. Skedda

Free, user-friendly platform offering basic desk booking and scheduling functionalities.

Key Features:

. Dynamic calendar views

. Automation tools

. Permissions control

. Interactive floor plans

. Integrations with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace


. Free with dynamic calendar and basic features


. Lacks advanced features compared to paid solutions


. Free trial, Starter ($99/month), Plus ($149/month), Premium ($199/month).

5. Tribeloo

Customized space management software supporting in-person and hybrid collaboration across multiple locations.

Key Features:

. Creation of “neighborhoods” and unique workspace divisions

. Multi-location management with specific booking rules

. Visual floor plans

. Policies for space booking


. Team member attendance viewing

. Meeting conferencing for hybrid scenarios


. Fewer integration options compared to some competitors


Starter ($3.60/user/month), Pro ($4.50/user/month), Premium ($4.80/user/month).

6. FreeSpace

Integrated platform for hot desking and workplace solutions, fostering efficient, productive, and collaborative workspaces.

Key Features:

. Employee experience app

. Interactive floor plan

. Integrations for building automation

. Service automation

. System automation (Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Zoom)


. Configurable and multilingual app

. Smooth employee experience


. Comprehensive features may require a learning curve


. Contact FreeSpace for pricing plans.

7. Pult

Hybrid work solution with advanced features for desk and room bookings in hybrid work environments.

Key Features:

. Desk and room booking

. Resource management

. Office insights

. API access

. Custom integrations (Enterprise Plan only)


. Supports up to 1000 users with advanced features


. Occasional unreliability with Slack integration


Starter Plan ($1.90/user/month), Pro Plan ($3.90/user/month), Enterprise Plan (custom pricing).

8. Envoy

Enhanced workplace management tool with visitor registration, desk booking, and meeting room reservation capabilities.

Key Features:

. User-friendly interface

. Digitized and automated visitor registration

. Mobile app for desk booking and sign-in

. Tracks office entry and exit


. User-friendly and efficient interface


. Difficulty contacting customer service


. Free, Standard ($109/month), Premium ($329/month), Enterprise (custom pricing).

9. Kadence

Comprehensive hybrid working software for smarter work processes and enhanced coordination.

Key Features:

. Intuitive user interface with interactive floor maps

. Desk booking analytics

. Occupancy and space utilization analytics

. Auto-release capability for desk availability

. Personal Kadence” profile for team coordination


. Cheaper alternative to some competitors


. Confusing customization options according to reviews


. Standard ($4/user/month), Plus ($6/user/month), Enterprise (contact Kadence).

10. OfficeSpace

Advanced hot desking solution with a user-friendly booking system and touchless check-in.

Key Features:

. User-friendly system across multiple devices

. Touchless check-in feature

. Data analytics for demand forecasting and usage tracking

. Tools for scenario planning

. Real estate reporting


. User-friendly booking system with interactive maps


. Limitations in dashboard customization and exporting data according to one review


. Contact OfficeSpace for pricing.


In this comprehensive review of top hot desking software solutions, we’ve covered a wide range of options to suit various workspace management needs. Whether you’re looking for highly customizable platforms like Fliplet or streamlined solutions like Skedda, there’s something for everyone. Each software offers unique features and pricing plans to cater to different preferences and budgets.

Among these options, Vizitor stands out as a leading hot desking solution. With its seamless hot desk booking and management features, real-time availability display, and customizable desk recommendations, Vizitor offers a user-friendly experience tailored to the needs of modern workspaces. Additionally, Vizitor’s integration with workplace management platforms further enhances its functionality, making it a top choice for businesses seeking efficient hot desking solutions.

As you explore these hot desking software options, consider your specific requirements, budget, and user preferences to find the perfect fit for your workspace management needs.

Remember, efficient hot desking software can significantly streamline your operations and enhance collaboration in your workplace, so choose wisely to unlock the full potential of your workspace.