Smart Desk Booking For Your Workplace

Make it easy for your employees to find and book desks of their choice

Book Your Perfect Desk With 5 Simple Steps

Using a Desk booking system to book your favorite desk is simple, like clockwork. All you have to do is follow these 5 steps:

Access the Platform

Admins or employees can log into the desk booking system, an integrated workplace management software. The access to software helps in finding suitable desks for them.

View Available Desks

You can view a real-time display of available desks, often shown on a floor plan or a list. Information about each desk may include location, amenities, and availability. The functions help smooth the run of office space.

Select Date and Time

Employees can select a specific desk or workspace they would like to book based on availability. You can choose the date and time you want to use a desk. Some systems may allow for recurring bookings or multiple-day reservations.

Confirmation and Notifications

You will receive confirmation details once a booking is made, including the reserved desk location, date, and time. Notifications may be sent via email, app alerts, or other communication channels.


Employees can check the reserved desk on the booked date and time. This can involve scanning a QR code or using a mobile app to confirm occupancy.Such crucial features are necessary to avoid any undue conflicts.

Desk Booking Done - The Smart Way

Responsive technology

The advanced technology help is responsive for all devices. The desk booking system can be operated from mobile to tablet. The inclusivity helps employees to use the hot desk booking to its potential.

No prior Training

Organization Team members don't require prior training to use the desk booking system. it is a simple yet effective interface that is easy to use.

Fast and steady desk booking

With this smart hot desk booking system, users can swiftly access a user-friendly platform, enabling them to browse through available desks in real-time.

The fast desk booking process allows individuals to select their preferred desks effortlessly. The system's speed ensures users can secure their workspace in clicks, promoting quick and hassle-free reservations.

Manage Your Space Your Way With Simple Desk Booking

Flexibility and Adaptability

The desk booking system allows employees to choose their workspace based on their daily needs. This flexibility is particularly beneficial in environments with focused work.

Optimized Space Utilization

Desk booking system helps organizations optimize their office space by efficiently utilizing desks. Unused desks can be easily identified and reallocated.

Cost Savings

Efficient space utilization leads to cost savings. Organizations can reduce the total square footage of office space needed, lowering rent and operational costs.

Enhanced Collaboration

Employees can choose desks close to team members for improved collaboration. This fosters a more dynamic and interactive work environment.

Improved Employee Experience

Smart desk booking contributes to a positive employee experience by allowing individuals to choose their work environment. It can lead to increased job satisfaction.

Hot Desking Opportunities

The software is often associated with hot desks, where employees share workstations. This promotes equality and a more open company culture.

Save Time and find the Right Desk
With the Vizitor Pocket App

Monitor all the workspaces and resources from one place or even one device. Custom resources settings with pre-set categories or customize all. You have all the right!

  • Provide employees with time-saving smart tools to pre-plan their week and fulfill their requirements to work efficiently.
  • Use push notifications to acknowledge if admins have created or even changed the booking for various reasons. The booking software helps establish transparency among the employees and admins.
  • The software helps employees view desk recommendations, which help them book their favorite once it's available or empty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Actually, vizitor booking management system is for more than just desk booking. It has four preset categories - desk booking, parking spot booking, vehicles, and equipment management. But you are also free to create your customized categories.
Various options are available for desk booking, including Vizitor desk booking software. This helps employees find and select their perfect desk without any conflicts.
Desk booking is vital for employees; often, there are conflicts over specific desks. So the best solution is to invest in an effective desk booking system which boosts onsite collaboration.
Employees are the primary users of the software, but admins always have control. They can edit and change the bookings without the specific employee.