Workplace Holiday Delivery Tips

Workplace Holiday Delivery Tips

By R.Saini

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Workplace Holiday Delivery Tips

Tue, May 23, 2023

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The holiday season is almost here; and always the most fascinating and busiest time of the year for all. But while this can be exciting; it’s the time for more parcels showing up at your office desk.

As online shopping has continue to become popular than ever, the holiday season witness a more number of package deliveries.Almost more than half of the companies have made their employees return to work after the pandemic,but even after markets are now completely opened, the employees still prefer doing shopping online as it is easy and convenient to carry on with. More and more people shop online during the holiday season, and have their packages delivered right to their workplaces. During the holidays, a ton of packages are being delivered.

Did you know that more than half of the people expect to receive at least one package during this season and many more are planning to place more online orders than the previous year?That means a lot of deliveries to keep track of!

How do you manage the tonnes of packages delivered at your doors the same day? And, What exactly can be the reason behind a large number of people opting to have their packages delivered to their workplace?

It’s because of the unexpected increase in the number of package thefts. Package theft often rises during the festive and holiday seasons due to a higher volume of packages being delivered and left unattended outside residences.

This can be surprising that despite the security concerns, almost 50% of the people prefer to have their packages delivered at their homes. It results in a significant reduction in the presence of employees at the offices especially during the holidays. This greatly impacts the productivity of our workplaces during holidays.

All this puts a great challenge for business owners to manage the volume of packages delivered in a systematic way while making your employees feel secure to have their deliveries at work.

But, How can it be done? By implementing our Delivery Management System to automate your mailroom management process.

In this article, we’ll explore some tips to help your workplace prepare for the holiday delivery rush:

Automate your Mailroom with Delivery Management Software

Delivery Management software streamlines the entire delivery management process by automating the mailroom tasks to manage the deliveries and mails more efficiently reducing manual logging and tracking of packages. This creates a more secure and hassle-free delivery management for your organization. It also saves valuable time and efforts of your organization team members.

The software relieves staff members from the manual tasks of sorting and notifying employees of their incoming mails. The software automatically notifies the employees of their package arrivals making your front desk more clutter free by making employees pick their deliveries more promptly.

Vizitor keeps a digital record of when packages arrive and when they’re picked up, so you can easily track everything. . Automating your mailroom with Vizitor makes your workplace even more festive during the holiday rush season.

Coordinate with Carriers

Make early contact with your package carriers and reach them well in advance to discuss your expected increase in delivery volume during the holiday season.Take a closer look at previous year delivery logs and plan ahead in advance before the holiday season to handle the deliveries in a more efficient way.

Establish a Clear Delivery Policy

Develop a flexible and easily understandable delivery policy that clearly displays the information for package deliveries. Effectively communicating the information to employees such as where parcel should be delivered, process of pickup etc. to make them understand their role and streamlines the package management process.

Provide Tracking information to Employees

Provide tracking information such as tracking number and shipping information of packages to employees to keep them well informed about the progress and status of their deliveries and reduce the need for inquiries or concerns. This ensures that packages don’t go unclaimed.

Set Up Automated Reminders

After the pandemic, most businesses are focusing more on hybrid and remote working so employees work both from offices and homes.Set up automated text reminders to remind hybrid workers to pick up their packages even when they are not in the office so that they will pick up their packages on time.

Allocate a Package Storage Space

Allocate a specific and open storage space or room for storing incoming packages. Ensure it is well-organized and easy to reach, allowing employees to retrieve their packages quickly.Do not clutter your front desk with piles of packages.

How Vizitor Streamlines Your Deliveries?

Implementing Vizitor’s Delivery Management System offers a range of automated features to make your deliveries more convenient and easy. Instead of manually logging and tracking out the parcels, it streamline the entire process, saving valuable time and effort for your organization. The software automates the parcel logging process, thereby our Vizitor users save upto 1250 hours a year.

What Vizitor’s Delivery Management System Offers?

Maintain Digital Delivery Logs

Our Delivery Management software establishes a digital record of the parcels when they arrive, packages expected to receive and date/time when they’re picked up by the employees.

Automatically Notify Employees

Instead of manually making the employees notified of their packages, it notifies them automatically when they have a delivery ready for pickup, ensuring prompt package pickups.

Send Automatic Reminders

Vizitor timely send automatic reminders via Emails or SMSs to notify employees of their incoming packages so that no parcel remain unclaimed.

Provides Detailed Analytics and Reports

Generate detailed delivery reports to analyze latest trends and patterns to optimize the delivery management operations to scale up the mail process

How Does It Work?

• When a parcel arrives, Vizitor matches the name of the recipient with the employee directory.

• It sends an automatic notification to the employee via SMS or Email of their package arrival.

• After the employee picks up the parcel, the package is marked as “picked up” either on an iPad kiosk or directly from their notification.

• If, in case, a package is not picked up by the employee on time, Vizitor Deliveries send automatic reminders until the package has been picked up.

• Details of the status of packages are logged into a digital record book to keep track of parcels received and picked up on a daily basis.

Upgrade Your Mailroom with Vizitor’s Delivery Management System

Vizitor’s delivery management system is the perfect solution for organizations looking to modernize their mailroom processes. Implementing an automated Delivery Management System assures your employees that their holiday packages will arrive securely at the workplace and give them worry-free workdays and lets your employees focus on what they do best—being productive.

• Free up your front desk staff from the time consuming and tedious task of managing the flood of holiday packages.Let them greet their visitors and guests rather than spending time on managing deliveries.

• Make your front desk free from the piles of holiday parcels making it more clean and organized.

• Improve the security of your package delivery process by collecting proof-of-handoff and ensure that package deliveries are delivered to the correct recipient.

• Create a more festive and stress-free atmosphere at offices during rush days of holidays improving the overall employee experience.

Bottom Line!!

Hence, holidays bring joy and excitement but also pose a big challenge with an increased number of packages for workplaces. By adopting a few easy tips and ideas, you can stay ahead of the holidays rush deliveries at your workplace. By investing in Vizitor’s Delivery Management System, companies can not only enhance their delivery management process but also foster a more festive and joyous holiday season for employees.

So,take a free trial of Vizitor Deliveries and get ready for a more organized and stress-free mailroom.