What Should you Ask Before Opting a VMS?

What Should you Ask Before Opting a VMS?

By Ritika Bhagat

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What Should you Ask Before Opting a VMS?

Tue, Aug 18, 2020

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Protecting the privacy of your employees,visitors and workplace secrets requires an understanding of many variables and having the right tools at your workplace. As we know this era is a digital era, so security is the main concern in today’s world. Many companies still use the manual system to manage the visitors at their workplaces. So is this a safe method to secure and manage the visitors? This is time to say NO!! to the manual system and move your reception system into the Digital visitor management system. There is such a tool as a visitor management system (VMS) for documenting and tracking the visitors that come to your building.


Visitor management is about managing access and knowing who is in the building at any given time. A VMS is an excellent purchase to help with the security of the employees, visitors and workplace as well. Before purchasing the Visitor management system, a company should ask the following questions of any vendor they are considering:

What is the cost to purchase and after the 3-year cost of ownership?

When you implement the Visitor management system at your workplace. Then at the initial phase the implementation costs that include the software, equipment (such as cameras, scanners, and printers), and badges that visitors will wear while on company property. Vizitor is a visitor management system where implementation and initial cost is very affordable.Instead of additional hardware,with the touchless visitor management system, you can simply place the QR code on your reception for the visitors to scan and check-in.

2. Can I select individual features or do I have to buy the whole package for the visitor management system

Many software vendor’s offer all system components, visitor badges at one place. Vizitor provides the features that vary with plans (free, starter, and premium). Do sign up here and get check the features. It is better to pick a vendor that allows you to choose only the features you plan on using, while allowing the flexibility to upgrade should the need arise in the future.

3. How the visitor management system protected the visitor’s data?**

Providing security to the visitors is very important. The privacy of visitors is critical. Visitor management systems store the visitor information remotely. So vizitor provides a high level of security to the visitors.The visitor’s data should be encrypted with password-protected systems. Your workplace is liable for the security of the data you collect.


4. Will the VMS-required system work with my company’s systems?**

Yes, the new visitor management system does work with your company’s existing systems.There shouldn’t be any additional costs for infrastructure upgrades. However, if your existing systems need to be upgraded to work with the new VMS equipment (for example, it may be proprietary), the company will have a much larger security investment to make than in the first scenario. Search your options to see if commodity equipment can be purchased from a third party to keep costs down.

5 How can the visitor management system improve my company’s brand and  bottom line?**

A visitor management system can reduce costs by replacing unnecessary staff with  Visitor management system. Visitor management system is self-serving software. With the right visitor management system, there may not be a need to have a receptionist ( you may want a staff member on hand to assist visitors and to activate time-expiring badges, if you choose to use them).Vizitor as a visitor management system installed helps you in having a modernized reception which further enhances company branding. Even if your company is short of space for the reception, it’s not a thing to worry about! Vizitor also ensures that your customers aren’t kept waiting for a long time so that there are very rare chances of the overcrowded reception area. It allows the authorities to personalize interface design with welcome messages and brand logos on upfront.


Wrapping Up!!

A visitor management system helps you to upgrade the office’s security. With this system your employees can be more efficient because they stop visitor interruptions from hurting office productivity. Visitor management system follows this method”Less destruction and more productivity”.