Ways to Save paper and Go digital!

Ways to Save paper and Go digital!

By R.Saini

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Ways to Save paper and Go digital!

Thu, Nov 5, 2020

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Over the past few years,as new technologies are taking birth, the need to go paperless and digital is forcing organizations to ditch papers and go digital.Digital technologies are radically changing almost every sector with its technological advancements.

The pandemic situation has greatly forced modern organizations to go paperless providing them with various digitization services.Businesses all over the world are now embracing paperless ways of working.

The world is excited about the paperless revolution. Many organizations are converting into paperless communication. When these are adapted to paperless communication ,with this, they can save money, increase productivity, and are saving countless acres of natural resources in the process.

“Let’s make your workplace green to keep the globe clean”

In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of going paperless and digital while saving the environment and nature.

Why is there a need to save paper and go paperless at work?

We all use papers almost everywhere.The paper-based organization uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year that puts a huge impact on the world’s tree population. So let’s reduce these impacts. In addition to decreasing overhead expenses, going green in your office can have a positive impact on the environment.

After all, this is the digital age and we must all go digital.

Going digital not only saves paper and ink but also saves the energy needed to create documents.This makes the workplace greener and more environment friendly.

With the advancements in electronic technologies, most organizations depend on electronic devices, decreasing the use of paper massively. But still, there is a need to go completely paperless.

Paperless Offices: Great Work makes a Great office!

Going paperless in offices helps them in reducing their carbon footprints while making them more efficient and modernized. It also saves our forests and obviously our planet. A paperless office seems to be more trendy and eco-friendly.

Do you expect your workplace to be full of mounds of paper? Isn’t it presenting an outdated and unpleasant image of your company?

Obviously, YES.

To become smart, it is necessary to go digital and make a great impression on everyone. Creating a paperless environment in offices is now becoming one of the main agenda of modern enterprises. A paperless environment in the office makes the operational tasks more accurate and fast.

Going paperless not only saves time but also helps in making the businesses financially efficient by reducing cost overheads for printing, fax,storage etc.

Digitization and going green are the boon in many ways. They give us the option to save paper and eventually save the environment and improve our bottom line. So let’s explore simple effective ways to save paper. Our digital visitor management system,Vizitor is one of them to save the paper!

Here are some innovative and better ways to save paper and go digital–

1. E-mail and PDF –

![innovative](/images/blog/2 (1).png)

• Email is the easiest and efficient way people can use for communication and announcements without the papers.

• Group email system is much better than memos and faxes to broadcast important messages.

• Reduces the bulk printed copies with the email documents.It is fast and paper free option to go for.

• It is a cost-effective solution for targeted communications.

• PDF files are accessible from any device without the need for printing.So,instead of always sending hard copies, switch to pdf files that help in reducing paper usage.

2. Data Compression Software–

• Where paper documents required a large area to store the paper but with a paperless system there is no requirement of storage.

• It leads to the inconvenience of going through each file when you need to find one.

• Deploying data compression software allows a password-protected access to important documents, databases and presentations.

• It greatly reduces mounds of papers in your facility.

3. Digital Visitor Management Software—

• It is one of the best and reliable visitor management solutions to replace the traditional registration process by digitizing it with touchless technology.

• Digital visitor management systems convert the manual system into a digital system and manage the visitors digitally.

• The system greatly reduces use of paper by offering various key features such as touchless check-ins, online registration forms, QR scanning, instant notifications and digital visitor passes.

• A digital visitor management system reduces the use of paper as well as increases the productivity of the workplace making it eco-friendly and modernized.

4. Digital Attendance Management Systems –

• The system digitally tracks visitors and attendees and record the attendance of employees with the digital check-ins.

• Manually keeping attendance on a paper sheet is time-consuming and requires lots of paperwork to be done.

• Organizations have to install the digital systems to mark the attendance of the employees.

5. E-signatures or Digital Signatures

• Electronic signature is one of the digital ways to save the papers , this system allows you to sign documents and contracts digitally.

• It effectively reduces dependence on papers.

6. Cloud-based storage–

• Organizations must prefer cloud-based storage for recording details and storing relevant data.

• Manually storing data on paperlogs and documents requires at most 1000 of sheets which literally affect the environment.

7. Ditching registration and other purpose forms–

• Registration and other general purpose forms are part of day-to-day operations within organizations.

• Rather than wasting paper on printing thousands of them, these forms can be filled out digitally. This practice saves paper and also streamline tasks.

8. Incorporating recycling and reusing practices at workplaces–

• Employees must be encouraged to adopt recycling and reusing practices within offices.

• Practices like writing on both sides of paper, reusing markers,ink cartridges etc. should be encouraged.

• Recycling not only reduces paper usage but also protects our environment.

9. Reduce paper flow with customers and other suppliers –

• Switch to paperless and electronic solutions to communicate with customers and vendors like Electronic billing

• Online banking

• Paperless invoice

• Electronic data exchange

• These solutions improve productivity as well as making your workplace paperless.

10. Electronic task management and note making tools–

• Encourage your employees about online task management and note making tools to carry out their operational tasks.

• This practice eliminates unnecessary printing and improves efficiency.


Digitizing your workplace and going paperless Visitor Management System

Every visitor management system provides a secure environment to work, live and play. This system reduces the usage of papers. A visitor management system allows for a fully paperless front desk. This system is environmentally friendly front desk system. With this system, there is no need for a paper-based system.

We know, paper waste is the worst thing for the environment today. Implementing a visitor management system can help you to create a digital badge system that saves on paper and generates e-badges, promoting the idea of “save tree, save paper”. With this, this system being entirely online means that no paper is wasted there either.


Go paperless with Vizitor-Best Visitor Management System

Vizitor is the best visitor management system that is used to monitor and manage visitors while improving productivity and efficiency. Vizitor makes your workplace digital and paperless by offering various key benefits.

Vizitor streamlines your facility operations using touchless technology eliminating the use of paper.

QR scanning, touchless check-ins, facial recognition, thermal and visitor screenings, instant alerts etc. are some of the key features of Vizitor.It helps in making your workplace eco-friendly and economical.

Vizitor simplifies your registration process eliminating dependence on manual forms and papers. Instead it offers touchless check-ins and check-outs.


Wrap Up!!

Finally, it’s the time to take the initiative to protect our planet and go for a paperless office from now.Because a paperless office produces far less waste than paper-bound workplaces.A paperless office not only save paper but is also more efficient and streamlines workflows. It is not the job of a single person,it requires teamwork to make the transition. Foster your office environment with eco-friendly and green practices. Set up your goals now for a green and clean workplace. It can improve the visitor experience as a result, as they will likely be impressed by your efforts and feel like they are helping to positively contribute. Let’s make your workplace paperless with Vizitor!