The world is excited about the paperless revolution. Many organizations are converting into paperless communication. When these are adapted the paperless communication ,with this, they can save money, increase productivity, and are saving countless acres of natural resources in the process.

‌The paper-based organization uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year that puts a huge impact on the world’s tree population. So let's reduce these impacts, in addition to decreasing overhead expenses, going green in your office can have a positive impact on the environment.

Digitization and going green are the boon in many ways. They give us the option to save paper and eventually save the environment and improve our bottom line. So let’s explore simple effective ways to save paper. Our digital visitor management system is just one of them to save the paper !

There are better ways to save paper and go digital!

#E-mail and PDF –

  • Email is the easiest and efficient  way people can use for communication and announcements without the papers..
  • Group email system is much better than memos and faxes to broadcast important messages.
  • Reduces the bulk printed copies with the email documents.
  • It is a cost-effective solution for targeted communications.
  • PDF files are accessible from any device without the need for printing.

‌#Data Compression Software –

  • Where paper documents required the large area to store the paper but with paperless system there is no requirement of the storage.
  • It  leads to the inconvenience of going through each file when you need to find one.
  • Deploying  data compression software allows a password-protected access to important documents, databases and presentations.

#Digital visitor management System –

  • Digital visitor management systems convert the manual system into a digital system and manage the visitors digitally.
  • This system is a cost effective solution, there is no requirement of pen and papers to store the details of the visitors.
  • A digital visitor management system reduces the use of paper as well as increases the productivity of the workplace.

#Digital Attendance Systems –

  • Organisations have to install the  digital systems to mark the attendance of the employees.
  • Using the manual log-books for attendance is not effective, instead this uses the digital attendance system to manage the employee attendance..
  • This system is a secure and effective system to record the attendance of employees with the digital check-in, tracking of the employees.

#Digital Signature –

  • Electronic signature is one of the digital ways to save the papers , this system allows you to sign documents and contracts digitally.
  • This system reduces the need to print a document, sign it, scan it and then file it back via email.
  • The digital signature is also used as attendance systems.

How does the visitor management system save paper?

Every visitor management system provides a secure environment to work, live and play. This system reduces the usage of papers. A visitor management system allows for a fully paperless front desk. This system is  environmentally friendly front desk system. With this system, there is no need for a paper-based system.

We know, paper waste is the worst thing for the environment today. Implementing a visitor management system can help you to create a digital badge system that saves on paper and generates e-badges. With this, this system being entirely online means that no paper is wasted there either.

It is a real positive initiative for your organization in its efforts to protect the environment and save papers. It can improve the  visitor experience as a result, as they will likely be impressed by your efforts and feel like they are helping to positively contribute. Let's make your workplace paperless with Vizitor!