Ways to design the "Perfect" Office visitor log!

Ways to design the "Perfect" Office visitor log!

By R.Saini

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Ways to design the "Perfect" Office visitor log!

Mon, Nov 9, 2020

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Keeping records of the visitors who come in and out of your office has always been important from an administrative and safety perspective. So maintaining the visitor records are becoming important in the wake of pandemic-related health concerns. The management of visitor records at the front desk has always been a crucial operation for companies, and its importance has been amplified due to the widespread impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

How can digital visitor logs contribute to a positive visitor experience in modern workplaces? Imagine a bustling office building with multiple entrances and hundreds of visitors each day. Traditional paper-based visitor logs can be easily tampered with or misplaced, resulting in a lack of accurate records and potential security breaches.

In light of new norms, organizations are adopting the best ways of designing the digital front desk for the office. For this there is a best visitor management system Vizitor that keeps track of the visitors and maintains the visitors records digitally. The digital visitor management system makes the data as easy as possible to store, search, and safely destroy.

Gone are the days of paper visitor logs with illegible handwriting and cumbersome sign-in sheets. A digital sign-in process with digital logs is not only more efficient but also adds a modern touch to your office.

The perfect visitor log is simple, easy to use, and captures all essential information. It prioritizes privacy, complies with regulations, and provides accurate data for reporting and analysis.

In this blog post, we will explore some ideas for designing the “perfect” office visitor log that will not only impress your visitors but also make your workplace more efficient and welcoming.

Collect the important data

To design the perfect front desk visitor log, you have to collect the exact and important information from the visitors.The data collected in a visitor log system can vary depending on the organization’s requirements. It is essential to determine the key data points that need to be captured to fulfill the organization’s security needs.

So here is the data that every organization has to collect to maintain the records–

Visitor Name –

To keep the records of the visitors with their name and photo ID cards are very much important. So the vizitor dashboard provides to collect the Your visitors’ names that require a few simple text fields in your visitor log. For security, your staff member may have to verify names with a photo ID card.

Visitor Contact Info –

The visitors who work on-site should include their contact info for contact tracing purposes.

Record Check-in and check-out time–

Check-in and check-out time the most important info for the records purposes. With the visitor management system this process becomes easy.

Visit Purpose –

When any visitor comes into the office then you should record the details of the purpose they have visited in the office.This helps in understanding the nature of the visit and ensures that the visitor has a valid reason for being on the premises.

Host information -

Collect the name of the person the visitor is meeting with or the department they are visiting. This helps in tracking the visitor’s destination and allows for easy contact with the host if needed.

Health and safety information -

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it may be important to collect health and safety information, such as the visitor’s recent travel history, symptoms, and contact with COVID-19 positive individuals.

Signature -

Request the visitor to sign the digital visitor log as an acknowledgment of their entry and Non disclosure agreement to comply with the premises’ rules and regulations.

The system should be designed to collect this data accurately and securely, and with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for visitors to input their information.

Enhance the log privacy for the visitors

Visitor privacy is the most important aspect in the organization. So this is our responsibility to protect the visitors’ privacy.Visitors should feel confident that their personal information is protected and used only for the intended purpose. The logbooks are to be stored properly and cannot be disclosed to any third party.

With the usage of pen and paper-based systems, there is no privacy and this system is not safe enough to protect the visitor data. So here is our visitor management system Vizitor that manages the visitors digitally and protects the visitors data.

Where in the manual system, everyone can see the details of the visitors but with the digital system there is no chance to see and fetch the details of the visitors.

For the perfect visitor log you have to do the pages shredded regularly, to optimize the privacy. By optimizing the functionality of the digital visitor log, you can ensure that the information collected from visitors remains private and in accordance with government standards. Some offices keep a record of visitor contact information for safety reasons, like making an evacuation list. However, they may not need this information the next day.

To manage this, it’s a good idea to print out fresh visitor log pages daily, with the date on top, and keep them on a clipboard instead of a binder or notebook. This way, old log pages can be easily disposed of based on their age when they are no longer needed.

visitor management software gives visitors the option to store their data for quicker check-in the next time they return, visitors can opt in and out of having their data stored for that purpose.

Here are some innovative tips to design a perfect office visitor log:

Sleek and simple:

Create a modern, minimalist design that is visually appealing and easy to use.

Keep it concise:

Only include fields that are necessary for tracking and verifying visitors. Too many fields can overwhelm visitors and lead to errors.

Keep it up-to-date:

Regularly review and update the log to maintain accuracy and remove outdated information.

Keep it user-friendly:

Design the log with a straightforward layout and intuitive navigation for a seamless visitor experience. Display step-by-step instructions on how to fill out the log to prevent confusion or errors.

Keep it organized:

Use a clear and organized layout with ample space for visitors to write their information. Group related fields together to make it easy to navigate.


Use durable materials for the visitor log, such as high-quality paper or laminated sheets, to ensure it withstands regular use and maintains its integrity over time.


Ensure that the visitor log design complies with relevant regulations, such as data privacy laws, security protocols, and industry-specific requirements.

Keep it consistent:

Use consistent labels and formatting throughout the log to minimize confusion and errors.

It’s the Time to Upgrade from manual to digital visitor log!

To the perfect and digital visitor log you have to upgrade the manual visitor log into the digital.

The manual visitor logs are paper-based and consume the paper and include potential legibility errors and confusion and additional manual work for the admin staff.

So,digital visitor management systems are the best system to manage the visitors, optimize the visitor privacy, track the visitors and enhance the productivity of the office. Visitor information is never available to other visitors.It also enables real-time notifications to hosts, allowing them to be promptly informed of their visitors’ arrival.

A digital system can also automate visitor pre-registration, allowing visitors to pre-enter their information before arriving at the office, which saves time and enhances the check-in process.

So, why settle for a traditional and outdated visitor log system when you can design the “perfect” one that aligns with your organization’s values of innovation, security, and user experience?

Bottom Line!!

Welcome your visitors with a modern, efficient, and personalized experience that leaves a lasting impression and reflects positively on your organization’s brand image. Invest in the right technology and design a visitor log system that sets your office apart from the rest. Your visitors deserve the best, and a well-designed visitor log system can help you deliver just that.

So let’s upgrade the visitor log. Make your front-desk more impressive and enhance the safety of your workplace. Let’s start with the vizitor’s trial!

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